Amber Alert

Topics: AMBER Alert, Kidnapping, Arlington, Texas Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: August 25, 2013
During the summer months of 1996, a young girl, Amber Hagerman was riding her bike down the neighborhood streets in Arlington, Texas. Only nine years old, she was abducted by a white or Hispanic man driving a dark truck, while Amber was screaming for her life. Neighbors who witnessed the kidnapping called 911 reporting that she had been pulled off of her bike and thrown into a random male’s truck. After extensive searches through woods, waterways and other possible hiding spots, Amber’s body was found four days later in Northern Arlington. Autopsy reports stated that she had to have been held for two days before she was murdered and that she had been molested while being held captive (Examiners, 2013). To this day, Amber’s killer is still free and no recent leads have been brought to the attention of Arlington Police. The unknown male is responsible for kidnapping, aggravated sexual abuse, murder and molestation. Unlike other cases, a system more or less was set up because of the Amber Hagerman case, not so much a general law. The Amber Alert is an emergency response system that covers a myriad of information about a missing person (which is usually a child) by media broadcasting, electronic highway signs and message boards like the gas stations and drug stores use (Dictionary). I believe that the creation of Amber Alert has the desired affect because it is simply a response system. It was designed to inform the community that there is a missing child, and it does exactly that in even better ways than imagined. For example, Amber Alerts are posted on electronic highway signs that lets people know who to look for, both the kidnapper and the child, and sometimes even descriptions of the car and license plate (when applicable) making it more efficient in the recovery the child when the community and the police work together. References

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