"Write A Procedural Email To Employees Reminding Them Of Key Components Of A Company Policy On Acceptable Use Of Email And Text Messaging" Essays and Research Papers

Write A Procedural Email To Employees Reminding Them Of Key Components Of A Company Policy On Acceptable Use Of Email And Text Messaging

To: All Employees- From: Director of IT Subject: Reminder: Company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging All, As the size of our company grows I wanted to take a minute to refresh you on the Company acceptable use policy for email and text messaging. This policy is not meant to limit or censor your email and texting but to provide a guideline of appropriate use. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper use of the email, so all employees are aware of what...

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Case Assignment: Email Policy

To: ACME Employee’s Subject: New Email Policy ACME Employee’s, This email is to announce a new acceptable email use policy that will take effect on 1 April 2011. All personnel, to include but not limited to employees, consultants, and others working with the company, who use the company’s email system, are required to comply with this policy statement. This policy is to inform all employee’s, within the company, how they are expected to use their company email accounts and what would constitute...

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Company Email Usage Policies

Company Email Usage Policies Abstract Any time a company allows employees access to their email system, the organization's assets, future and reputation are at risk (techtarget.com, 2004). As a result it is important that a company email policy be created and implemented. This policy will include: the purpose of emails, the ownership of emails, email usage, sensitive and confidential materials, prohibited content in emails, virus checking archiving emails and violations to the email policy. The...

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Misuse of Email Facilities: Professional Issues

surrounding the misuse of email facilities provided by MoneyWise Ltd. It will examine the direct threats that any abuse of the email facilities will have on the company. Explain fully the reasons why MoneyWise Ltd requires email usage guidelines. Present a policy outlining acceptable email usage for the company and discuss any legal implications surrounding this policy. Discussion Threats This section of the report will investigate the threats that unrestricted email use would have on organisations...

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Why Establish an Acceptable Usage Policy?

| Why Establish an Acceptable Usage Policy? | | By | Stephen Lyons | | | | Background For the Past 15 years, I have been supporting small businesses with computer problems, ranging from desktop support to network and server integration. I have been a Microsoft® Certified Professional since 1999, and a Microsoft® Certified Small Business Specialist for over a year. I ran my own company, Lyons Den Computer Services, Inc., from 1992-2007. I exclusively serviced businesses with...

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Acceptable Use Policy

Richman Investments ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY Information Security Policy Number 12345 Effective 10/15/2013` I. Introduction An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is an organization-wide policy that defines what is allowed and what is not allowed regarding use of Information Technology (IT) assets by employees. The following policy is to be followed by all employees of Richman Investments, authorized individuals, vendors, and contractors who use any information technology (IT), electronic, or...

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Instant Messaging Management Trend Brief

Instant Messaging Management Trend brief Prepared By : XXXX XXXXX Last Update : December 03, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 3 2 PROS 3 3 CONS 4 4 MITIGATION 5 5 Summary 6 6 REFERENCES 6 INTRODUCTION Instant Messaging (IM) is a technology that allows instant communication between employees and customers in the workplace. It can be utilized to improve the efficiency of communication...

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Acceptable Use Policy Template

APPENDIX A: Acceptable Use Security Policy The following document is a sample Acceptable Use Security Policy using the outline identified in the Security Policy Template. The purpose of this sample document is to aid with the development of your own agency Acceptable Use Security Policy by giving specific examples of what can be performed, stored, accessed and used through the use of your departments computing resources. Section 1 - Introduction Information Resources are strategic assets...

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Procedural email

Anthony Graham adgraham@novanthealth.org Subject: New Procedures for Standard Operation Procedures Greetings Team, This email is to inform you of the new policy and changes that we have implemented for the SOP Program for our department. To ensure that we are able to continue to provide the most remarkable patient experience, in every dimension, every time. The new SOP policy will take effect on October 14, 2014. To provide you the needed information please log onto the internal MySite portal and...

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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Artiesha Artis CIS 462 Security Strategies and Policy Professor Darrell Nerove October 20, 2012 Working in many different arenas while pursuing my degree in Computer Security has opened my eyes to many things, one thing that I have noticed is that some companies felt that they were immune to data breaches. I have worked in smaller organizations that just didn’t have the knowledge to protect their network against security breaches. One inexpensive and very productive...

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Efficient Business Communications in Companies Today Means Full Use of Social Media and Modern Technologies

communicational mistakes and misinterpretation. The main purpose of efficient business communications is to generate a positive, reliable and consistent reputation with customers, employees and other businesses. Efficient business communication promotes confidence in the company so that people are able to trust the company. Businesses are crossing national boundaries to compete on a global scale today. That’s why efficient business communication is important nowadays. To be successful, businesses...

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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy Purpose. The purpose of this Acceptable Use Policy is to provide guidelines which will be applied in determining acceptable use of this Web site, and to notify you of the terms of this service. As a user of this service, you agree to comply with this policy, the stated acceptable uses and the terms of service. Online Conduct. The intent of this policy is to make clear certain uses, which are and are not appropriate, not to exhaustively enumerate all such possible uses...

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Text Messaging

Text Messaging and its Effects on Teens' Grammar Background Information "IYO TXTng = Gd 4 or NME of GMR?" If you cannot understand the previous statement, then you most likely have not been exposed to the language of text messaging. Who are the creators of this language? The answer is today's teenagers. The translation for the opening sentence is, "In your opinion, is texting good for or the enemy of grammar?" Text messaging has surely given our society a quick means through which to communicate...

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Efficient Business Communications in Companies Today Means Making Full Use of Social Media and Modern Technologies

customers, employees and other businesses. Efficient business communication promotes confidence in the company so that people are able to trust the company. Businesses are crossing national boundaries to compete on a global scale today. That’s why efficient business communication is important nowadays. To be successful, businesses need to develop efficient ways of communications around the world. In that way, social media and modern technologies is efficient business communications in companies today...

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Case Study Analysis: Banning Email

Analysis: Banning Email Angela Marie (Amarie) Barker MGT 300 – Principles of Management Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Chenee Gilbert November 2nd, 2014 Case Study Analysis: Banning Email The case analysis of US Cellular revealed that an average corporate employee sends and receives up to 112 emails daily. In order to combat the unproductivity of email, Executive Vice President at the time Jay Ellison issued a ban on email every Friday. Initially employees were upset about...

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Email Privacy

Email Privacy, page 1 Running Head: Business Ethics – Email Privacy Email Privacy XXX University Email Privacy, page 2 Today I will talk to you about the ethical decisions to keep email private from other’s viewing. Within this discussion I will be explaining the utilitarian and deontological ethics aspects of the decision to keep your emails private. My hope for this discussion is to give you a better understanding of the...

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history of an email

 MKU KIGALI CAMPUS UCU 002: COMPUTER SKILLS &APPLICATION SUBJECT: EMAIL “The Killer Application of the Internet” Presented by: Pascal Nkongori ...

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The Long Tail in Email Marketing

and online marketing appears to be coming out on top as the way to get the job done. (Evans 2007) According to Anderson (2004), “everyone's taste departs from the mainstream somewhere, and the more we explore alternatives, the more we're drawn to them.” Anderson speaks of the amazement in the sheer size of the Long Tail; speaking about music as an example, he exclaims, “Combine enough non-hits on the Long Tail and you've got a market bigger than the hits.” This is basically describing the rising...

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Misuse Of Internet Policy Final 20May2015

Misuse of the Internet Policy Introduction The Company provides access to the information resources of the Internet to support employee success with their job function. The Internet is a tool, provided for employees. The Company expects its employees to use their Internet access primarily to research relevant topics and obtain useful information. Employees are expected to conduct themselves honestly and appropriately on the Internet, and respect copyrights, software licensing rules, property rights...

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Text Messaging in Pop Culture

Text messaging Pop culture is defined as commercial culture of popular taste. These are some of the categories music, fashion, movies, and trends or fads. One of the biggest trends among young adults today is text messaging and IMing. Young adults generally don’t leave home without their cell phones. Texting is a way for young adults to communicate when they aren’t able to talk to the person face to face. Many people argue that text messaging is a bad habit that pop culture has brought along, but...

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Richman Investments: Acceptable Use Policy for Rolling Network Access and Internet Usage 

Timothy Tacker Unit 5 Assignment 2: Define an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) April 25, 2015 The following are Acceptable Use Policy or AUP for rolling Network Access and Internet Usage for Richman Investments. The qualification for the usage of the company network composed of filtering policies for traffic in the network and the usage of the internet are spelled out in this AUP. The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges...

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Email Communication Process

minutes managing e-mail daily, while upper level managers spend up to four hours a day on email” (Mardesich, 2010, guides, para. 3). With so much time spent managing the receipt and sending of e-mails in business it is important that employees understand the basic communication model. Understanding this process when sending e-mails allows employees to communicate more effectively as well as know when to use e-mail, and when another form of communication would be more effective. Any form of communication...

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At&T Wireless: Text Messaging

process that results in cost incurrence. Based on the information in the AT&T case, the industry features a high proportion of fixed costs in relation to acquiring spectrum and building a network. Variable costs are relatively low and, in the case of text messages, are very low. The cost structure in the wireless industry is dominated by fixed costs, so the contribution margin ratio is high. The high fixed costs and large contribution margin ratio result in a relatively high percentage increase in...

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Email Etiquette Xcom285

| |This e-mail is in reference to the two employees who are going to be terminated Friday. We have determined that they are Nicole Stone| |and Lorenzo Torres. As we discussed yesterday, their performances are not on par with those of other employees in the accounting | |department; interventions with these employees have not been successful in helping them improve their performance. Let’s plan to meet| |with them individually in the conference room between 3:00 and 4:00 p...

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Email Etiquette

Email etiquette refers to a set of dos and don'ts that are recommended by business and communication experts in response to the growing concern that people are not using their email effectively or appropriately. Since email is part of the virtual world of communication, many people communicate in their email messages the same way they do in virtual chat rooms: with much less formality and sometimes too aggressively. Email etiquette offers some guidelines that all writers can use to facilitate better...

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Richman Investments- Acceptable Use Policy

Richman Investments- Acceptable Use Policy   Richman Investments is the name for its installation of the Richman Investments software from Jive Software creating a virtual (type of company) community. It is a Web-based virtual community where members collaborate on documents, share insight and best practices and exchange ideas. Registered Users of Richman Investments are encouraged to be open and informal in their use of Richman Investments - one of the benefits of the system is that it attempts...

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effect of text messaging in spelling proficiency

Benefits Of Text Messaging For Children Email 2 By Margarita Nahapetyan March 7, 2009 It turns out that text messaging positively affects a child's literacy and, in fact may even improve it, according to a new study conducted by a Coventry University in Britain. The University researchers involved a group of 88 children between the ages of 10 and 12, for their study. Their goal was to figure out what are the effects of text messaging on children's communication skills. All the kids were...

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Successful Email Marketing Campaign

the message you send. E mail marketing is the most effective means to reinforce the awareness of your brand in people's memories over longer time periods. Repetition is the key. But you have to take care of spam- an unsolicited promotional email, which is sent in large numbers to people without their permission. So your bulk email marketing according to this definition can be compared to spam! Although, many countries don't have any strict laws dealing with spam, you have to be very careful about it...

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Your Late Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team HBR

WORK-LIFE BALANCE Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team by Maura Thomas MARCH 16, 2015 Around 11 p.m. one night, you realize there’s a key step your team needs to take on a current project. So, you dash off an email to the team members while you’re thinking about it. No time like the present, right? Wrong. As a productivity trainer specializing in attention management, I’ve seen over the past decade how after-hours emails speed up corporate cultures — and that, in turn, chips away at creativity...

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The Other Side of Email

The Other Side of Email Electronic communication has become a part of every aspect of our society and is recognized as being one of the most important and influential aspects of the way we carry out business. The days of anxiously waiting by the mailbox for news from a long distance relative or lover are over. We no longer send cute, labor intensive, hand written letters to relatives, and close ones. Instead, they are sent via e-mails. Email-type technology has made it much easier to contact...

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Emails and Memos

CC2048 English for Workplace Communication (Sciences and Technology) Lecture 5: Emails and Memos Types of memos and e-mail messages 1. 2. 3. 4. those that inform those that request those that respond those that persuade (chapter 6) 2 E-mails and Memos that Inform Use to explain organization policies, procedures, and guidelines. Be particularly clear and concise. First paragraph: states the main point directly. Body: explains the reasons. Closing paragraph: restates primary purpose...

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Technical Email

Subject: Susan: E-mail Hello Susan, This email is being sent in regard to the information requested, presenting the differences between technical writing and expository writing methods. The writing elements to be covered in this email are related to the following aspects of writing: • Audience • Formatting • Purpose • Tone • Personal Experience I am certain you will find the following information to be of value and this email will serve its intended purpose, to verify...

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How to Write a Memo

Benefits of writing Email • Time – fast communication; it can be delivered within seconds. • Convenience – with fast growing technology, you can easily access your email from anywhere and at anytime. • Internal/external – email can be used to communicate both internally and externally. • Cost effective • Documentation – provide extensive record for future reference. How to write an effective email message • Recognize e-mail’s lack of privacy and corporate ownership. • Avoid casual...

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Access Control Policy

 Acceptable Use Policy/Remote Access Standard Outline Richman Investments  Introduction This acceptable use policy/Remote Access Standard grants the right for users to gain access to the network of Richman Investments and also binds the said user to follow and abide accordingly to the agreements set forth for network access which is provided below. Policy guidelines  The use of peer-to-peer file sharing or externally reachable file transfer protocol (FTP) servers is strictly forbidden...

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Need of E-mail and Internet Policy for work place

It has been brought to managers attention that a number of employees have been misusing the company’s internet access for personal use. Accessing personal email, visiting websites for private use, and in at least one incident, managers personally witnessed an employee accessing pornographic websites. Thus, unsurprisingly the issue of e-mail and internet monitoring has received a great deal of attention from the corporations, who have legitimate reasons for protecting their investment in high...

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NT 2799 Remote Access Policy

Remote Access Policy 1. Overview See Purpose. 2. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to Corona District High School's network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to Corona District High School from damages which may result from unauthorized use of Corona District High School resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or company confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical...

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Security Policies: Importance, Development, Comparison, and Implementation

 Security Policies: Importance, Development, Comparison, and Implementation Heather Ebhardt INF 325: Telecommunications & Networking Concepts Instructor: Dr. Arman Kanooni 06/08/2015 Security Policies: Importance, Development, Comparison, and Implementation Internet and network security are a primary concern for many businesses. In today's world, the number of hacks and leaks of data is continuing to rise, which is what makes security the primary concern. What may or may not be apparent...

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Email Marketing

We are all far too aware with email newsletters that waste our time, pitches that annoy us, and downright spam. I normally use one of my Gmail accounts as a general dumping ground for email marketing. I did my usual daily trawl last night to see if anything of interest had been sent through. As predicted, there was a huge list of offers and newsletters from number of companies. The first email was from amazon. I looked at the subject line; it said, “ Your Order with Amazon.com”. I instantly knew...

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Email Security

or financial data of companies are whisked away by elements who could put this information to the wrong use. It is in this scenario that privacy of data has become an important issue for computer users all over the world. Privacy of data becomes more important when one works in a public domain like the Internet. This paper will suggest some of the precautions that an ordinary person needs to take to maintain personal privacy and ensure safety of data while working with emails. Analysis The advent...

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Do Emails Benefit an Organization?

organization want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours? What is an e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization? Companies have increased productivity, decreased costs and found new marketing methods using email to attract new customers and keep previous ones up to date on product changes, information sales etc. This helps a work group to communicate to each other affectively and easily keeping all party’s up to date. The advantages of email in business can be seen in small and large...

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Explain the Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Information.

ACTS AND POLICIES In this assignment I will explain the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of information. Legal issues Legal issues are various items of legislation (law) to protect the use of business information. Data protection act 1998 Many business store information about people, whether it’s for potential customers or previous clients. The data protection act protects the information held about people from being misused. The information businesses store...

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Ict Acceptable Use Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy Staffordshire County Council ICT Acceptable Use Policy Classification: Internal Use Only Document Management Document Disclaimer This document is issued only for the purpose for which it is supplied. Document Owner This document is produced and owned by Staffordshire County Council (SCC). It is the responsibility of the Information Security Team to review and update the document annually and whenever necessary. Document Control This document is controlled and maintained...

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Routine Email

TOURO UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL ANTHONY ELLIS BUS303 Business Communication MODULE 1 SESSION LONG PROJECT ROUTINE EMAIL DR. CYNTHIA PHILLIPS From: NC1 Ellis, Officer Programs Officer (OPO) To: NRD Ohio All Hands Subject: Officer Referrals Just to clarify the process with officer referrals...if you have an applicant that is currently enrolled and attending an accredited 4yr college or university, or classified with the education code D, K or N, they shall be referred...

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The Role of Information Security Policy

The Role of Information Security Policy CMGT 400 Vijay Jonnalagadda Introduction Some of the biggest threats to information security occurred in 2003 Slammer, SoBig, and Blaster these three computer worms attacked public and private networks and spread across the globe disrupting computer services for millions of individuals and companies. These three malicious programs all functioned in differing manners each exploiting security flaws in the system. On average once the security vulnerability...

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Security Policy Framework

Information Security Policy Framework Information Security Policy Framework Information Security Policy Framework For the healthcare industry it is important to have an Information Security Policy Framework within the organization to protect information that is accessed across the network by staff personnel and patients. In accordance with ISO/IEC 27799:2008, we begin to define the guidelines to support the interpretation and implementation...

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Legal and Ethical Aspects of Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance of Employees”

Surveillance of Employees” | | By: Chakana Moore, Patricia Davis, Eric Luken, Michelle Dailey, Jeffrey Webb | | 11/21/2011 Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance Human Resource Management Research Project November 21, 2011 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance of Employees Introduction Workplace monitoring has been a point of discussion within businesses as Human Resource Management feels that there is a need to watch their employees and how they...

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Explain The Legal And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information

 Explain The Legal And Ethical Issues In Relation To The Use Of Business Information Unit 4 p2 12 b 1 Introduction There are many issues which relate to the use of information which affect an organisation, there are three main headings which are legal issues, ethical issues  These main headings cover all the key information and how it may affect an organisation which may be crucial to the way they deal with information and how it may need to adjust its way of operating for  legal...

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Business Email for Business Edge Example

detailed response to my original email. I am pleased to know you would like further knowledge of my completion of the Business Edge Program undertaken through my Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University. The program helped me develop a hybrid of skills related to the sales support role in which I have applied for. The following email represents the key aspects Business Edge has specified within my time in the program. I will thoroughly dissect each graduate component I have gained during the course...

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The Waterbee Toy Company Analysis

Waterbee Toy Company Analysis Waterbee Toy Company began designing and manufacturing wooden water toys in 1906. By the late 1990's Waterbee had evolved its wooden toy business into other categories such as action figures, musical instruments and even electronics. Waterbee had recently seen sales grow very quickly but staffing levels had actually decreased by nearly 50%. This meant employees were spending more and more time in the office. With the advent of the internet and the search and email functions...

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Email communication

Email Communication Do’s and Don’ts Crafting your Emails Single Clear Purpose Relevant Important Email Communication Do’s Email Do’s  Bottom line to the Top  Strong subject line: Impactful  One subject: 1 A for 2 Qs  Email series: Split in stages  Attachments: Long/Complex Subject  Concise: Easy on “Eyes” Email Communication Don’ts Email Don’ts  Ask ‘what you want’ at the end  No fancy: Typeface-Only Black; graphics  No ALL CAPITALS  Emailing Subtle...

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course profile. This assignment is designed to stimulate critical thinking outside of the classroom by requiring students to write a formal academic report. You will need to follow the AREA process in chapters 2 and 3 of Your Business Degree (COIT20233 textbook) to analyse the assessment task, research relevant information, evaluate the information you find and to write an academic report in which you present your findings or outcomes and make recommendations on future practice. This assessment...

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Internet & Email Threats

Internet & Email Threats Definition of a Computer Virus – A program that infects a computer by attaching itself to another program, and propagating itself when that program is executed. A computer can become infected by files downloaded over a network, or by the installation of new software or floppy disks that are infected with viruses as well as email attachments. Some viruses are only pranks, and perform harmless actions like displaying a screen with a joke message on it. Others can destroy...

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acceptable use policy definition

Unit 4 Assignment 2: Acceptable Use Policy Definition LAN-WAN is where the IT Infrastructure links to a wide area network and internet. * Monitoring software and controls for possible intrusion * Apply an email server antivirus (also applies for attachments). * Disable port scanning and pinging for exterior devices. * Denial of outbound traffic using source IP addresses. * File transfer monitoring Web Surfing and the Usage of the internet * Apply a domain-name content filter at internet...

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Access Control Policy

assignment 1 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define standards for connecting to 's network from any host. These standards are designed to minimize the potential exposure to from damages which may result from unauthorized use of resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or company confidential data, intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical internal systems, etc. 2.0 Scope This policy applies to all employees, contractors, vendors and agents with a -owned...

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Global Email Encryption Market

Global Email Encryption Market 2015-2019 Email is one of the most important modes of communication. It facilitates the transfer of confidential data and therefore needs a protected network to avoid the manipulation of data or data theft. Email encryption ensures data security, preventing the email from being read by anyone except the intended recipient. It uses the public-key cryptography method to encrypt messages and a private key to decrypt the message. Covered in this Report This report covers...

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Company Ethics Manual

addresses the needs of our staff members when it comes to acceptable business practices for not only our industry but for sound business practices in total. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (set forth in the remainder of this manual known as the Code of Ethics) will assist our employees with the ethical information that our company deems important in regards business conduct for all that are employed at our organization. The policies and statements found in this document are to be considered...

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Justification Report to Installed Electronic Auditing Procedures to Monitor the Computer Use of Employees

measurements to balance the order. There are lots of companies have run the electronic auditing procedures to monitor the computer use of the employees. They perceived this matter seriously because the future achievement is their priority. But is the implementation of the employee monitoring system is necessary is still under a heat debate because it deals with their privacy and individual right. We should make a clear statement that company computing systems are provided as tools for business and...

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Methods of Communication and Technologies Used to Support Them

technologies used to support them. I will then explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one, the different types of technologies which support them and how they can be applied to benefit the company. Methods of Communication SMS/MMS Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) are a communication service component of the GSM mobile communication system, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices...

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Investigation Procedures for Email phishing

 An Email Forensic Case Daniel W. Cavero American Public University System Identity theft has ruined the lives of many. It is crucial and necessary to educate more professionals in the computer forensic field to combat this and many other cybercrimes. The following paper will help inform about identity theft and to explain how it can be resolved through digital forensics. What is identity theft? The U.S. Department of Justice defines it as when...

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Due Diligence: an Employer’s Responsibility to Monitor Employee Computer Use

Employer’s Responsibility to Monitor Employee Computer Use Are some employers in denial? Like the frog in the pot story, the gradual introduction of complicated electronics into the workplace has left some employers behind in their knowledge of how computer use potentially affects the workplace. While not completely unaware of these dangers, by the time the water heats up beyond jumping out of trouble, they potentially have put their company at risk, if not already in legal woes. This paper is...

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