"Why Is Professional Competence Important To Your Future Career Goals" Essays and Research Papers

Why Is Professional Competence Important To Your Future Career Goals

work in a Career field that will offer me the opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing as a job. My objective career goal is to work as a medical officer in the United States Army, specifically a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I have thoroughly considered the skills that I presently have and the abilities that I need to either change or perfect. I been embarking on more educational avenues since I have being in the army to get close to this career goal. The ultimate goal I set out...

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Professional Career Action Plan

Professional Career Action Plan HCS/449 Professional Career Action Plan Producing a qualified career accomplishment, includes an action plan and must obtain goals in which one can reach. Creating a step-by-step plan, from beginning to end, and to achieve the success of the goal oriented-career action plan. My professional action plan and career oriented-goal is becoming a health care administrator in an Alzheimer’s facility. My action plan will show the steps required to reach a career...

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Career Goal

Creating a Career Objective Dorothy Domkowski Denise Saunders Objectives 1. To learn the purpose of a career objective. 2. To understand the parts of a career objective. 3. To write a career objective that is not too broad or too narrow. Introduction A job campaign consists of many tasks: writing a resume, finding potential employers, reviewing job openings, creating application letters, networking, interviewing, receiving rejections, negotiating job offers, and making many decisions. The...

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Why Mba – How to Write the Career Goals Essay

will seek to understand the question which arises in most school applications in some form or the other – Why MBA? How different schools ask the ‘Why MBA’ question? Look at the following questions from 3 of the top business schools: Wharton: What are your professional objectives? (300 words) HBS: Why do you want an MBA? (400 words) Stanford: What do you want to do – REALLY – and why Stanford? (450 words) Do you sense a trace of similarity here? Even though they may be worded slightly...

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Personal goal and professional goal

Submit a statement that discusses your career goals, as well as the factors that led you to select the Mid-Career MPA program as a means of furthering your personal and professional goals. Be as specific as possible in describing how your expected course of study will enable you to build on your prior professional experience and achieve these goals (750 word limit). Economic development and welfare of the people are the natural fit with my personality traits from my childhood which allowed me...

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why managerial accounting is important

Chapter 1 Lecture Notes   Chapter theme: This chapter explains why managerial accounting is important to the future careers of all business students. It answers three questions: (1) What is managerial accounting? (2) Why does managerial accounting matter to your career? and (3) What skills do managers need to succeed? It also discusses the importance of ethics in business and corporate social responsibility.   I.             What is managerial accounting? A.            Examine the difference...

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Future career

Future Career Every person thinks a lot about his future and admits that hard work lies ahead. "Mother to Son…"Young people claim that they are willing to make the sacrifices needed to reach their goals. "If you don't think about your future, you cannot have one.""Hold fast to dreams"So it is vital to hitch your wagon to a star. In order to reach our goals, we should be persistent, optimistic, hard working, imaginative, creative… and so on, but practical and down to Earth. So, most young people...

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Why Your Education Is Important

WHY YOUR EDUCATION IS MOST IMPORTANT. How do you want to spend your life? Do you want to spend it having the things you want and doing the things you enjoy? * As humans, our number one priority should be to try all the best that we can to live successfully on planet earth. We are expected to pursue that ability which is to survive more than mere animals.as intelligent creatures with copious amount of curiosity, our quest should be to conquer every part of our universe and explore its grandness...

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How Education Affects Your Career

* How Education Affects Your Career Education is the key to unlock your career potential. Many people are going back to school to continue their education. No matter what your career, more education will help you. You can increase your self-confidence, impress your employer, and earn more money. Imagine how confident you will feel, having earned your degree. It is hard work going to school, studying, doing homework, and taking tests. It is even harder doing it while employed. But like all things...

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Why Education Is Important to Me?

Assessment 5_06 January 13, 2013 “Why college education is important to me" Being a teacher is the first step to changing the youth of today’s minds one brain at a time. I feel education is the key in making a career driven person. I know many say education begins in the home but that’s just the foundation to a college ready child teachers are often the second source of this very important foundation. We are the tools used to make a child ready for future they are going to have. It gets even...

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The Value an Education Can Have on Future Career Goals

The Value an Education Can Have on Future Career Goals By: Joseph Hensley The Future is something that a lot of people give little thought to. What makes this habit a shame is the fact that the future is where we are headed. We don't get into a car and start driving with no clear thought or reason as to where we are headed. To do so would lead to many unforeseen events such as not arriving to our desired destination, getting lost, or worse. I personally believe that everyone should put as much...

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Professional Knowledge and Abilities It has always been my dream to work outdoors and to work in nature or with animals. I am making that dream come true by enrolling in Environmental Science. In today’s world, environmental protection has become increasingly popular and many are realizing that once our environment is destroyed, it will be the end of humanity. To increase professional knowledge and abilities, students like me should join or become familiar with some sort of organization that...

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Cultural Competence Paper

 Goals of Competent Care in Nursing Sonja R. Lopez Treasure Valley Community College Cultural competence is obtaining cultural information and then applying that knowledge. When applying that knowledge to patient care the ultimate goal is to provide efficient patient-centered care to the patient, that they will honor and trust, therefore following the proper medical advice. Even if that means having to compromise between the health care provider and the patient. Josepha Camphina-Bacote...

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There Are Several Reasons Why You Might Set Goals. Discuss the Importance of Setting Realistic Goals and Describe Your Most Important Long-Term Goal for University.

reasons why you might set goals. Discuss the importance of setting realistic goals and describe your most important long-term goal for university. Goals are imperative for individuals to succeed. They can be used in all aspects of life, including university study. There are various reasons why setting realistic goals are important. Firstly, they provide you with the ability to monitor short and long term progress against a desired outcome. Short term goals or milestones are important to maintain...

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Professional Values, Ethics & Career Success

With the many different ways to define a successful career, each professional will define his or her success by the values and ethics he or she believes to be true. The personal values of each person guide professional behavior with such actions as integrity and honesty. Ethics are the morale standards each person obtains throughout life, which are used during the decision-making process. Together they allow professionals to make choices, have consequences, and create outcomes for success or failure...

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Thinking about your career

Title: Thinking about your career: postgraduate study: Why? How? Where? When? What's in it for me? Author(s): Jennifer K. Green Source: The Dissector: Journal of the Perioperative Nurses College of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation. 41.1 (June 2013): p18. Document Type: Article Copyright : COPYRIGHT 2013 New Zealand Nurses' Organisation, Perioperative Nurses College http://www.nzno.org.nz/groups/colleges/perioperative_nurses_college/pnc_the_dissector Abstract:  A reflection on the...

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Why College Is Important to Me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 ‘’Why college education is important to me’’ “This one step-choosing a goal and sticking to it-changes everything.” ~Scott Reed~ Having a college education can mean so many different things, to so many different people. One may not even really begin to grasp the importance and impact it may have on one’s life. Until you take that step into reaching your goal. A college education can either mean the start of a new career. It can allow you to be able to accelerate...

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 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT “HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR EMPLOYABILITY BASED ON YOUR OWN CAREER PLANNING” The job market is immersed in a dynamic where contracts tend to disappear for life and the gradual progress towards employment flexibility. This forces us to be as well prepared as possible to cope with these changes and therefore is highly desirable to have a high employability. Usually when companies seek candidates for a job still value a number of basic features such as: experience, a strong...

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Why College Education Is Important to Me

knowledge is something we should never complete; it is a desire that we should never resist. Education should empower us to answer such questions as how and why are as important as what, when and where; ask more questions, and then start over again. With an advanced education you have more choices in your life and more chances to make a difference for your community. Higher education pays you back: graduates of higher education programs earn more, have more leisure time, and live happier and healthier lives...

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My Future Goals and Why

My Future Goals and Why My future goal is to obtain enough education for me acquire some of the skills I want to work with women and children that have been abused, either violently or sexually. One of my main reasons for enrolling In the Addiction Studies Program here at Peninsula College is because drugs and alcohol play a huge part in Domestic Violence and other forms of abuse among other things. I would like to open a unique center, where women and children could go for safety, and I would...

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Professional Competence

profession I need to prepare myself to engage in ongoing training and professional endeavor's. • I need to enhance my skill levels and perform in a manner which is competent. • I need to have professional goals and try to achieve them • If I claim to very professional and I am not showing it, then I am just cheating not only myself but the others around me. Why are the competencies important to my futures career goals? . • I need to know what is required and what I am doing because...

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Choosing A Future Career

 Choosing a Future Career Submitted By: Instructor: Date of Submission: \ Choosing a Future Career Introduction There are different kinds of choices. Choosing a toothpaste is not a big deal, some stores may even allow a person to return if one is dissatisfied. Clearly, some choices are more important than others, for instance, choosing a major or choosing a future career. Having the option of choosing from more than fifty-three majors or countless career options appears good on paper...

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Career Counseling

Career Counseling with Students Outline VALUES Your values are those aspects of work which you believe to be the most important and often the most rewarding. Therefore, looking at your values will help you identify those job characteristics that are most important to you. For example, do you prefer to work alone or on a team? Do you want to earn a great deal of money? Is helping others of primary importance for you? These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself. You will most...

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The Process of Career Planning

Career planning is not an activity that should be done once -- in high school or college -- and then left behind as we move forward in our jobs and careers. Rather, career planning is an activity that is best done on a regular basis -- especially given the data that the average worker will change careers (not jobs) multiple times over his or her lifetime. And it's never too soon or too late to start your career planning. Printer-Friendly Version Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share...

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Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, and Future Juanita Bright GEN 480 January 2, 2013 Professor P. Gobin Past, Present, and Future In this three-part paper I will reflect on my personal and professional growth during my program of study at the University of Phoenix. In part one, I will reflect upon where I was in my personal and professional life when I started the University of Phoenix program. Part two I will evaluate the growth I experienced during my University of Phoenix program of study. Finally...

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Why is college education and technical training important to you?

the recipient of a scholarship. Generally, there are three types of questions: The “you,” they “why us,” and the “creative. These essays may vary in length from 500 words to ten pages. As a potential student or recipient of a scholarship, you must be prepared to develop an essay that is both appropriate in content and correctly formatted. In this week’s lesson you will further develop your ability to meet the expectations associated with creating written work at the college level. Using...

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Fundamentals of Professional Advancement Career Report

Fundamentals of Professional Advancement Career Report – Spring I 2013 Pick two careers to research. Besides the one you may feel relatively certain about, pick another that intrigues you – one that you may find equally or more satisfying, but perhaps in a different way, than your initial choice. Then, for each of these occupations, answer the questions below. (Answer each question separately. I do not want an essay that “blends” all these answers together!) You need to refer to at least three...

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Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Business Professional Unit 9 Career Action Plan Assignment ------------------------------------------------- Name: Lisa Tannery Two-digit Section #:       ------------------------------------------------- Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 dropbox. Develop your own Career Action...

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Personal Career Goal Paper

 Personal Career Goals Paper PSY/305 March 2, 2015 Dr. Daniel Williams Ruby Rodriguez Introduction Psychology has many different types of practices and aspects so essentially to pursue a career in psychology would be too vague. One of the practices that entice my ability to push myself to continue in psychology would be the forensics and the ability to diagnose an individual that tries to say that he or she is mentally unstable. I feel that this is one of the biggest factors...

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Looking Toward the Future

Looking Toward the Future Jeremy A Gunn Ashford University: PSY202 3/31/2014 Looking Toward the Future As we look forward to our future, one cannot help but start to plan ahead on the road to success. Even though the path may seem unclear, it is certain that there will be many challenges to overcome. In this essay, I will discuss three goals I have set for my future. The three goals will consist of one personal, one professional, and one academic goal in the online environment....

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Career Skills

1321-34_Week1 July 16, 2013 1. Why is the job search process a cycle rather than a series of steps? The job search process is a cycle rather than a series of steps because you have to prepare for your search and do a self-assessment of yourself regarding the jobs and positions you are trying to find. In the textbook, it says to be a job finder not a job seeker. The job search process is an organizational process that prepares you for short and long-term career goals. In order for a person to find...

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Career Planning

What is Career Planning | Career is the occupation or work that you choose for life. Hence it is of utmost importance in today’s trying times that we choose a career well and not stumble into it. There should be ample scope for growth. A wrong choice can lead to a frustrating life with no purpose or meaning. To avoid this we need to think carefully and research into occupations. It is simple and not a lengthy process.Career interest is of utmost importance. Decide what you wish for in life....

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Career Goals

Essay Question: What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How will the Columbia Business School MBA help you achieve these goals? I have always been told to figure out what you like to do and then make a career out of it. Eight years ago, armed with this bit of philosophy, I set out to find out what I liked to do. Before entering college I realized that my interests lay in business. In college, my courses in business were the ones looked forward to the most, and my business projects...

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WHAT FIELD OF STUDY WILL YOU PURSUE AND WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THIS AREA AND CAREER PATH? The world today is faced with enormous energy challenges in all ramifications. The ability to proffer solutions to these problems makes us a veritable tool in the society and it depends solely on the amount of information we have per time. Since childhood, the studies of science and basic engineering have interested me profoundly. I had passion for repairing simple devices, knowing their content and how...

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Set you goal for success

Why Set Goals? Goal setting is used by top-level achievers in all fields. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make most of your life. By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take necessary steps in the achievement of those goals, and you'll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed impossible to achieve. You will also...

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Life Priorities: Figuring Out What Is Important to You Overview Tips for figuring out what is important to you and making sure your life reflects these priorities. • Step 1: Thinking about your priorities • Step 2: Setting goals based on what’s most important to you • Tips for setting achievable goals • Put your goals in writing There are two types of priorities: short-term priorities and long-term priorities. Short-term priorities include your daily to-dos: tasks at work and home...

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My Career Plan for next 5 year

My Future Career Plans - With A Free Essay Review PROMPT: My future career plans, why I want and need to study in the US at the graduate level, and how I hope to contribute to my country's democratic and economic development. My name is Levan, I’m 23 years old. I was born in small city Dusheti, where i started learning. In 2000 I won the olympics in mathematics and I came to the school of physics and mathematics “Comarovi” in tbilisi, which I successfully graduated in 2005. I have obtained...

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your future

Your future is in your hand Life is like a wheel, sometimes above, sometimes below, such is human nature in life. By era milieu is loaded with information and technology, the current momentum continues to move forward without delay. Therefore, young people should be prudent and should have plans in the future that need to be instilled in every themselves. When a second thought, in the future we can foster responsible practices in the minds of ourselves. In fact, you need to practice ourselves in...

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Career Guide

A Career in Law: A Guide for Students Prepared for: Pre-Law Majors Prepared by: Kesha May 9, 2013 Executive Summary This career guide with discuss all of the important aspects of becoming a lawyer. The following information will be discussed: education, income, job opportunities, challenges, career resources, and journals. Table of Contents Executive Summary ii Introduction 1 Overview 2 Education 3 Job Market 4 Career Resources 7 Professional Organizations...

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My Future

world of great competition takes hard work and sacrifices to achieve your goal. A general practitioner also known, as physician is a fulfilling and well-known career because it gives a doctor the knowledge to help people find the cure to their illness and maintain them healthy. Doctors have such a passion for people that they will do the impossible, possible to help people survive their problem. Many individuals think that this career is for people that have money but is not really about the doctor and...

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Future Career

1 My Career My Choice My Career Mirna L. Hussein American University of Beirut English 102, section 1 Ms. Abir Ward April 16, 2014 2 My Career My Choice My Career “It’s time to choose” was the repetitive statement my mind struggled with after I finished my high school governmental exams. Deciding my major was like trying to swim upstream. Being exposed to various subjects then trying to narrow your choices to a specific major was a bit difficult. However, winning a scholarship...

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Hr Professional Map

HR Professional Map Effective Hr professional should understand the business and contribute to the goals and the mission. This can be done by understanding the HR professional map- the areas of practice and by adopting the behaviour and knowledge specific to each area on a specific level of competence. The benefit of the map is understanding the functions within HR (10 professional areas) and what we need to do, to know and very important- how we need to do it (best practice) at 4 levels of competence...

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Goal and Career Action Plan

Material Professional Career Action Plan Outline Complete this professional career action plan outline after viewing the Career 101 workshop link on the student website. You may need to research specific careers or companies to answer all of the questions. A professional career plan details career goals, rather than personal goals. This plan will look at your professional strengths and weaknesses, the type of company you wish to work for, any knowledge gaps that exist, and your professional resume...

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What Is the Most Important Competence of a Successful Management Consultant?

such a thing as a most important competence of a successful management consultant? In order to find an answer to the question stated above, this term paper will draw on the content of course 611 Management Consulting, including lessons learnt from company visits and guest lectures. I will start off by listing the three primary competences characterizing a thriving and successful management consultant. Thereafter I will deliberate on which one of these three competences I believe can be regarded...

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Why Goals Are Important to Me

Why Goals are Important to Me In this generation many people living life by the moment. This is not always a bad thing, but they do not understand how this decision will crucially affect their future. Teenagers are very much influenced by the media these days and many assume they will be just fine even if they have no goals to succeed in their future. I believe goals play a very big role, whether they are a teenager’s or an aged adult. Goals are what give us momentum...

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Personal Goals Paper

Goals I Intend to Accomplish for Enhancement of my Personal and Family Development, and Professional Career Introduction Deciding on and obtaining personal goals for my future have become a recent priority because of changing events in my life. It is an enlightening experience to make the decision to enrich my life, according to what goals I have set. I am enthusiastic to share my short-term and long-term goals that include professional and personal development goals, skills I will...

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Why Nursing Professionals Are Important

that baccalaureate level nursing program goes over and above the normal nursing realm to even cover areas such as physical and social sciences, management and humanities which give the graduates a wider scope in their practice thus enhancing their professional growth. Therefore, there is a widely held assumption that the baccalaureate nurses have a better understanding of the social and cultural phenomena related to the patient care and which may have an impact on the emotional wellbeing of the patient...

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Career Path

Designing a Career Path EMC2010 Leadership Workshop Sponsored by TC1 1 Kimball Williams Designing A Career Path FR-AM-1 EMC Leadership Designing a Career Path • • • • • • • • Career vs Job What do I want to be … When I Grow up Doctor / Lawyer / Indian Chief IEEE Dream Jobs How do I get from here…to there? Time lines and reality Dealing with barriers How do I know when I get ‘there’? 2 Kimball Williams Designing A Career Path FR-AM-1 EMC Leadership A ‘Career’ vs. a ‘Job’ • Why pick a...

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Why college education is important to me

Why college education is important to me? Do you have dreams? Well, I certainly do! I always had dreams of becoming a successful person in life, wealthy, working in a plush corner office, with all the trappings enjoyed by a senior executive! Now, dreams are good, provided we work on them, plan our goals accordingly, work towards those goals in a focused manner, and last but not the least, be passionate, motivated and persistent, in doing all it takes to achieve them. I would like to give below...

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Professional Ethics: Individual Assignment

Professional, Ethical and Legal implications of computing systems I.B.(i) The chapters were very interesting and are filled with many things that can be applied to life. Chapter four (4) for example, has an important point about how important setting goals are. Setting goals like, getting a higher G.P.A. along with proper time management will work to my benefit and will improve myself confidence when they are realized or even when the results of having such goals take impact in my life. The chapters...

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Career Aspirations

"What are your career aspirations and how will the internship module help you to achieve them?" Introduction My name is Praveen Divakaran B.Tech Degree in Electrical & Electronics form Saintgits College of Engineering (2009). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Two years of work experience as a Sales Engineer for Gulf Services and Industrial Supplies Co.LLC in Water Equipment’s Division – Oman. Employer Profile: Gulf Services and Industrial Supplies Co. LLC is a part of Arabi WLL Group, one of...

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Career Transition and Its Effects

Career Transition In this paper, I will research career transition and how it has impacted the workforce and management. I will present from three research articles that I feel are important in understanding how career transition affects adults who are transitioning from one career to another. As an HRM, one of the biggest parts of our job will be to recruit new talent. Traditional careers are falling to the wayside and emerging is a type of employee who has been around the block once or twice...

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You and Your Career

Hazem Qassem MGT 610- Contemporary Management Theory You And Your Career Question 1: Motivation: Chapter 17, page Is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs useful to managers? Why? Response: Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs describes the building blocks where an individual can reach their highest and full potential to have an impact on themselves and the world around them. There are 4 key stages to achieve self-actualization that are incumbent upon one another. To answer the question, first we have to...

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Career Portfolio

Career Portfolio revised assignment instructions - March 15, 2011 Prepare a sales plan for your most important product—yourself. □ Cover page – with your name, MAN 3301 Human Resource Management, spring 2011, and the job title of the desired job you want to pursue after graduation. □ Table of contents □ A one-two page summary that describes: o Your desired (ideal) job after graduation. ▪ Why do you want to work in this occupation? ...

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Career Planning

Career Planning, Succession Planning and Leadership management Career Planning Career planning is a lifelong process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, growing in our job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring Career planning is a subset of career management. Career planning applies the concepts of Strategic planning and Marketing to taking charge of one's professional future. Career planning is the key process in career management. It uses all the information...

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Professional Career Action Plan

Professional Career Action Plan Ida Jackson HCS/449 Health Administration Capstone September 10, 2012 Urmi Bhaumik Professional Career Action Plan Creating a professional career action plan will compose attainable goals and design a step-by-step plan to achieve important professional goals. It is important to have a roadmap that will guide anyone from beginning to end for successful goal attainment. My action plan summarizes my professional goals and my career goal of becoming a health...

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Professional Identity and Careers

University of Phoenix Professional Identity and Careers Kimberly C. Kriesel Professional Identity and Careers The following paper will discuss the concept of professional identity and why it is important to the successful future of mental health counseling. This paper will also review the key characteristics or personality traits of a successful professional counselor and the duties and functions performed by a mental health professional. Last, I will evaluate the professional setting in which...

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Professional Values and Ethics

Professional Values and Ethics Professional ethics and values are important in the business environment to promote satisfaction to employees and clients, effectiveness with business strategies, and good for professional moral. Since business began, there have been unfair business practices promoted by "successful" professional business people. This conundrum brings into question what professional business values and ethics are, how one attains and maintain these practices or qualities, and what...

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Why a Degree is Needed to Fulfill Your Goals?

2 WHY IS YOUR DEGREE NECESSARY FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF YOUR GOALS? My degree in criminal justice\Homeland security will allow me to become a probation officer, achieve financial stability, and inspire my kids to go to college. Helping people get back on their feet is my passion. When I was eleven years old I was awarded a medal of friendship. realized supporting people and helping others is a part of me. Criminal Justice is responsible for law and order in our society today. It is an agency...

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How Company Policies Influences Employees Career Management Goals

In this report we will be discussing the how company policies and practices influence the employees career management strategy. Career management can be defined as a lifetime process of planning ones career which as to do with choosing and setting goals and creating strategies for achieving the goals set. Career management is a blend of structured planning and active management of one career choice. Scomi is a multinational corporation based in Malaysia; it’s an international service provider...

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