• Xbis219 Club It Part 1
    Club IT, Part 1 XBIS/219 As an intern for Club IT, I am delighted for being chosen because I have so many ideas that will unquestionably improve the business. After my visit to Club IT on Friday, I have learned a great deal of information about the business. I now know what I am workin
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  • Xbis219 Club It Part 2
    Club IT XBIS219 Once I decided to spend Friday night at the club to prepare for my first day of work I realized Club IT has vast business potential and immediate technological needs. As an intern, I have chosen to utilize the prototype system development. Taking this route wil
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  • Xbis219 Club It Part 2 - Week 6
    Club IT, Part 2 Rebekah L. Hill February 19, 2010 XBIS/219 Bradley Corbin Axia College of University of Phoenix With Club IT’s remodel and its current information technology capability, the owners, Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, are aware of the benefits of building a customer
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