Advertising Study Guide

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Advertising Study Guide
Chapter 11 and 14
Sources of Media Planning 3 Categories (mkt, creative, media) Advertisers must target their media
Advertisers must target the season
Advertisers must target their message

Marketing Mix Variables
Sales Date
By territory
By season
Distribution (i.e. Retail Stock
Competitive Promotions

Media Information
Media demographics
Media Circulation
Media Costs
Media Characteristics (i.e. Quality, Credibility, Intimacy, Intrusiveness)

Creative Factors
The Media Process: Who, what, when, where, how long
Who? Target Audience
Target Market VS Target Audience
Target market are those whom you are targeting in selling your products. these people will use your products/services, the end users.

Target audience is the people who are reached by the various media you are using to communicate your marketing activities.

Where? Geographic
Brand Development Index (BDI)
Compare brand sales of a particular market to total sales
BDI= % of brand’s total sales/ % of U.S. Population X 100
Atlanta BDI= 20.0 of Coke US sales/ 15.0 (15% of US population) X 100 = 133.3

Category Development Index (CDI)
Compares category sales of a particular market to total sales CDI= % of product category sales/ % of US population X 100
Atlanta CDI= 19.0 (soft drink sales) / 15.0 (15% of US pop) X 100 = 126.6

When? Timing
Aperture: The ideal moment to expose the audience to the message. Seasonal

How long? Duration
Media schedules
Continuity: steady graph (i.e. long distance services)
Pulse: high and low graph (i.e. fast food, travel)
Flight: two separate humps on graph (i.e. holiday, seasonal items)

Audience Measures: Quantitative (reach and frequency) Calculate Gross Impressions: sum of ALL media vehicles
Example: (look at slides)
Gross Rating Points: Audience exposure expressed as a percentage...
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