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Kristina Caldwell
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50 Essays

The Joy of Reading
1) Superman was breaking down a door. It’s important to remember this because he talks about how he refused to act stupid and how he is breaking down his own door in the sense that he is teaching others how to read and write and breaking stereotypes. Indians aren’t supposed to be able to read and write, but now he is teaching other Indians to do these things because he didn’t conform. 2) The verb that is repeated was read. This emphasizes his passion for reading and his dedication to it. He is trying to say that his coming to literacy was a hardship. It took perseverance to achieve it and now he is trying to help others to achieve that same goal. 3) The statement made by Fredrick Douglas has the complete opposite meaning to what Alexi feels. I don’t think Alexi envied his classmates because if he did envy them, why did he go his own way when others ridiculed him? Alexi’s difficulties demonstrated not conforming to the stereotype he was given while his classmates worried about upholding that stereotype. 4) She waited and waited for her parents to tell her the news. They were moving away from everything she knew… again. It pained her to know that she had to say goodbye. Writing in 3rd person decreases the meaning of the moment. It creates a distance between my emotions and me.

1) She hopes to one day be able to do what her heart desires, not just what society believes she should do. The speaker knew the Negro race to be athletes and farmers. She aspired to be more than that. 2) It shows how life was back then for African-American citizens. It appeals to the reader’s emotions because you see how hard the Negros work for their education just for somebody to tell them that they will just be the next big athlete or farmer. 3) Angelou viewed poetry as a way to sustain culture and empathize with the author’s emotions. Anzaldúa viewed poetry as a right and a way to express one’s self. She was always told to tame her tongue and poetry was a way that she could freely express herself. 4) When I first made cheerleading in high school, I expected it to be easy. It wasn’t. It was a lot of hard work, but once I adjusted to the reality of it, I loved every minute of it. My expectations for the next year were definitely modified to fit what actually happens. Turkey’s in the Kitchen

1) He talks about how the women work in the kitchen while the men watch sports. Also he addresses how men wont go into the kitchen unless they need a beer or something to snack on. He adds that the only men who know how to cook have hyphenated last names and stay at home all day while his wife works, which isn’t always the case. 2) His use of humor helps make a serious subject lighthearted. It helps people better relate to these situations about men and women. He confirms the stereotypes of men and women. 3) Barry’s humor is lighthearted and funny, while Sedaris’s humor is more sarcastic. They are similar in the sense that both styles of humor make reading these stories easier on the audience. They differ in that one is lighthearted and playful, while one is more serious. 4) Holidays in my family are very similar to Barry’s. My dad and the other men sit around and talk and drink beer. The women are usually in the kitchen cooking the meals or watching the younger kids play. Why Don’t We Complain?

1) His three examples were when the temperature on a train is 85 degrees, when the movie screen is out of focus, and when he was in a ski shop and one of the employees wasn’t working. 2) He states that each year, Americans voice their opinions less and less because they feel that it is the place of the government to decide what is best for this country. He uses the example of when Premier Khrushchev came to American and only a few people made posters that challenged his tyranny. 3) The behaviors in Buckley’s essay are when...
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