• Videogames Don't Kill People, People Kill People
    Videogames Don't Kill People, People Kill People Every generation has pointed a finger at the recreational pastimes of young persons, accusing that these activities lead our nations youth astray and induce violent or antisocial behavior. Novels, music, TV, movies, and now the finger is pointing str
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  • Did the Matrix Make People Kill?
    In my opinion, I don't think it is possible for a film to make people murder other innocent people. I think the people who have blamed the Matrix have just used the film as an excuse to get away with what they have done. When the Matrix was released in April 1999, over 100 million people went to the
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  • Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People and Other Nonsensical Rhetoric
    Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People And Other Nonsensical Rhetoric The intent and historical relevance of the Second Amendment should be carefully considered against modern day situations and circumstances surrounding gun violence. Whether you believe the Second Amendment gives unequivoca
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  • Is It Right to Kill Animals for Saving Our Life
    Is it right to kill animals for experiments, do you agree? I think that it actually depends on the situation, if killing the animal can reduce it’s pain, then it is morally right to kill the animal. If saving the animal costs a lot and the rate of success of saving it is low, and which the money
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  • Fingers Don’t Kill People, Authority Do
    Yusuf Bozkurt Alptekin English 101 Essay 2/ Final Draft 24/11/2006 Fingers don’t kill people, authority do The origin of criminal violence has been one of our most surprising mysteries. No theory or statistical sample has yielded a reasonable explanation of why some people murder.
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  • Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research?
    Should animals be used for scientific researches? Many scientific researches use many animals for their experiments. Others prefer to use different animals to get better medicine for the people. Occasionally, it is occur in the rich countries and it will effect to the poor counties and people
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  • Cruelty to Animals
    Cruelty to animals, such as fighting roosters, fighting doges, and starving horses’. These are all just some of the cases of animal cruelty. I see it all the time. Dogs going hungry dropped off on the side of the road left for dead. Horses with no sign of life and the only thing holdin
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  • Endangered Animals of the Us
    Numerous innocent animals have been wrongly shot, starved, tortured, clubbed, and slaughtered by humans, thus creating the endangerment of certain species. Two examples of these endangered animals include Bighorn Sheep and Cougars (mountain lions, pumas, panthers) (United States Endangered Species L
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  • Animals
    Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 65, No. 3, 2009, pp. 589--614 Animal Abuse as a Sentinel for Human Violence: A Critique Emily G. Patterson-Kane∗ American Veterinary Medical Association Heather Piper Manchester Metropolitan University It has been suggested that acts of violence against h
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  • Explain How Animals in Art Can Reflect Cultural Values
    Explain how animals in art can reflect cultural values. Throughout the centuries, animals have appeared in works of art. The animals are often linked to cultural values. Cultural values are what is accepted or believed to be right in a culture. Cultural values differ between places and times, for
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  • Keeping Animals in Zoos
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos On Sunday afternoons in every major city many families go to the zoo with kids. They always have a lot of fun, see many rare animals, funny monkeys, tall giraffes, huge elephants and cute koalas. But what is going on with animals
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  • Killing Animals
    Ever wonder how animals are being processed in the industry? Well I can only tell you that it’s one hell of a disaster, but it’s our way of life being human. We humans have been killing animals for survival since we have been evolved. Long time ago there were no rights or laws for killing a cert
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  • Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Ethical Treatment of Animals Throughout history, animals have played an important role in many aspects of this world; some look upon these roles with favoritism, some with disgust. Animals give live birth and are considered different from humans by some people because of their behavior, thou
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  • Animal Testing - Why Should Animals Be Suffering for Human Benefit?
    Jake Scovell Mr. Jones English I 23 February 2010 Why should animals be suffering for human benefit? Animals are used to test virtually ever drug you get from the drug store. If people would start living healthier lifestyles, people would not need so many drugs in society. Animals do not hav
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  • Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Angel Nicholas Ethical Treatments of Animals SOC 120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor Barbara Carter December 10, 2011 Ethical Treatment of Animals Human beings should treat animals as they would want to be treated. It is utilitarian that an animal have moral
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  • Essay-Killing Animals
    Essay There is a discussion whether the killing of animals can be justified or not. Many people think that all animals should be protected, particularly native animals. However, some people feel that the killing of animals should be allowed when they are over population, when animal
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  • Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Ethical Treatment of Animals SOC120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Safiyyah Al-Amin February 19, 2012 Throughout history, animals have played a very important role in many aspects of human life. Some people look at animals with a sense of love while others look at them wi
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  • Should Animals Be Used in Research
    Jennifer Martinez Mr. Morrow Composition II 26 March 2012 Should Animals be used in Medical Research Experiments? Human Beings use animals for a variety of purposes, including research. Whether it is appropriate to use animals in medical research has become a controversial issue. Some people
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  • Do Animals Have Rights...a Philosophical View
    Do Animals Have Rights? Should animals be harmed to benefit mankind? This pressing question has been around for at least the past two centuries. During the early nineteenth century, animal experiments emerged as an important method of science and, in fact, marked the birth of experimental phys
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  • A Literary Analysis of the Novel "To Kill a Mockingbird", by Harper Lee
    Have you ever killed a mockingbird? "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up other people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird" (Lee 94). Man believing in
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