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ADM3326: Midterm Notes 2
Chapter 10

Media Plan: Series of decisions to deliver messages to audiences. Media Objectives: Statements that translate objectives in terms of media requirements to guide media decisions. Objectives not recommendations. Developing a Media Plan:

Analyze the Market > Establish Media Objectives > Develop/Implement Media Strategy > Evaluate Performance The medium is the general category of available delivery systems. Reach is a measure of the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle in a given period of time. Coverage refers to the potential audience that might receive the message through a vehicle. Frequency refers to the number of times the receiver is exposed to the media vehicle in a specified period. The media vehicle is the specific carrier within a media class. Flexibility may be needed to address the following:

- Market Opportunities
- Market Threats
- Availability of Media
- Changes in Media Vehicles
Media Planning Challenges:
- Insufficient Information
- Inconsistent Technologies
- Difficulty Measuring Effectiveness
Media Strategy Decisions:
- Media Mix
- Target Audience Coverage
- Geographic Coverage
- Scheduling
- Reach vs Frequency
Waste coverage is when media coverage exceeds the targeted audience. BDI Brand Development Index helps marketers factor the rate of product usage by geographic area into the decision process. CDI Category Development Index is computed in the same manner as BDI except is uses information regarding the product category, as opposed to brand, in the numerator. Provides information on potential for development. Types of Scheduling:

- Continuity refers to a continuous pattern of advertising, which may mean every day, week, or month. The key is that a regular pattern is developed without gaps or non-advertising periods. - Flighting employs a less regular schedule, with intermittent periods of advertising and non-advertising. - Pulsing is actually a combination of the first two methods. In a pulsing strategy, continuity is maintained, but at certain times promotional efforts are stepped up. Reach is the total unduplicated audience exposed to a message one or more times in an advertising schedule. If an ad is placed on two shows, the total number exposed once is unduplicated reach. Some people however, will see the ad twice, the reach of the two shows is referred to as a duplicated reach. The problem arises because there is no way of determining how much reach is required to achieve levels of awareness, attitude change, or buying intentions. Frequency is the average number of times an audience is exposed to a message in an advertising schedule. GRP Gross Ratings Points are a summary measure that combines the program rating and the average number of times the home is reached during this period. Factors Important in Determining Frequency Levels:

- Marketing Factors
- Message or Creative Factors
- Media Factors
An advertising cycle is a flight of ads that typically mirror the purchase cycle of the product. Media Tactic Decisions:
- Media Class and Vehicle
- Relative Emphasis
- Budget Adjustments
- Blocking Chart
Vehicle Option Source Effect: the differential impact that the advertising exposure will have on the same audience member if the exposure occurs in one media option rather than another. Managerial Approaches for Budget Setting:

- Affordable
- Arbitrary
- Percentage of Sales
- Competitive Parity
- Share of Advertising= Share of Market
Objective and task method is best since it connects communication objectives to the amount of exposure. The blocking chart summarizes many of the media strategy and media tactic decisions made thus far, and includes extensive implementation details that guide the media buyers as they attempt to achieve the media objectives.

Chapter 11

Strengths of Television:
- Creativity for Cognitive and Emotional Responses
- Target...
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