1945-2000 General Us History

Topics: President of the United States, Watergate scandal, Gerald Ford Pages: 4 (667 words) Published: September 15, 2013
1945 -2000

progressive mindset
started at state level, and went to nat level with TR election ideology-->political party framework
TR's Square Deal
Wilson's New Freedom
Trueman Fair Deal
JFK-New Frontier
LBJ-Great Society
public policy-->legislation
legislative response is necessary for dealing with problems
Conservative Rxn
Gingrich 1994-Content with America
Contemporary Republicanism

trying to correct society to create a better quality of life health and welfare, new arrogation
self determination: direct election of senators, women's right to vote (19th) referendum
expanding structure of gov
create bureaucracies to fix the probs, creating experts
best cure for democracy=MORE democracy
TR Progressivism
gov having larger role in regulation
environmentalist, conservationist, wise land management
protecting the rights of labor, spokesman for labor class
ex: 1902 coal strike
Hepburn act-railroads, converse act
carrying out TR's deal
--->Harding, Coolidge, Lefkaer
retractions to lauze faire, sup court retracts prior legislations oversea business
tax breaks to rich people to reinvest money
in 1920s-mergers are big
New Deal
gov has to get involved
leg on banking
Glass Seagull Act, divided banking
to control prices etc, gov reg in agricult industry -->to get tax breaks, but question of unconstitutional Wagner act (pro labor)
Agricult Adjust Act (AAA)
Roosevelt recession, WWII pulls us out of depression
Fair Deal
New Deal but plus Civil Rights
same concepts on labor
fair housing
(Most knocked down by Repub congress--led by Taft)
-->didn't get off the ground
great economic resurgent in the 50s, because AMerica is on top

Civil rights creeping into political world throughout presidents...

tax cuts
thinking of civil rights, but bc of S.ern resistance, new frontier doesn't get that underway does other stuff…
the Great Society...
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