Abnormal Psychology Case Vignette

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Suicide Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: May 14, 2014
A 25-year-old female patient has recently had a fight with her boyfriend, who wanted to break up with the patient because of her unstable emotion and manipulation. She did not want the break up so she threatened to commit suicide. Patient has been in four relationships within the last year, and all relationships started well as the patient put in lots of effort to keep her partners from leaving her, but all of her boyfriends broke up with her because they found it difficult to keep up with her emotion need. The patient has had outstanding academic performance in college, but she was always left alone when she was a child. She believes people think she is worthless, and everyone is trying to get rid of her. One minute the patient is crying and feeling depressed from emptiness and loneliness, then the next minute she has angry and violent emotion toward the people who she thinks they are going to leave her. Diagnosis:

The 25-year-old female patient is experiencing borderline personality disorder. She meets the criteria of extreme change in emotional as evidence by the unstable shift between depressive feeling and anger. Also, she has problematic relationship as she will become manipulative and violent when she think people is going to leave her alone and when her boyfriend try to break up with her for her extreme emotion. She has suicidal thoughts when she is afraid of being alone, and she threatened to commit suicide to keep people from leaving her. Moreover, she meets the criteria of poor self-image, as she believes people are trying to get rid of her because she is worthless to them.

I am recommending Dialectical Behavioral Therapy as treatment. The therapy helps her to regulate and stabilize emotion, as well as reduce suicidal thought and extreme behavior.
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