Animal Farm


Chapter 4-Chapter 6

Chapter Four

Chapter four makes several interesting observations about Socialism, Communism, and dictatorships, all within the context of the relationships of the animals on the farm. The first observation is that all three socio-political systems have a way of spreading and inspiring change in other areas. This was certainly a fear among people when Communist and Socialist countries were coming into power—a fear that the new way of life would be appealing to people outside of the regimes, and chapter four captures that fear. Moreover, the novel does not treat those concerns as if they are illusory or the result of fear-mongering. On the contrary, the animals have not been content to limit their Rebellion to Animal Farm and have sent out pigeons to other farms to tell those animals about the Rebellion. They demonstrate a real intent to bring revolution to other animals, so that the uneasiness of the surrounding humans is not paranoia; they may also face rebellions at their farms.

However, when Mr. Jones initially tries to gain sympathy from the other farmers, he is treated as if his concerns are paranoia. In fact, the other farmers acknowledge that there has been a rebellion at Animal Farm, but seem to place the blame for the rebellion on Mr. Jones because he was not taking proper care of his farm. Some of this blame is deserved, but ignores the fact that even a carefully tended farm uses the animals’ labor for the benefit of men. Moreover, the farmer’s initial complacency gets challenged when conditions on their own farms begin to change. As concerns about a growing risk of rebellion mount, the humans plan an attack on Animal Farm. Fortunately, Snowball, who has been studying military history, has been expecting just such an attack by the humans. When an armed contingent of humans approaches Animal Farm, the animals are prepared for the onslaught. Snowball has devised a two-pronged plan to outwit the humans. The first stage of the plan allows the humans to feel they have been victorious over the animals, and the second stage of...

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