5 things I've learned

Topics: Intelligence, Knowledge, Emotional intelligence Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: May 27, 2014

Janari D. Reynold-Oliver


5 Things I’ve learned

One of the first things that I have learned since I’ve been in this class was

how to be better at communication. Often at times we as people seem to only think

about ourselves, it’s not a good thing but we are human. In the world of business I

am my own brand but I’m not the most important piece in the puzzle. Teamwork is

the key because the same people that I see going up the ladder will most likely be

the same people I see coming down. With that being said, I will try my best not to

burn any bridges because you never know who or what that you might need in life.

The second thing that I have learned since being in this class is emotional

intelligence. A lot of people claim to have emotional intelligence but lack the

confidence within themselves to properly express it and in this line of business

I find it crucial. With limited knowledge of self and emotional intelligence one can

hinder their success. With emotional intelligence a person can communicate

effectively because without communication you can’t be an effective player in this

game of life.

The third thing I’ve learned was the Dr. Phil test. It was important because it

was like looking in the mirror and being critical of myself to put things in

perspective and have a better understanding. In closing the last two things that I’ve

learned since being in this class is trust and how to effectively complete proposals.
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