Advertising in the Modern Era

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Advertising, Tequila Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: July 12, 2013
1.0 – Introduction
Ads. Short for advertisements, they conquer the modern world, seen on televisions, heard on radios and glanced at on roads and highways. The following assignment will attempt to cover the techniques and tactics used by advertising agencies and companies to persuade a person to purchase a product, which is the main intention of the world-wide advertising scheme of the 21st century. Two ads will reviewed, both advertising separate alcohol companies, one being beer, and the other one being tequila. Using these two separate ads, the report will compare, analyse and contrast the two ads effectiveness in the advertising world.

2.0 – Descriptions
Obviously in order for an advertisement to be successful, it needs to be appealing, and this is sometimes achieved simply by the visual layout of the ad. The first beer ad advertises Tuborg premium beer, whereas the second ad displays ‘Jose Cuervo Especial’, a type of Mexican tequila. While the Tuborg ad is presented on a black background with green acting as the primal colour of the ad, the tequila shows off a black and white background, with the actual product highlighted with an outstanding yellowish gold colour and a slogan ‘Pursue your Daydreams’. A similarity with the ads, is that they both show the genuine product (the actual standard beer and tequila that can be purchased) as well as showing both the product and company name on the two bottles. However, not only are both ads completely different in colours, they both contain different symbolism. The Tuborg ad uses the feature film ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a reference with its slogan ‘Lord of the Drinks’, whereas the Tequila advertisement doesn’t opt for the witty symbolism, but instead a happy, fun vibe which implies to the buyer that this happiness results from consuming the product. The tequila also uses real people to its advantage, instead of the beer advertisement which uses extreme special effects. A logo and slogan are used on both ads,...
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