• A Study on the Need of Women Education for Socio-Economic Development of Rural Assam
    ABSTRACT TITLE: A Study on the Need of Women Education for Socio-Economic Development of Rural Assam Birinchi Choudhury** Without the development the rural areas of Assam, we can never materialize our goal for being developed state by 2010 as declared by the present state govt. For the develop
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  • Women & Education
    WOMEN EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION *Rashmi Joshi ** Laxmi shree mishra WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is a global issue and discussion on women political right are at the fore front of many formal and informal campaigns world wide. The concept of women empowerment was introduced at the international women
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  • Development Through Women Education
    Development through women’s education By Malik Ahmad Jalal In the backdrop of social restrictions, which limit women’s contribution to economic progress, there is an urgent need to make a concerted effort to enhance investment in women’s education, especially for those living in rural area
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  • Women Education in India
    Women`s education in India has been one of the major issues of concern of the Government of India as well as the society at large. It is because of the fact that today the educated women play a very significant role in overall development and progress of the country. Women hold a prominent position
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  • Women Education
    Women Pursuing Education & Training to Compensate for the Setbacks of Their Gender Women across America and the world play a vital role in the family unit. They contribute to all the functions of the family in creation, economic support, childrearing and care giving. They keep their families tog
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  • Adult Education for Women Empowerment
    Running head: ADULT EDUCATION FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA Empowering Women in South Africa to Serve as Catalysts Using Adult Education in Reducing Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Patricia D. Bailey Capella University Abstract
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  • Imparting Quality Education
    tionImparting Quality Education Established on 25th September, 2006 by renowned Film Actor Mr. Suriya, Agaram aims to provide quality education to the under-privileged and deserving students. We strive to bridge the gap between these deserving candidates and quality education by overcoming the bar
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  • Women and Their Roles in History
    Most women throughout history have made an impact or had a significant role in the society of their time. These women of ancient civilizations have led us to the roles of women in our society today. They have boosted the standing of women in society and have tried to be individuals. In some time
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  • Spartan Women vs Athenian Women
    Most people think of ancient Athens as the city of freedom and democracy, while they think of Sparta as a highly restricted society. The schools teach us that modern democracies are modeled on Athens, while military dictatorships are modeled on Sparta. However, history shows us that women had much m
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  • Title: Educational Journey of Women: Home and Abroad
    TITLE: EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY OF WOMEN: HOME AND ABROAD INTRODUCTION Education is the emancipation of human soul, which transcends him from all the mortal shortcomings and uplifts him from other species. There are various philosophies regarding the aims, objectives and forms of education, but eac
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  • Women's Education
    Education is an important factor in a persons life now in the 21st century as well as it was in the past. The only differences between now and the past were the people that were able to receive a full education. In the present century, every one is entitled to the right to peruse an education. But i
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  • Women
    From 1776 to 1876 women were at a struggle to become just as equal as men. They stood behind the man timid to let their voices to be heard until many years later. The status and lives were changed dramatically earning them the title they well deserved. Throughout history there was a constant str
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  • Women in Leadership
    WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Sofia Baka BSC 407 The Effective Organization Vesselin Todorov Research Paper March 13, 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………………………….1 1. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? ……………………………
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  • The More Liberated Women Get, the Fewer Children Couples Will Have
    The More Liberated Women get, the Fewer Children Couples will have: A Debate By: Ushna Khan Lodhi & Asra Zafar Khan SS 255A Population Studies Winter 2007-2008 Dr. Sarah Zaidi Abstract This paper seeks to justify the impact of women’s liberation and autonomy on decreasing fer
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  • Women Empowerment
    NATIONAL POLICY FOR THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN (2001) | | |Introduction | |The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental | |Rights, Fundamental Duties an
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  • Women Empowerment
    Education: A catalyst for women empowerment James A Ojob 93 REVIEW ARTICLE Education: A catalyst for Women Empowerment in Nigeria James A Ojobo* Abstract This paper examines the place of education as a catalyst for women empowerment in Nigeria. The paper, using primary and secondary
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  • Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India
    Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India Miss Pooja, Lecturer Mr. Surinder Bhatia, Lecturer SSIMT, Dinanagar SSIMT, Dinanagar ____________________________________________________________
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  • Women in the Enlightenment
    The status of women during the enlightenment didn't change for the better as most may think but instead surprisingly degraded. Economically, laws were produced that restricted all women's rights to own property and run businesses. Comparing the 1600s and the 1800s, it was obvious businesses owned by
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  • Education
    Exam 2 2. There are many examples that contribute to gender bias. Gender bias has been so engrained in our daily lives that most don’t even acknowledge that it exists in our society. Girls in particular make up more than half of the world’s population and yet are second class educational indi
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  • Spartan Women
    Spartan Women And Their Role in Society Compared to Athenian Women Spartan Women were definitely more dominant in society in comparison to their Athenian Sisters. Spartan women had the freedom of equality in their society but were not allowed to vote and they had a reputation for boldness a
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