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A radio studio is a room in which a radio program or show is produced, either for live broadcastor forrecording for a later broadcast. The room is soundproofed to avoid unwanted noise being mixed into thebroadcast.

Acoustic Treatment is designed to control the sound quality within a room. It is not intended to preventsound propagation between rooms.Sound Transmission leakage are reduced via construction  –using thick massive walls, and isolating thebuilding structures  –generally by floating the walls and floors, and hanging the ceilings with shockmounts.There are four primary goals of acoustic treatment: 1. To prevent standing waves and acoustic interference from affecting the frequency response of recording/radio studios and listening rooms; 2. To reduce modal ringing in small rooms and lower the reverb time in larger studios, churches,and auditoriums; 3. To absorb or diffuse sound in the room to avoid ringing and flutter echoes, and improve stereoimaging; and 4. To keep sound from leaking into or out of a room, to prevent music from disturbing theneighbors, and to keep sound of passing trucks from getting into the microphones.

A Radio Studio consists of differenttypes and kinds of acousticalelements such as its walls and ceiling.Herein shows the elaboration andevaluation of the materials used inthis specific radio studio.

What is Acoustic Foam?
Acoustic foam is an open celled foam used for acoustic treatment. It attenuates airborne sound wavesby increasing air resistance, this reducing the amplitude of the waves. The energy is dissipated as heat. Itcan be made in several different colors, sizes and thickness. Also comes in a variety of sizes and can beattached to walls, ceilings, doors, and other features of a room to control noise levels, vibration, andechoes.The main objective of this acoustic foam is to improve the sound quality by removing residual sound inany space. This purpose requires strategic placement of acoustic foam panels on ceiling, effectivelyeliminating allresonancewithin the room.

What is Maxiboard?
Maxiboard is a high acoustic performance composite building board designed for the use withinrecording studios, home cinemas, bars, nightclubs and live music venues, amongst otherareas. Maxiboard is suitable for use on walls and ceilings, designed to be used wherever you mightinstall standard plasterboard but require high acoustic performance.Unlike conventional wall boards, Maxiboard is a patented composite board manufactured from cementand gypsum with an acoustic membrane core. Maxiboard offers excellent soundproofing properties andis a very strong, high impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct.At only 17mm thick Maxiboard offers maximum performance for minimum thickness. When mountedon Isolation Bars, Maxiboard can provide a high performance ceiling and wall system for both Sound andFire

What is Acoustic Floor Underlayment?
Acoustic underlay is a sound insulation for floors and ceilings in recording studios, condominiums,hospitals, schools, hotels, and office buildings.

What is Acoustic Mat?
Acoustic Mat is composed of a lightweight, closed cell, extruded polyethylene foam. It is acousticallyengineered to reduce structure-borne sound by isolating it to the room in which it is created. It is placed between the subfloor and a plywood or gypsum concrete overlayment to create an isolationlayer for sound vibrations and impact noises such as foot traffic. The plywood or gypsum concreteoverlayment, once installed, "floats" on top of the floor mat, providing a rigid surface for the finishedflooring.

Laminated Glass
A Laminated glass is regarded as a safety glass by most of the standards. Laminated glass is normally used whenthere is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered. Shop front glazing and windshieldsare typically laminated glasses.Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass together with layers of PVB,under heatand pressure, to create a single sheet of glass. When broken, the PVB interlayer keeps the layers of glass bondedand prevents it from breaking apart. The interlayer can also give the glass a highersound insulationrating.There are several types of laminated glasses manufactured using different types of glass and interlayer whichproduce different results when broken. Laminated glass that is made up of annealed glass is normally used whensafety is a concern, but tempering is notan option. When broken, the PVB layerprevents the glass from breaking apartcreating a "spider web" cracking pattern.Tempered laminated glass is designed toshatter into small pieces, preventingpossible injury. When both pieces of glass are broken it produces a "wetblanket" effect and it will fall out of itsopening.Heat strengthened laminated glass is stronger than annealed, but not as strong as tempered. It is often used wheresecurity is a concern. It has a larger break pattern than tempered, but because it holds its shape (unlike the "wetblanket" effect of tempered laminated glass) it remains in the opening and can withstand more force for a longerperiod of time, making it much more difficult to get through.

Radio Maria
Radio Maria is an international Catholic radio broadcasting service founded in Erba, province of Como, in the diocese of Milan in 1983. The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 and today has branches in 55 countries around the world. Its mission includes Liturgy, Catechesis, Spirituality, Spiritual assistance with everyday issues, Information, Music, and Culture.

Its first broadcast facility was originally parish operated, but was later re-formed as a separate entity outside its home parish as an association of lay people and priests in 1987 as Radio Maria Italia. In less than five years, it grew into a national Catholic radio network throughout Italy. Though not directly connected with the Roman Catholic Church, it was founded as an instrument of the Church, and as a tool for evangelization, implementing and adhering to the teachings of the Church. It was inspired by the Marian apparitions at Fátima, Portugal (and in more recent years in Medjugorje), pleading for worldwide conversion. As such, Radio Maria is not subsidized or funded by the Roman Catholic Church; instead it is underwritten by listener contributions. The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 out of its subsequent international growth in the 1990s, and following the 1987 speech by Pope John Paul II in St Peter's Square addressing the need for a new evangelization. Emanuele Ferrario (inspired by the Pope's words to form that new evangelization) is the founder and president of Radio Maria Inc., which has since grown into an association of 40 multilingual broadcast operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Overall, Radio Maria operates approximately 1,500 terrestrial radio transmitters worldwide.

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