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1. Who is the mythical founder of Beowulf’s people?

a.  Beow

b.  Hrothgar

c.  Shield Sheafson

d.  Unferth

2.   For how long does Grendel terrorize Denmark?

a.  Six months

b.  Twelve years

c.  Fifty years

d.  One year

3.  What is the name of the Dane who heckles Beowulf when he is boasting about his accomplishments prior to fighting Grendel?

a.  Unferth

b.  Wiglaf

c.  Hrunting

d.  Wulfgar

4.  Who is a descendant of Cain?

a.  Grendel

b.  Grendel’s mother

c.  Beowulf

d.  a and b

5.  How does Beowulf kill Grendel?

a.  Decapitates him with a giant’s sword

b.  Rips off his claw

c.  Uses Hrunting to kill him

d.  With an enchanted arrow

6.  What is Grendel’s mother seeking when she comes to Hrothgar? 

a.  To save her son’s life

b.  To kill Beowulf

c.  To get back his claw

d.  To kill Hrothgar

7.  Who is Beowulf’s father?

a.  Shield Sheafson

b.  Beow

c.  Hrothgar

d.  Ecgtheow

8.  What is a scop?

a.  A bard or old English poet

b.  A type of weapon

c.  A magical piece of jewelry

d.  A name for a warrior

9.  For how long does Beowulf rule Geatland peacefully?

a.  Ten years

b.  Twelve years

c.  Twenty-five years

d.  Fifty years

10.  How does Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother?...

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