a2 psychopathology notes

Topics: Major depressive disorder, Dysthymia, Seasonal affective disorder Pages: 4 (1914 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Psychopathology is the studying of abnormal behaviour. It addresses a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioural problems and encompasses research into many different aspects such as classification, diagnosis, aetiology (cause of disease), prevention and treatment. Study depends on the paradigm. – psycho uses childhood, bio uses genetic markers. Usually eclectic approach.Split into two models, medical and psychological Criteria differs in a mental diagnostic so they have differences within. Investigator effects, crossover from previous treatments and placebo effect(solved by double blind?). how do we measure effectiveness? Classification and diagnosis

Dominant approach is biological model. Makes following assumptions: Individual is passive and called a patient, mental abnormality manifests with signs and symptoms which occur together in clusters called syndromes, syndromes represent different disorders. Explanations and remedies can be found for separate disorders. An ideal diagnostic has these characteristics:

Categories are mutually exclusive, jointly exhaustive, features must be present or absent, reliable and valid. Advantages: communication shorthand, (all symptoms in single diagnosis), aetiology, treatment and prognosis. Disadvantages – misdiagnosis, labelling, historical and cultural context. Grey areas. (Assumption of separate categories) International classification system for diseases = icd, by world health organization. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders = American psychiatric association. Dsm organises into 5 axes, clinical disorders, personality conditions, acute medical conditions, psychological and environmental factors. Childrens global assessment. Cultural issues, in Pakistan, india and china they think west places too much emphasis on separation of mind and body. Depression

Clinical characteristics
The term depression is used every day to cover a range of experiences, clinical depression is a...
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