• Youth Makes a Nation
    YOUTH BULIDS A NATION Joe E. Lewis said: “You are young only once, and if you work it right, once is enough”. The term - nation building - is usually used to refer to a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability
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  • Role of Media
    It can change opinions because they have access to people and this gives it a lot of strength. This strength can either be used constructively by educating the people or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people. Power of the media can transform the whole society especially in t
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  • Role of Accountant
    PROPOSAL INTRODUCTION When the Rev. Father Luca Paciolo wrote his treatise on accounting in 1494, the thrust of the discipline and duty practitioners were merely record keeping. In fact, as trade developed in t he Middle East in the fifteen century merchants became concerned about the profitab
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  • Role of Govenmental Envirnmental Issues
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The word ‘cement’ may be defined as a substance, which can join two of more pieces of some other substance together to form a unit mass. Cement is a fine power which when mixed with water and allowed to set and harder can join different components together to give a strong str
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  • Teacher as Nation Builder
    THE TEACHER AS A NATION BUILDER More than hammering lessons into their students' head, teachers provide them the tools to make them thinking individuals. A good measure of a competent teacher is the way her students are able to reason. A teacher should bring out the best in her students. She
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  • Nation Branding-Best Practices Through Sports, Laws and Science
    Sports: Another factor of substantial importance which plays an active role in nation branding is how the country portrays itself in various sports. Before we look in to the aspects of this, excerpts from the recent interview with Mr Simon Anholt, the brilliantly caustic, not conventions driven a
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  • Role of Media
    Title Role of Media on Pakistan Authors Jasmin Ahmad Naveed Saleem Shahbaz Ali Shah Zia-ur-Rehman Journal We intend to publish this article in the journal www.managementjournals.com since we followed all the guidelines mentioned in this journal. ABSTRACT We are living in a me
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  • Brand Building and Brand Management for Tianjin Xiao Bai Lou 1902 European Style Street
    Abstract 3 Chapter 1 Introduction 4 1.1 Historical Background 4 1.2 Socio-Cultural Background 4 1.3 Political and Economic Background 5 1.4 Xiaobailou 1902 European Street 5 Chapter 2 Objectives 7 Chapter 3 Literature Review 8 3.1 Literature review on Xiao Bai Lou 8 3.
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  • Building Intellectual Capacity for Research Development in Nigeria
    BUILDING INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY FOR ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA: A RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE OLUWOLE, E.A ABSTRACT Research in Nigeria has been suffering from initiative fatigue and academic development. This has weakened its sense of progress and the ability to convince others that research
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  • Nation Branding
    BRANDING THE NATION: TOWARDS A BETTER UNDERSTANDING Ying Fan Brunel Business School Brunel University Uxbridge, London UB8 3PH UK Ying.fan@brunel.ac.uk Abstract This paper aims to clarify some misunderstanding about nation branding. It examines the origins and interpretations of the concept, a
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  • What Do Moral, Citizenship and History Education in Malaysia Play Their Role in Constructing the National Identity
    (a) Summary 1. Title: Re-image our Country: What do Moral, Citizenship and History Education in Malaysia Play Their Role in Constructing the National Identity 2. Abstract This paper examines the politics and practice of the social education implemented in Malaysia. Our goal is to provide an overvie
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  • United Nation
    The Nation State An Essay by Anthony C. Pick Dedication This essay is dedicated to the memory of Irene Pick (1939-2007). Acknowledgements The author acknowledges with gratitude the help that he has received from Simon Pick and Matthew Pick, without which many errors and omissions would have o
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  • Building Better Pakistan
    Annual Report 2010 ENVIRONMENTAL ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 APPROVED BUILDING BETTER PAKISTAN Annual Report 2010 Contents Company Information ...........................................................2 Board of Directors.............................................................
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  • Role of Students to Maintain Peaceful Atmosphere at Home at School and in the Society
    ROLE OF STUDENTS HOW STUDENTS CAN BEST SERVE THEIR COUNTRY: Hints: 1. Tremendous man-power of the country is being wasted away. 2. Education must be made purposeful and practical. 3. High aims and aspirations must be set before the students. 4. Students must work to remove social evils. 5.
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  • The Role of Women in Developing a Country
    shvoong.com The Global Source for Summaries & Reviews * Sign up * Sign In * Use f * Write & earn * Category Languages Search × Sign up Use your Facebook account for quick registration Sign up with Facebook OR Create a Shvoong account from scratch Create y
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  • Changing Role of Hrm
    CHANGING ROLE OF THE HR The Role of human resources has been evolving for some time. The shift from "personnel" to "human resources," for example, was part of the movement to acknowledge the value of employees as an organizational resource, and was an attempt to remove some of the stigma that was
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  • Role of Women
    Women, or more correctly, girls, usually got married by the age they were twelve. In our modern world, this seems disreputable, shameful. Apart from all these things, how can the parents give permission to their daughter to start up a new relatives, perhaps a new life? Of work, they've to consider
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  • The Role of Youth in Corruption
    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is not easy to define corruption. But in a narrow sense corruption is mostly concerned with bribery and it takes several forms. Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Corruption has progressively increased and is
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  • A Role Model Leadership, Nelson Mandela
    NELSON MANDELA I choose Nelson Mandela as my role model leader. I analyzed Mandela’s leadership style and found his eight leadership best practices which I think every leader must learn and put into practice to become a real leader. Many of them come directly from his personal experiences a
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  • Post-Apartheid Conflict Resolution: How a Once Estranged South Africa Used Communication to Unite a Nation
    Post-Apartheid Conflict Resolution: How A Once Estranged South Africa Used Communication In Uniting The Nation Mandhla Mgijima Western Kentucky University Post-Apartheid Conflict Resolution: How A Once Estranged South Africa Used Communication In Uniting The Nation As widespread and overw
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