1776 Movie Questions and Answers

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: November 13, 2012

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What are John Adams’ reasons for independence?
He feels as though there are too illegal many taxes, the king is being unfair, by stopping their trade, burning their towns and he wishes to break free from them by gaining independence.

Why does Benjamin Franklin suggest that a southerner, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, propose independence in Congress? He proposes Richard to do it because he is cocky and Richard is convinced he cannot fail: he is a member of the oldest and most glorious family in America: "The Lees of Old Virginia." Plus John Adam is "obnoxious and disliked".

Who is the commander-in-chief of colonial forces?
George Washington

Which colony continuously “abstains, courteously”?
New York

What are Franklin’s reasons for independence?
Franklin is upset by how much the English have changed since being in the states, and how all their rights, taxes, and trade are being handled by the king. He no longer feels like a “English Man” however he holds the title, he no longer has the rights that title once carried. Since the English in the states have changed so much, he feels they need to break away and become their own nation.

What does Edward Rutledge of South Carolina suggest about South Carolina’s independence? South Carolina wished to become their own country and not belong to anyone, meaning the states or England.

Who suggests that any vote on independence be unanimous? Why does John Hancock, the President of Congress, support it? John Dickinson of Pennsylvania votes for unanimous voting, and John supports it because without it will cause a war against brother and brother. He feels that if they should need to fight they fight all together against England and not towards each other.

Why does Adams insist on a written “Declaration of Independence”? It stands as a document that defines the reasons for independence, and for everyone to know the grounds and terms in which they stand on.

Who is chosen to...
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