The Call of the Wild


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1. What breed of dog is Buck?

a.  Husky     

b.  Wolf hybrid

c.  Malamute

d.  Saint Bernard/Shepherd mix

2.   Who is Buck’s original owner?

a.  John Thornton

b.  Hal

c.  Judge Miller

d.  Manuel

3.  Who kidnaps Buck to sell him to the dog traders?

a.  Manuel

b.  Hal

c.  Charles

d.  Curly

4.  Where is Buck’s original home?

a.  San Francisco

b.  The Santa Clara Valley

c.  Klondike Territory

d.   The wilderness

5.  What weapon do the dog trainers use to subdue Buck?

a.  A club

b.  A whip

c.  A staff

d.  A gun

6.  Who is the friend of Buck’s that is killed by a group of huskies?

a.  Spitz

b.  Curly

c.  Dave

d.  Sol-leks

7.  Which character is initially sympathetic to the sled dogs?

a.  Francois

b.  Manuel

c.  Charles

d.  Mercedes

8.  Who is the original leader of Buck’s first team?

a.  Curly

b.  Spitz

c.  Dave

d.  Sol-leks

9.  The man with the red sweater is important because:

a.  He tells Judge Miller that Manuel is the kidnapper

b.  He rescues Buck from Hal

c.  He kills John Thornton

d. He is the first man to beat Buck with a club

10.  Buck’s first dog sled team carries:

a.  Mail

b.  Gold

c.  Food


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