"Why Was Marks Spencer So Successful For So Long R" Essays and Research Papers

Why Was Marks Spencer So Successful For So Long R

Why was the Roman army so successful? The Romans were probably the most successful empire ever. However what made them such a driving force was the power and organization behind the fearsome legions of the Romans. To most people the Roman army just seems like a normal army that you hear about. Well it is much more that that, there are a lot of reasons why they are as successful as they were. Here are some of them: weaponry, equipment, organisation, discipline training and its tactics. Some...

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Why Was The Roman Army So Successful

Why was the Roman Army so successful? Dorothy Kwok The Roman army was the most successful and powerful army in history, they built the Roman Empire, which spread over continents and lasted for a very long time. The Romans achieved fame for its amazing army. There are many reasons why the Roman army was so successful. The army offered Roman citizens to return with glory and money after serving Rome in battles. Their weapons and equipment was a lot more advanced than their enemies, which requires...

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Why was the Roman Army so Successful?

Why was the Roman Army so Successful? The legions of Rome were one of the biggest factors in Rome's success as an empire. They conquered vast quantities of land, and were often used by the government to improve the morale of people living in cities, which often had parts that were cramped and unsanitary. The legions were set apart from contemporary armies due to their level of organisation and especially as they fought as a unit and not as individuals, as many tribes did. The swords of the Roman...

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"Why was the civil war so long and so bloody?"

"Why was the civil war so long and so bloody?" In 1860 the average American believed that they were living the happiest and luckiest a person could be. They were generally living better than their fathers, and looked forward to their children prospering more than themselves. However, at the time America had developed into two very different societies between the North and the South. These changing societies were beginning to adjust to the start of the industrial revolution in separate ways. In...

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Why Microsoft is so successful

Microsoft How is Microsoft so successful? The answer is simple, due to a motivated fork force. Microsoft is successful because of their workplace environment, empowerment of employee ideas, and their employee benefits. A motivated work force causes a team of motivated people to work towards accomplishing their goals. In order to achieve the company's goals, Microsoft hires not only experienced people but also young and talented graduates who the company believes will contribute by bringing in fresh...

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Mark and Spencer

essentially the same customer segment. 1.1 Introduction Mark & Spencer is a leading retailer that offers stylish, high quality and great value clothing for a wide range of audience (M&S, 2011). They are also offering other products and service such as homeware, outstanding quality foods and financial services. Mark & Spencer was established in year 1884 and introduced by a Russian-born Polish refugee who name Michael Marks. Mark & Spencer had operated it business from a stall and grown into an international...

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Why was the Roman army so successful

Formations of the Legion The entire foundation of Roman infantry tactics was the idea that by keeping troops in order, one could fight more effectively. Most military commanders of the day simply had their troops rush wildly at the enemy, relying on superior numbers, better soldiers, or luck to carry the day. The Romans realized that they could not always rely on these, so they turned to strategy. Each situation was handled differently, taking into account terrain, the type and strength of the...

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The Levels of Retention at Marks and Spencer

staff turnover. So from that I was interested to see if this affected the company that I work for, Marks and Spencer. So as we know Marks and Spencer is one the most well known retailers in the uk with over 450 stores and in turn employees over 65000 people. But over the last few years it has faced more compaction in the retail sector, so with that a new strategy had to be developed to meet their customers need and expectations and to keep them ahead, so Marks and Spencer developed the...

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Why "Jd" Company Is so Successful?

------------------------------------------------- Why “JD” is so successful in its marketing? If we focus on the needs of consumers, an organization creates a business that can outclass its competitors. The goal is also being closer to consumers and providing exactly what they want, for at last, trigger their purchase. This kind of business carries out research to find the needs and wants of consumers. It then uses the findings to design products and marketing strategies to satisfy these needs...

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Marks&Spencer development

Marks & Spencer is a leading grocery store which has covered wider market place. It is the very well recognised organization which is established to flourish the service in terms of clothing, food stuffs, home ware and gifts, and accessories for this survival and growth of business. It is quite expensive but also maintaining the position in the top 10 in UK. Goods are tangible whereas services are intangible which provides satisfaction to the human beings. Marks & Spencer is one of the most renowned...

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An Analysis of Marks and Spencer

An Analysis of Marks and Spencer INTRODUCTION TO THE FIRM AND ITS INDUSTRY Marks and Spencer is one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom, and is also known as a major retailer selling diverse product ranges under their own exclusive brand in more than thirty countries. Customer confidence in the Marks and Spencer brand remains second to none. According to recent research undertaken by the Company, it shows that, in clothing, Mark and Spencer has a clear lead over all its major...

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Why Ww1 Was so Devastating

World War 1 was the first “Great War” in American history. It caused a major advancement in American weaponry and technology. Also, it showed the axis powers the strength and determination of our nation. World War 1 was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. It started in 1914 and ended in 1920. It was fought by Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States. The reason why World War 1 was so devastating was because of secret alliances, the weapons...

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Marks and Spencer Merger with Sainsbury

1. Background to organisational strategic change. Marks and Spencer plc is a UK-based company. Many people regard the business as a national institution. It is lovingly called "M&S" and "Marks and Sparks". M&S is known as a best retailer. There are over 370 Marks & Spencer stores throughout the UK that sell clothing, food and household goods. The core of its retailing business is clothing, particularly women's. Over 80% of Marks & Spencer's stores are sited in traditional high...

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Why Was There so Little Opposition to the Nazi Regime?

Why Was There So Little Opposition to the Nazi Regime? It is very difficult to judge the levels of opposition to the Nazi regime because of the extreme measures that were in place to suppress it. This being the case therefore, can we conclude that the fact that there was relatively little political resistance meant that the German population were too scared to speak out, as they knew what the consequences would be? Or was it perhaps that the government had taken measures to ensure that the German...

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Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is so Famous

Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is So Famous The essay talks about the reasons why the soliloquy which includes “ to be or not to be, that is the question” in Hamlet is discussed so heatedly among people who know it and especially why “to be or not to be” is known to numerous people, some of whom even know little about Hamlet. The essay talks about the analysis of the controversial topic of the soliloquy first and then analyzes other reasons why the soliloquy is so famous by analyzing...

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Why Did Prohibition Last so Long

Why Did Prohibition Last So Long? Prohibition of Alcohol in America was introduced in 1920 with the 18th amendment of the constitution and was finally revoked in 1933. Prohibition was always considered a failure, due to the way it was policed, the fact the American people at the time liked to drink and the fact that alcohol was very easily accessible. Therefore the fact it lasted thirteen years, despite it being obvious within the first five that things were not working, seems incomprehensible...

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Csr on Marks and Spencer

development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.’ Marks and Spencer are the UK’s leading retailer of quality clothing, food and home products with over 21 million UK customers. They have a team of 78,000 employees and over 2,000 suppliers. In January 2007 Marks and Spencer launched ‘Plan A’ (because there is no Plan B). Plan A is their five year, 100 point eco plan to combat climate change, reduce waste, safeguard...

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Mark&Spencer Case Study

Summary INTRODUCTION 3 I. HISTORICAL CONTEXT 3 A. Presentation of Marks & Spencer 3 B. Marks & Spencer’s strategy and its evolution 7 II. DISCUSSION 9 A. The evolutions in the area of operations management 9 B. The new goals of Operations Management 10 CONCLUSION 11 APPENDIX 12 INTRODUCTION Operations management includes the conception of a product; the planning of the material, financial and human resources, and the recording and the control of the...

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Why Is Reading so Important

reading a newspaper or book we develop our analytical thinking so the brain is working and getting new knowledge for the rest of our life. However, there is a fact that a person who likes to read will be successful but a person that does not like read will fail in life because that is what the educational system suggests. Society is forcing people to improve their life or better to say our life, because life is harder day by day, that is why is important for us to prepare ourselves and the only way is...

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Why Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" was so successful

studio album by rapper Eminem. It was released on May 23, 2000, by Interscope Records. “The Marshall Mathers LP” was one of Eminem's best selling albums and one of the best rap albums of all time. One reason why “The Marshall Mathers LP” was such a great impact to the rap community is because after the great success of his previous album “The Slim Shady LP” no one expected a white rapper to be able to follow up with a better album, like Eminem did. Another reason why “The Marshall Mathers LP” had such...

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so long a letter

but as the world modernizes so will the newer generations. The new more modern women will find ways to overcome Polygamy. Ramatoulaye betrayed by her husband Modou Fall, Ramatoulye shows strength, even through Modou breaking the rules of Islamic religion when he abandoned Romatoulye and the children; when a husband takes a second wife he must share equally, he denied her and the children of that so the reason for her staying in the marriage, basically, I believe she was torn between the traditions...

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Pestle Report on Marks and Spencer

The Marketing Environment Assignment 1 Pestle Analysis on Marks & Spencer Rachel Pulizzi Student ID No. 08498890 1st December 2008 Contents Page 1 – Cover Page 2 – Contents Page 3 – Introduction Page 4 – Political Factors Page 4 – Economical factors Page 4 – Sociological Factors Page 5 – Technological Factors Page 5 – Legal Factors Page 5 – Environmental Factors Page 6 – Conclusion Introduction Marks & Spencer is a British retailer with over 800 stores in more than 30...

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Why Was Opposition to the Nazis so Ineffective?

Why was opposition to the Nazis so ineffective? Ever since Hitler rose to power in January 1931, up to 1932, he built his power base and managed as well to make it impossible for him to be legally removed from power. He managed to do so, mainly; by making sure that every powerful group that could have indeed removed him from power remained idle or was annihilated. These were, at the time, trade unions, his political opponents, church leaders and army officers, and they were dealt with differently...

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Why so Much Litter

| Why So Much Litter | 10/14/2012 | Pg.1 Litter has been an issue for a long time, per the free dictionary; litter is described as “a disorderly accumulation of products or carelessly discarded refuse. This is especially discouraging because one cannot walk down the street without seeing it, this puts a damper on the mood of the person and most likely with cut short the amount of time once spends outside. Litter has harmful effects on the community as well as the environment. Many different...

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Why Adolescents is so Difficult

Running head: Why Adolescence is so Difficult Why Adolescence can be Such a Difficult Period of a Person’s Life Tyler Marr Cloud County Community College Abstract Adolescent can be hard on teens because of the many life changing decisions that have to be made. The changes that occur during this stage of life can also be hard to deal with. Many mental, physical, and hormonal changes happen that eventually make us young adults. This time can be confusing and hard to comprehend...

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Gearing Ratio of Marks and Spencer

MEASURE: Gearing Ratio: Marks and Spencer: Gearing ratio of Marks and Spencer was stable for three years from 1999 to 2001. Fall in 2001 has forced it to revert to old policy whereby it proposed group structuring and capital restructuring strategy which required funds. "To funds these cost, it entered into structured Sale and lease back agreement, sold its 78 freehold and leasehold stores across UK for cash consideration of £348 million to Top land Group". (www.marksandspencer.com, 03/03/2004)...

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p1 marks and spencers and the westlands school history

Introduction I have chosen marks and spencer or most commonly known as M&S and the Westlands School to do my assignment. Mark and spencer’s (M&S) company which is gone from a sole trader to a public limited company which is now one of the largest supermarkets across UK and Europe. The Westlands School is a secondary school for girls and boys, which the government control. History of mark and spencer’s - mark and spencer’s started with Michael marks who was Poland Jew, he came to England...

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Why has apple been so successful

1 Why has apple been so successful? What do you attribute it to? Solution: Generally speaking, the reason why apple is successful is that there are there key points around great product and service, which are design thinking, clear development strategy and execution. What’s more, every point also contains many. Design thinking is the first, it is the bridge connecting designer and customer because of emotion can be transferred. In this aspect, Apple is the pioneer of personal computer for individual...

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Marks and Spencer Strategies

A Case Study on Marks and Spencer by stoked, Jul 24, 2008 A case study on Marks and Spencer which includes: The company at present, Background of the Study, Case Background, Problem, SWOT Analysis, Alternative Courses of Action, Recommendation, Conclusion. A Case Study on Marks and Spencer The Company at Present Marks and Spencer has over 450 stores located throughout the UK, this includes the largest store at Marble Arch, London. In addition, the Company has 150 stores worldwide, including...

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Marks and Spencer Advertising Strategy

INTRODUCTION COMPANT OVERVIEW Marks and Spencer is an international multi-channel retailer that has been running for 129 years. It now operates in “over 50 territories worldwide” and employs “almost 82,000 people”, (Marks and Spencer plc, 2013). It’s dependence on its origin country; the UK is progressively being reduced due to its international focus. M&S’ UK turnover consists of 54% food and 46% general merchandise, including home ware, clothing, lingerie etc. It is currently growing its e-commerce...

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Why Are There so Many Cultures?

are, what defines them as a person. There are so many different cultures in the world, some are similar and others are completely different in every way, the list is never ending, but why? Why are there so many cultures that exist? Culture is who you are as a person and is based on similar beliefs between you and others. When you actually think about it it’s a way that connects you to everyone in the whole world on a personal level. So why are there so many cultures if we are all the same? When you...

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Why Teenagers Are so Worldly?

WHY TEENAGERS ARE SO WORLDLY?  One of the most disheartening trends in the church today is the lack of enthusiasm displayed by teenagers concerning the things of God, in contrast with their fanatical fascination with the things of the world. Even children of very good Christian people seem to be caught up in the trend. In some churches, worldly gospel music is adopted to appeal to the youths. This is testimony to the fact that we have lost faith in the power of prayer and the Word of God to solve...

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So Long a Letter - Essay

So long a letter. How has the author depicted cultural and social aspects about gender through the characters inSo long a letter’? Throughout the book Mariama Bâ has used Rich, poetic language. Feminism is one of the major themes in this book. Mariama Bâ used many situations all through the book to bring out the gender differences in the society and Senegalese culture. She brought out most of this through the main character: Ramatoulaye. Ramatoulaye is in the transitory generation, where there...

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Why Are Celebrities so Dumb?

Yes, what you are reading is correct. A necklace. You would think a celebrity with more money than the ninety-nine percent of the population of America would be able to afford an eye-catching necklace. The jewelry store reported the necklace. Lohan was eventually caught after being photographed by the paparazzi wearing the necklace and video surveillance confirmed her taking it from the store. Sometimes, celebrities do and say the stupidest of things. News of all sorts travel fast these days. Once...

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Marks & Spencer SWOT and PEST

Marks and Spencer is the British multinational retail company that specializes on producing clothing and high-quality food. Being the dominant force on the UK market Marks and Spencer owns 600 stores in the home country and over 225 stores worldwide. Bird (1986) claims Marks and Spencer to be the most powerful image of Great Britain; the company currently being the most profitable UK organization also is one of the most innovative in the world. Two main features of the Marks and Spencer are centralization...

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Marks and Spencer Strategy Evaluation

MARKS AND SPENCER (a) MARKS AND SPENCER’s SUCCESS This question is answered in relation to the success achieved before the downturn in performance in the late 1990’s. • The strategic intent was to have a simple pricing policy and the use of the ST MICHAEL LOGO as a sign of quality. • Had structured formula for all its stores whereby a set of principles were held as core to the organisation • The value chain was well managed suppliers been local and control could be exercised over suppliers...

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Marks and Spencer Case Study

1. Introduction 1.1 Company overview Marks and Spencer, also known as M&S, is a major British retailer. It currently specializes in selling of apparel and luxury food items. M&S was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Spencer Leeds. The establishment started out as market stalls throughout England. In the beginning, M&S built its reputation on the policy of only selling British made merchandise and using British suppliers and M&S’s emphasis became on quality and getting value for your money...

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WHY KPOP IS SO POPULAR NOW Fung Ka Man Student Number: 12208825 GCPS1005, Section 10023 Date Due: 10-2-2014 Section Instructor’s Name: Miss Yuen Vera Specific Purpose: To discuss the reasons of Korean popular music become popular nowadays. INTRODUCTION (attention getter) I. Have all of you heard the song of Sorry Sorry, which is sung by 12 Korean boys? And your answer must be ‘Yes’. But do you know how many views of this music video on Youtube? It currently has over 43 million views on YouTube...

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Why Jersey Shore is so Popular

States have been watching the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore” for five seasons straight now. It is a wild, offensive, and mildly degrading show. Why is it so popular? In the article written by James Poniewozik, he describes reality TV as being successful because of the audiences’ contempt for it. He says that it makes the viewer feel tawdry, dirty, and cheap. That’s why people watch it. “Jersey Shore” is an excellent example of reality TV that makes people feel that way. “Jersey Shore” shows a lifestyle...

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Why Are We so Angry

the most memorable moment of the final match of World Cup 2006- the most prestigious soccer competition- was when Zidane, the captain of France, headbutted his opponent and he eventually got himself a red card. None of us knew what his opponent had done, or had said, to him that caused him to lose his temper and simply headbutted his opponent. No more World Cup trophy for Zidane, and no one was to be blamed. This shows how one’s loss of control often inflict anger which usually end up as a disadvantage...

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Why is History so controversial?

script people want to believe. So, history by its nature is a subject based on interpretation. As man and time changes, so do stories and tales that include history. Therefore it is necessary for students to make and justify decisions about the relative authenticity of historical texts. History can be compared to the situation in class where the teacher whispers a sentence into a student's ear, and then the student is to repeat the sentence to the next student and so on until the last student hears...

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Why the Germans Lost and why It took the Allies so Long to win

Why the Germans Lost and why It took the Allies so Long to win The World War II began with Germany's attack on Poland in 1939 and ended with the attack on Japan's Hiroshima in 1945 with the atomic bomb. A number of battles were fought during these six years which led to success of the Allies and defeat of the Axis Powers. There are a number of causes of Germany's defeat in the World War II. Among these causes are some of very wrong decisions of Hitler which he took only because of his extreme overconfidence...

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Why Is School so Importint

Why school is good? School is good because you get prepared In live. You need to get a good education in live so you can get a better gob in live. You also need to work harder in live if you do not have a good school education. The things you need to know is Math Science History English are the main ones of all class’s. Also all people think that they are not due as the teachers say. The people say you are no When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my school...

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Why Is Childhood so Important

Why Is Childhood Important? Written by Evan Bailyn on 06/20 at 11:43 AM “Our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.” We know nothing of what happened before our birth, and we certainly know nothing of what will happen after we die. Movies, slide shows, and accounts of what life was like in other times are all fascinating to contemplate, but we cannot ever truly know what it is like to exist outside of our lifespan. The only period of time over which we have...

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Was the Invention of New Types of Weapons the Main Reason Why the First World War Was so Deadly?

the whole war occurred when Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro Hungarian throne, was assassinated on the 28th of June, 1914. The First World War was pernicious in many ways; however there are three main reasons the Great War was so deadly: the new types of weapons, lack of successful leadership and the terrible living conditions. The first reason why so many me died during the Great War, was because of the new types of deadly weapons. For instance, a variety of weapons were used: rifle...

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Why Is the Crucible so Called

Even in the next part of the play we observe Tituba create and elaborate lies which is the first we see of the evil which is unleashed by the witch hunt. There was very little privacy in Salem mainly because the fact that it was a theocracy and crimes were an offence not only against God but also against the community. Therefore there was pressure for neighbours to reveal other’s sin. The desire for privacy makes one suspect others because if they do not convict others it looks as if they themselves...

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Why Tom and Jerry are so popular

Why Tom and Jerry are popular Tom and Jerry has a worldwide audience and has been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-lived rivalries in American cinema. Its influence of “Tom and Jerry” spread to the world by its vivid scene, positive attitude, and Tom and Jerry is a theatrical animated cartoon which is simply a rivalry between a cat and a mouse, and that somehow is welcome by children and the public. The success of Tom and Jerry is not simply they are funny but with a more complicated...

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Why was Jesus successful?

Cherry Chu Teacher Mr Hattam Why was Jesus successful? The founder I have chosen is Jesus. In my opinion Jesus was the most successful founder among all of the other founders because he was able to spread the faith of Christianity to different parts of the world. One of the reasons why I think Jesus was successful is that today there are over 2000 million Christians – largest religion in the world. Christianity began in the mid-1st century in the Middle East, which are about 2000 years...

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Why is Gatsby so great?

A dream is defined as: a fanciful vision of the conscious mind; a fond hope or aspiration; anything so lovely, transitory, etc. as to seem dreamlike. In the beginning pages of Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story gives the audience a glimpse into Gatsby's idealistic dream which is later disintegrated. "No- Gatsby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest...

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Why Was the Haiti Earthquake so Deadly?

devastating earthquake of 2008 brought havoc upon many, buildings were obliterated, and the lifestyle of Haitians collapsed. The earthquake which dawned on Port-au-Prince (Capital of Haiti) at 4:52pm locally, and 9:52pm GMT on Tuesday 12th January, 2010 was so indescribably deadly due to these main points: The money/economy/leadership, Haiti’s geography, and lifestyles. Over the years, Haiti suffered many financial discomforts. Enslaved by debt. No other country other than Haiti could describe...

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How Successful Was Marks and Spencer in

 How Successful Was Marks and Spencer in Meeting Challenges of The Market Changes When Competitors Increased in The Late 1990s? Content 1. Introduction 3 2. Situation 3 2.1 Company Description 3 2.2 The Rationale 4 3. Analyse Situation 4 3.1 Strengths 5 3.1.1 High Brand Awareness 5 3.1.2 High quality 5 3.1.3 Excellent Customer Service 5 3.2 Weaknesses 5 3.2.1 Centralised Management System 5 3.2.2 Inward-looking Culture 6 3.2.3 Decreasing Satisfaction 6 3.3...

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Why Soccer Is so Popular

Why is soccer so popular? Many people in the U.S. often ask: “why soccer is so boring? Some time they can’t even score!” In my person opinion, I do not think soccer is boring; in fact, it is really fun to play, soccer or football as it is known throughout the world, is the most popular sport in the world, and also requires a huge amount of skills. It creates fanatical fans, and throws the world’s biggest sporting tournament, the World Cup; The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event...

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Marks and Spencer Report

Marks and Spencer Report The retail industry is a very dynamic and fast changing sector as it is constantly trying to appeal to customers and compete with competition. It is regarded as highly commercial; driven by sales and profit. It is vital to monitor performance; the strengths and weaknesses as well as what the competitors are getting up to. Moreover, with constant changes of demand; customers expect new innovative products and services. Therefore, it becomes the company’s responsibility...

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Why Technology Is so Important to Students

Why is technology so important to students and how will it help them succeed in today’s society? Many people may ask this question because education in many ways is different today than it was fifty plus years ago. The answer to the question isn’t always so obvious either. However, the plain and simple truth is that today’s world has changed. No longer is memorization of facts and figures the goal. To keep up with our ever changing global community with all its complexities, students must learn to...

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so why is ghana an ledc?

AN ESSAY ON SO WHY IS GHANA AN LEDC? BY: MOHAMMAD NESAR SAFFI 9H UNITED ARAB EMIRATES VICTORIA ENGLISH SCHOOL AZRA, SHARJAH 2014 Ghana, officially called the Republic of Ghana, is a sovereign multinational state and unitary presidential constitutional democracy, located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the sub region of West Africa. Ghana is the 82nd largest country in the world and 33rd largest country on continental Africa by land mass, and Ghana has a land mass of 238...

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Why Is Gatsby so Memorable to the Reader

WHY IS GATSBY SO MEMORABLE TO THE READER? The Great Gatsby was first published in 1925 and was one of Fitzgerald’s most well-known novels. Many aspects of this book caused this mass popularity, however the main reasons are his use of romantic modernism and most importantly, his portrayal of the different character. The different portrayals of the characters across Long island manipulate the reader’s opinion. One of the most famous examples for this is Gatsby. Gatsby is a very memorable character...

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Marks and Spencer Business Ethics

standards of honesty. The ethics code of M&S describes the company policy and procedures which reminds them of behaviours that are unacceptable. M&S’s tool of success is their customers, without them they would not make profit and be successful in the business. Therefore, it is important for them to meet their customer needs and expectations, otherwise customers might leave M&S and look for other companies i.e. Debenhams from where they can get better customers service who is able...

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Why Movies Are so Popular

Gradually I found that English is not so difficult to understand and it became more and more interesting to me. Now I can say movies not only improve my listening skill but also make me more interested in learning English. Movies can satisfy different people's need. Some married people like romantic movies. From those they can know what true love is. Some young people like action movies. Some older people may like classic movies that can remind the past things. So it is obvious that movie can enrich...

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Why Is There so Much Poverty?

solutions, but addressing them in the face of government is difficult; for every good point or action, there is a negative reaction affecting both pro and con supporters. The most prevalent means of measuring poverty have been, and continue to be, bench marks related to money. Poverty lines are used to measure absolute and relative poverty in terms of incomes and affordability. Such measurements are relatively easy to make and quantify. However, lack of money is more a symptom of poverty rather than...

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Explain why opposition to Russian Governments was so rarely successful throughout the period 1855-1964

Explain why opposition to Russian Governments was so rarely successful in the period 1855-1954? Throughout the period 1855 to 1954, opposition to Russian governments was a common occurrence due to dissatisfaction of many civilians’ lives and the lack of development seen throughout Russia. However, as much as there were some successful movements throughout 1905 such as the Bolsheviks gaining support and eventually gaining power, there were also several failed attempts due to intense use of violence...

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