‘King Henry Is the Most Influential British Monarch in History’ Do You Agree?

Topics: Henry VIII of England, English Reformation, Thomas More Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: September 11, 2013
When you think of an influential person, you think of a leader. Someone who has done good not only for themselves, but also for other people and Henry did just that for England. King Henry once stated that he wanted to be remembered Therefore I believe that King Henry was the most influential British monarch in history.

A man known famous for the English reformation
The way he treated his wives- the way kings behaved.
Some would even say he was even drunk with power
Losing both his father and brother and having to take the throne at such a young age •According to Chris Trueman, author on the history learning website Henry would execute any that he feared a threat to him •Made England a strong and powerful country founding the navy to keep the country from any harm •He founded a very good school that took on the new religion. Was not catholic •Some would even say he was drunk with power requesting executions more often then not, and sleeping with many different women that worked in the kingdom for his wives. •Henry made sure never to get too close to someone in the fear that they would take advantage of him and use his powers again himself •Although some of his idea’s were influenced by many of his advisors he was and powerful enough to make his own decision •Largely under guidance of his lord chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey who shared Henry’s desire to make England stronger.
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