Administrative Handbook

Topics: Supply chain management, Supply chain, Management Pages: 85 (3918 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Logistics & Supply Chain Fundamentals (240.260)
Administrative Handbook

240.260 Administrative Handbook


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240.260 Administrative Handbook

Administration Guide

Welcome Staff Course Lecturer –Bill Wang Course Coordinator – Professor Norman Marr About This Paper Objectives & Overview Overview Academic Credits Lecture Format and Dates Course Materials Paper Session Outline Assessment Format Assignment Submission Recommended Text Declaration Format

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Welcome to 240.260 Logistics & Supply Chain Fundamentals. We hope this paper will prove to be both interesting for you and helpful in your career advancement. This Administrative Guide contains information to help you prepare for and execute studies more effectively. You should also pay particular attention to the on-campus module and its timing. The Executive Class for all students (compulsory) for this paper will be held in Room OR6, Building 88 (Oteha Rohe Campus, via Gate 4, Albany Highway) on March 5th – 7th from 10am to 5pm on the 1st day and 9am to 4pm on the remaining two days.

For decade’s logistics and supply chain management has created value, enabling social and economic advancement and industrial development. Now, you can discover the fundamental role and importance of logistics and supply chain management in business and our society, as you examine the complex environment that powers effective logistics today. The main aim of today’s logistics and supply chain professionals is to maximise value within their business and for their customers. Hence, we suggest that while doing this course, you are encouraged to study and

240.260 Administrative Handbook

References: A reference system enables the user to indicate the sources of
facts and opinions that he must acknowledge, without interrupting the flow of his argument. It must enable the reader to check and pursue these citations quickly and economically. Although reference conventions vary depending on the subject and the style of the work, the one set out below performs both of the major tasks in a crisp fashion and is likely to meet the needs of most assignments. It consists of two elements, an alphabetical list of standard forms, and in the text itself, abbreviated references enclosed in parentheses, e.g. (Juran 1974 p72). When a reference is made in the body of your assignment to a title included in your list of references then it is sufficient to mention the author, the year of publication, and the pages:
240.260 Administrative Handbook
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