Abnormal Psychology: the Theory of Psychopathology

Topics: Abnormal psychology, Mental disorder, Psychology Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Final Examination
1.Discuss the biopsychosocial theory of psychopathology. Can this theory be used in determining the development of borderline personality disorder?​​ The Biopsychosocial Theory assumes that biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors play a significant role in the development of mental illness. This theory postulates that mental health and wellness are influenced by the complex interaction between the aforementioned factors and that these factors are equal precursors of psychological disorders. Borderline personality disorder or BPD is characterized by persistent and pervasive cognitive, emotional and behavioural instability and is broadly defined by features of impulsivity, identity disturbance, problematic interpersonal relationships and suicidal/self injurious behaviour. The biopsychological theory is one of the traditional explanations to this disorder and it is important not to view any single factor as the most significant risk factor for this disorder because this theory believes that no single factor is sufficient enough to cause the disorder. According to the biological explanation of the development of BPD, neurotransmitters such as serotonin and vasopressin have remarkable bearing on the advancement of this disorder. Deficiency in serotonin is associated with BPD related conditions such as mood disorders and suicidal and non suicidal self injury. Increased levels of vasopressin, on the other hand, consistently correlates with higher levels of aggression which is also observed in people diagnosed with BPD. Hypothalmic pituitary adrenal hyperactivity and non suppression of cortisol causes heightened suicidal risks. Heredity also plays a significant role as demonstrated in some twin studies. Psychological vulnerability of a person with BPD may be caused by disrupted attachment relationships which are rooted in childhood attachment experiences with parents (mother or primary caregiver). Ineffective...
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