7 Deadly Sins: Essay

Topics: Seven deadly sins, Chastity, Seven virtues Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: December 6, 2011
1. There are many different sins not listed here. However, many of these great sins, like murder, adultery, stealing, etc., have root causes, like Pride. Pride was the devil's great sin, as he wanted to be like God, and rebelled. There are 7 basic kinds of sin that lead to all others, known as the Seven Deadly sins. It takes heroic virtue in most cases to overcome these. Most of us are afflicted greatly with at least one or two of these. And once you give in to one of these sins, the spirits of the other 6 will be only too glad to come into your soul also. All of these sins will lead you directly to hell.

- Lust - ("Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure.") To be fair, there is one good thing about the sin of Lust: it cannot persist into eternity. In actuality, sins of the flesh tend to burn themselves out over time. After a while lust becomes a habit and what pleasure it brought diminishes until we wonder what the attraction is. We can limit lust to sexuality, but we may want to consider the larger area of sensuality. Sensuality is the craving for physical pleasures of all kinds. An inordinate desire to avoid pain, for physical and even emotional comfort, the best food and wine, the best looking car, can all be forms of lust. We try to make a heaven on earth, but instead we create a hell. Other people become ways of satisfying our needs.

- Greed - "He who loves money never has money enough"
There are at least three forms of greed:
• an obsessive desire for ever more material goods and the attendant power. • a fearful need to store up surplus goods for a vaguely defined time of want. • a desire for more earthly goods for their own sake.

- The Greed of Power

The real problem here is more the desire for power than the actual greed. A common thread for sin in general is that it is often borne out of fear. A fear of helplessness or loss of control can turn into a lust for power...
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