The Alchemist


Cast of Characters

Santiago – The novel’s protagonist, an Andalusian shepherd boy who has a dream that launches him on a quest to find treasure in Egypt.

Santiago's father – A loving and well-meaning parent who tries to dissuade Santiago from pursuing his dream of travel, but nevertheless gives Santiago his blessing and enough money to get started.

The merchant’s daughter – A girl Santiago met and was captivated by a year before the story begins. He imagines settling down with her, although he never ends up seeing her again.

Gypsy woman - A fortune teller who interprets Santiago’s dream and is the first to tell him to go to Egypt in search of his treasure.

Melchizedek, king of Salem – A magical, biblical figure who appears to Santiago at a crucial juncture, convincing him to pursue his Personal Legend.

Bar owner – He tries to warn Santiago about the thief, but because he doesn’t understand Arabic, Santiago misinterprets his message and believes the Spanish-speaking thief instead.

Young man/thief – Santiago meets him in a bar in Tangier. He speaks Arabic and Spanish, and offers to be Santiago’s guide to the pyramids, but instead steals his money.

Candy seller – An Arabic speaking merchant whom Santiago helps to erect his stall in the market. He is fulfilling his Personal Legend by running the candy stall. He and Santiago are able to communicate easily despite not speaking the same language.

The Crystal merchant – A shop owner in Tangier who hires Santiago, enabling him to earn the money to continue his quest.

The Englishman – A student of alchemy who is in search of a great alchemist who can teach him to become an alchemist himself.

Camel driver – He helps guide the caravan across the Sahara desert....

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