The Alchemist


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1. When the story begins, Santiago is:

a) 20 years old

b) 15 years old

c) 18 years old

d) We are not told

2. Why does Santiago stop in the town of Tarifa?

a) To see the daughter of a merchant, whom he has fallen in love with

b) To see a gypsy woman who can interpret his dream

c) To meet with the king of Salem to give him some sheep

d) To buy a new book

3. Santiago decided to become a shepherd even though his parents wanted him to be:

a) A doctor

b) An alchemist

c) A priest

d) A camel rider

4. What is Santiago’s religion?

a) Christian

b) Muslim

c) Jewish

d) Buddhist

5. The time period the story takes place in is:

a) The Middle Ages

b) The twentieth century

c) The future

d) We are not told

6. Melchizedek claims to be:

a) The king of Salem

b) An alchemist

c) An Egyptian pharaoh

d) Santiago’s long-lost uncle

7. The first person Santiago meets in Tangier is:

a) A baker

b) Melchizedek

c) The Englishman

d) A young man who speaks Spanish

8. A person’s mission in life is:

a) To fulfill his Personal Legend

b) To take care of his family

c) To fall in love

d) To take care of his sheep

9. The principle of favorability is another term for:

a) Beginner’s luck

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