Anatomy Study Guide: the Lipids in the Body

Topics: Protein, Amino acid, DNA Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: February 25, 2013
What are the three most abundant lipids in the body?
What is a triglyceride and where is it found? What is its exact chemical structure? What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated free fatty acids? What is a trans fat?
Where can free fatty acids be found in the body?
What is the unique structure of a phospholipid?
Where are phospholipids found and what are their most important characteristics? What is a steroid fat? What is its structure? What are the most common steroid fats in the body? What are steroids used for in the body?

What are amino acids? How many are there? How many make proteins? What is the general structure of an amino acid
What are the general roles of proteins?
What are nucleic acids and where are they found?
What is DNA? mRNA? tRNA?
Describe the initial formation of an amino acid chain (the polypeptide) as a result of transcription and translation IN DETAIL What is the sense strand? The antisense strand? (coding and template strands?) What is a codon? An anticodon? Start codon? Termination codon? Define peptide bond

What is the difference between the N-terminus and the C-terminus? What are the 4 structures of a protein?
How are each of the structures of a protein formed? Where are they formed? How is the secondary structure of the protein formed?
How is the tertiary structure of the protein formed?
What is the quaternary structure of a protein?
What are the general characteristics of the cell membrane?
Explain the roles of each of the organelles found inside of the cell What is the role of the cytoskeleton and what are the three things that comprise the cytoskeleton? What are the three ways cells are anchored together and what are the characteristics of these junctions? What types of proteins can be found in membranes and what are the specific roles of these proteins? What are enzymes? How are enzymes regulated (be specific)? What are the main characteristics of enzymes, how to they achieve their...
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