4DEP HR poffessional map

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Assignment 4DEP

This report sets out to describe the HR professional map and identify the skills, behaviours and knowledge in Band 2 that I consider most essential in the Employee relations role.

The HR Professional Map

In 2009 the CIPD conducted a report on what human resource practitioner's did, their roles, and activities.They interviewed practitioner's from a large number of professions across different sectors and the result was the production of the HR professional map, that does not focus on job titles, but instead focused on the skills and behaviours. It is simple, flexible and can be used as a whole or in part. Starting with and including the two core professional areas, it consists of ten professional areas, eight behaviours and four competency bands."It describes what you need to know and what you need to do, within each professional area at four bands of professional competence".

There are eight behaviours that need to be displayed by HR professionals; these are, collaborative, driven to deliver, courage to challenge, role model, curious, decisive thinker, skilled influencer and personally credible. These behaviours are displayed in each of the professional areas. There are four bands of competence that define the contribution of professionals at each stage of their career, it details the relationship with client, service to client ,focus of activity and where time is spent.It also details measures of success and contribution and the relative skill balance between behaviours and technical ability.

The two core professional areas that relate to all HR professionals, at all career levels and job roles, these are; Insight, strategy and solutions.There are five activity areas, building a picture, developing actionable insight, delivering situational HR solutions that stick and building capacity and capability that detail tasks that you are required to perform in each capability band. There are also four areas of knowledge....
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