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(5) Provide adult citizens, the disabled, and out-of-school youth with training in civics, vocational efficiency, and other skills.  However, section 2 subsection 5 provides that "the state shall provide adult citizens, the disabled and out-of-school youth with training in civics, vocational efficiency and other skills." The subsection strongly suggests that: 1) the education of handicapped students is not an integral part of the system of education as defined in subsection 1; and 2) the education of the handicapped is limited to "training in civics, vocational efficiency and other skills." A definition of terms is in order to clarify the foregoing statement. The term "adult citizens" refers to Filipino citizens of legal age who --- for one reason or another --- have had little or no formal education. The term "out-of-school youth" refers to children and young people of school age who cannot or have decided not to attend formal school due to some personal reasons. Traditionally, the term "disabled" refers to physically handicapped persons but the meaning of the word has been broaden to include the mentally handicapped individuals. Since article 14 deals with the system of education in the Philippines, it is quite natural to assume that the "disabled" referred to in section 2 subsection 5 include handicapped children and young people of school age. Therefore, they have the right to attend school and to receive quality education as provided in section 1 of article 14, and they are subject to the constitutional provision on compulsory elementary education. Unless they are diagnosed as medically and/or psychologically unfit for school, they are willing to study under a system of free public elementary and high school education and to deal with the problems and difficulties inherent in their education EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 117 January 30, 1987

REORGANIZATION OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS PRESCRIBING ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES RECALLING that the reorganization of the government is mandated expressly in Article II, Section 1 (a) and Article III of the Freedom Constitution; Sec. 5. Powers and Functions. To accomplish its mandate and objectives, the Ministry shall have the powers and functions of formulating, planning, implementing and coordinating the policies, plans, programs and projects for the following areas of responsibility: (a) Elementary, secondary, physical and international kinds of education; (b) Non-formal and vocational/technical kinds of education;

(c) Higher education;
(d) Development of culture;
(e) Foreign and locally assisted projects and other activities relative to Subsection (a), (b), (c) and (d). MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 141


WHEREAS, the National Committee on Education for All created under Proclamation No. 480, dated October 16, 1989, has formulated the Philippine Plan of Action for Education For All (EFA) for 1991 to 2000;  

WHEREAS, there is a need to strengthen the sourcing of development assistance for and subsequent implementation of EFA programs and projects;

WHEREAS, the Government is promoting the policy of decentralization in the areas of policy formulation, planning and implementation;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need for the country's cultural communities to be represented in the process of formulating plans and program for Education for All and its subsequent implementation so that they may benefit from and be at par with the rest of the country in terms of educational development;   

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the power vested in me by law, do hereby order as follows:1. The Plan document "Education For All: A Philippine Plan of Action, 1991-2000", formulated by the EFA National Committee created under...
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