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Topics: Entity-relationship model, Relationship, Data modeling Pages: 3 (387 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Question 1
An entity-relationship diagram (E-R) is useful because it shows the various entities being modeled and the important relationships among them. Anything about which the organization wants to collect and store information is called

a. a

data model.
b. an entity.
c. a schema.
d. a tuple.
e. none of above
1 points

Question 2
The __________ in the REA model include all of the organization's business activities. a. resources
b. events
c. agents
d. entities
e. evolution
1 points

Question 3
How many types of relationships are possible between entities? a. one
b. two
c. three
d. an

infinite number
e. an odd number
1 points

Question 4
The primary key for many-to-many tables consists of
a. a

single attribute unique for that relationship.

b. two

primary keys from each entity linked in the relationship.
c. a series of foreign keys.
d. a linked primary key and a foreign key from both entities. e. a and b only
1 points

Question 5
Using the REA data model, promises to engage in future economic exchanges are called a. commitments
b. economic


c. resources.
d. agents.
e. a

and c only
1 points

Question 6
Economic exchange event is "linked" with other economic exchange event in what can be described as
a. dual

b. resource-event relationships.
c. "give-to-get"

economic duality relationship.

d. none

of these
e. all of these
1 points

Question 7
The __________ of a relationship in an REA diagram expresses the occurrences of one entity that may be associated with a single occurrence of the other entity. a. schema
b. primary


c. agency
d. cardinality
e. none

of above
1 points

Question 8
An integrated REA diagram shows events that
a. increase


b. decrease

c. increase and decrease resources.
d. none of these
e. a and b only
1 points

Question 9
REA diagrams are especially useful
a. for

the documentation of...
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