1.01 Govt Flvs Notes

Topics: Law, Political philosophy, Human rights Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: May 5, 2013
This document outlines the structre and functions of the us government. Americans follow the laws and policies within three levels of govt: Local state and federal

The const guides us through the correct processes in the creation and implementation of a law laws place limitations on citizen behavior

Most citezens agree with the laws bc the law benefit’s the common good and protects most basic rights

Common good: greatest possible conditions of society for the greatest number of people living in it

Citizens dute is to abide by the laws. Helps protect order and rights of all No one not even pres is above following the law

Us citizens can cchallenge the laws thru corts

Citizen consent to laws and upholding the rule of law affirms the legitimacy of govt.

Consent to agree or give permission

Rule of law: The priciple that those who govern and those who are governed must obey the law and are subject to the same laws.

Legitimacy: lawful, complying with recognized rules, standards, or traditions

The us const protects the natural rights of human beings. The principle of natural rights has origins in ancient civilizations and religious teachings but the modern concept traces to the Elnightenment

Enlightenment: time of change in curo in seventeenth and eight cents when philosophers focused on reason as a way to solve problemsjohn locke: nat rights = life liberty and estate.

Lock and founnders of us believed god granted each person these nat rights as indivs other philos agree with idea of nat rights but said hum beings had them bc of ability to reason and act as rational beings, either way idea of indiv or nat rights is vital princip of us govt todaysocial contract: idea that people agree or consent to govt authority and in return the govt protects the people and their rights

If social cont not upheld, the people could wdraw their consent abolish the govt and form a new one.

Democracy means rule of the people.

Two forms dem:...
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