Alessi & Trollip: Planning

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Chapter 13 Alessi and Trollip: Planning
What are the key ideas?
The key ideas here involve understanding yourself, your client, and the learners. The learner characteristic chart is important and easy to use. This chapter covers the importance of being on the same page as your client, knowing that "clients are far less available to review materials and are far slower than they say they will be." This of course, didn't surprise me. Most important in this chapter is that whether or not money changes hands, there is money involved because time is money (Alessi & Trollip). I took the cost of the project portion of this chapter very seriously. In fact, if you look through my version of this book, you'll notice that I've included hours of times for each of the subheadings on pages 455-463. This was an overwhelming look at what it takes to produce instructional design and leaves me thinking--no wonder much of what's out there isn't *great*. It's difficult, it's time consuming, it takes a lot of time, manpower, and know how to complete stellar ID projects. The time management worksheet is definitely something I'll be adding to my toolbox. I have a big template design coming up for JOUR 1611, it's my first template design with the group approach and I am NOT the SME. In fact, much of what I'm learning and reading in this book will begin to be applied next month. How do they relate to your project?

What I take home from this chapter is the importance of knowing the learner, knowing the client and knowing myself (capabilities and non-capabilities). I learned the importance of prototyping and signing off on such documents with clients. What questions do you have after reading?

I'm really starting to think through how these assessments will look and feel to the students. What type of feedback to give them and how to track the results of the assessments.
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