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Marketing Strategies
Target Market
Sport Chek
Sportchek mainly focuses its target on teenagers and youth who are constantly active with sports or doing exercises. This is based on their lifestyles or the psychographic variables. The main way to attract this group of consumers is by “keeping them in shape” since physical appearance is important. However, they also target other age group like children and older citizens (both males and females). Children are not a main target. However they can be very important in the long-run because they grow children become more committed to several sports in the future. Also sportchek can gain consumer loyalty by getting consumer coming back to the store. This is achieved by the good service. Older citizens: also not a man target. However, older citizen tend to play golf after retirement or go for walks typically. Sports Experts

Their target market is mainly teenagers and youth who are more of a sports type and usually more experienced and less of children and elderly since they don’t have as much variety of merchandise to offer. However, they target a lower class income. This is generally done by doing frequent sales.
Positioning Strategy and Branding
Positioning refers to the way consumer perceive, think and fell about a certain product and service relative to competitors or how consumer evaluate a product and service or Positioning is the mental picture that people have about a company and its products or services relative to its competitors. Sport Chek

As most may know, all Sportchek stores offer consumers an extensive selection of popular brand name products as well as many private brand products such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Lotto, Puma, Yonex, Umbro, Speedo, Columbia, etc. They also use brand associations in their commercials (ie. Tiger Woods with Nike Golf products and Sidney Crosby with Reebok). Regarding positioning, It seems that sportchek is more trust worthy since they offer more variety of options (equipments etc) because generally it’s more expensive, people think it’s better quality. Other than that, they are very proud of their customer service. They offer a “shop by appointment” to consumer to allow some time for questions about certain products while shopping.

Regarding branding, sportchek has had “in-store cosmetic improvements, including lighter colours, brighter lighting and improved signage, were accompanied by a multimedia ad campaign promoting a new slogan: ‘The Power of Sport.’” Also, their logo and name appeals to Canadians more than other companies. It emphasizes mostly on Canadian sports, using Canadian colours in logos and advertisements (red check mark and black background). Also, the characters in the name are in UPPERCASE with a normal noticeable font.

Sports Experts
Similar to Sportchek, sports experts provide consumers with the same well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Lotto, Puma, Yonex, Umbro, Speedo, Columbia, etc. Looking at positioning or how consumers feel about the products or services, there is a dilemma created when comparing products because it is based on prices (e.g. the higher the price the better the quality). They hire people to assist consumers with their needs. Regarding branding, sports experts appeals towards a local community (Québec), using blue the national colour, in all of their logos and advertisements. The “Stay Fit Live Well” [3] signature (slogan) offers a broad assortment of branded and private-label products, complemented by low priced closeout merchandise in equipment, apparel and footwear; in addition to living a healthier life. As mentioned, their logo emphasizes the Québec pride with the blue and white colours. Along with that, the characters are in small letter. Product Strategy

Sport Chek
In terms of sporting goods, sportchek has obtained the category “killer” in general sporting goods outside of Québec. As well as pride themselves in having great brand...

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