"Why Is An Accounts Receivable Aging Process Important In A Health Care Organization" Essays and Research Papers

Why Is An Accounts Receivable Aging Process Important In A Health Care Organization

Matthew Smith Week 2 You Decide Assignment Accounts Receivable Crisis 09/05/11 Instructor: Eric Oestman Class: HS543 I. INTRODUCTION: After conducting a meeting with the medical staff, various clinical departments, Health Information Management, and Business office personnel regarding Accounts Receivable issues within our facility, it was determined that many different areas of concern needed to be addressed. This includes problems with patient admission and registration procedures...

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Sutter Health Care Case Analysis

Sutter Health Care Case Analysis ACC 281: Accounting Concepts for Health Care Professionals Arlene Rivero May 21st, 2011 Sutter Health Care Case Analysis With the current recession, health care organizations have seen in increase in the inability to collect debt from self-pay, uninsured, and underinsured patients. This has caused a struggle on the organization to meet operational margins, and profits. There are a number of reasons for this new increase in patient debts, the more common...

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Aging Schedule of Accounts Receivable

Table 1: Aging Schedule of Accounts Receivable AGE OF ACCOUNT | BALANCE OUTSTANDING | % OF TOTAL BALANCE OUTSTANDING | 0-15 days | $ 20,000 | 19.59 % | 16-30 days | 30,000 | 29.39 | 31-60 days | 40,000 | 39.19 | 61-90 days | 10,000 | 9.80 | Beyond 90 days | 2,071 | 2.03 | TOTAL | $ 102,071 | 100.0 % | 2. To evaluate the credit quality of Aero-Strip’s accounts receivables portfolio, we turn to their average collection period (ACP) and aging of accounts receivable. Knowing...

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Organization of a Health Care Facility

new specialty health is deemed important in the light of the following benefits. The element of incorporation enables easy access of health care services as patients can get a variety of services at one place instead of travelling to different hospitals and hence enabling them to save more money and time. Incorporation is important for the healthcare entity to enable it enjoy scaled economies and generate more revenues and profits. Incorporation also makes it easy for the health care to promote its...

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Health Care and the Legislative Process

to have effectively facilitated a legislative process. This is the conclusion of the result with Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This was created by President Barack Obama. IT is a federal statute. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA) of 2010 was formed from the result of this. These double sets of reforms equally report many of the unwanted issues that have emerged in the United States of America health care system. These can include providing everyone in...

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Consumerism: Health Care Organizations

February 18, 2013 Amos Hunter Consumerism Health care organizations strive to provide the best health care possible to consumers. The goal is not to simply make money, as all businesses must to maintain viability, but to provide consumers with an experience that will encourage them to use every facet of service the organization can provide. Consumers who receive excellent care and are well pleased with the services received from health care organizations are likely to spread the news to friends and...

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Health Care Organizations

Suggest the key financial drivers that most likely will cause health care organizations to merge. Provide support for your rationale. Cost is the driver that will most likely cause healthcare organizations to merge. Most healthcare organizations have issues with spending. Most industries today are faced with a variety of obstacles in achieving or remaining profitable. The healthcare industry is no exception. Profitability is enough of a challenge under normal circumstances, but especially so during...

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Sutter Health Approach

Sutter Health Approach Accounting Concepts for Health Care Professionals Ona Johnson April 26, 2010 Sutter Health is a non- for-profit community based healthcare and hospital system based in Sacramento, CA. This system serves patients and their families in more than 100 Northern California cities and towns, Sutter Health doctors, hospitals and other health care service providers join resources and share expertise to advance health care quality and access. The organization takes its...

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why is public health important

NAME: STUDENT NO: COURSE NAME: PUBLIC HEALTH (SYB 126) WHY IS PUBLIC HEALTH IMPORTANT Your health is determined not only by your own genetics and personal choices, but also by the environment around you. We all strive to live long, healthy lives and where we live, work and play affects our health. If you care about your health, the length and quality of your life, and the health and lives of your friends and family, then you should care about public health and the one week out of the year dedicated...

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Sutter Health Care Case Analysis

Sutter Health Cheryl Poole ACC 281 Accounting Concepts for Health Care Professionals Instructor: Nyalambi Mulwanda December 17, 2012 In 2006 Sutter Health began the process of trying to find a process that would increase its upfront collections from self-pay patients. Sutter Health started with its patient account representatives, collection, and other areas of the central business unit to transfer many of the back end process to registration. Was the approach that Sutter Health...

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Health Care Financing

Health Care Financing Introduction Health Care financing has been a big issue in the Unites States since the 1960’s and today it is even more of a serious issue, with the millions without insurance and health care costs on the rise the United States health care industry is in trouble. Economic hard times have affected Medicare and Medicaid and it has resulted in many cuts. Private insurance companies have raised rates and employers have had to pass the cost onto employees by raising premiums...

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HCA 497 Week 2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations

2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations includes: Improving Patient Health through Standardized Representations of Health Information Health Care - General Health Care Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations . Quality of care and patient safety has become a driving force in the delivery of health care in the twenty-first century. Your paper should address the following: 1. Explain the role of quality oversight in health care organizations and elaborate on how non-clinical...

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Health Care Organizations

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper HCS405 Within today’s health care finance plans financial management is one of the most important aspects. There are numerous financial decisions that are handled from day to day in reference to accounting records and the business transactions that occur within the organization. The organizations fiscal objectives tackle these decisions. A concern that may arise is the integrity of the health care organization’s financial management department and the accuracy...

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Health Care Organizations

HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS * Laboratory Medicine (clinical pathology) * A medical discipline in which clinical laboratory science & technology are applied to the care of patients. * Comprises several major scientific disciplines: clin chem & urinalysis, hematology , microbiology, immunology & blood banking, for some laboratories cytogenetics, toxicology & other specialized divisions are present. USE OF THE CLINICAL LABORATORY * Serve to educate the physician...

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Aging Process

As humans, it is known that aging is part of growing up. The average human has a life expectancy of seventy-seven years old in the United States (Why do we age?). Most people dread their birthdays when they get to a certain age simply because that is another year older. Some people even fear aging assuming that they are another year closer to death. Does this feeling have to be this way? Should people have to fear getting older? Should they actually be looking forward to it? Many Americans...

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Health Care Reform Part III

Health Care Reform Part III: Providing Medical Care To Aging Population SHYLA DAVIS HCS 440 MAY 25, 2015 GEOFFREY SUSZKOWSKI Introduction ▪ By 2030, one in five Americans will be over age 65, and the healthcare system is just beginning to feel the burden. ▪ Massive shift in the country’s demographics will put new pressures and demands on the health care system. The Growing Aging Population Issues For The Aging Population ▪ Providing Medical Care ▪ Population of the Elderly increase Annually...

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Health Care Issues in the United States

Health Care Issues in the United States Trumeka King Professor Gary Morris HSA 500 1/22/12 Health Care Issues in the United States The health care system of the United States has change in many different ways during the last century. It has evolved from a system which lacked technology and knowledge of medical science, to a nation full of the vast wealth of medical technology and how it applies to its community. Due to the rapid growth, health care has become a significant force “The nation’s...

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 Importance of Health Care Research Althea McDaniel HCS 542 Professor Dalton Douglas Phoenix University July 19, 2015 Importance of Healthcare Research and a Personal View There have been many definitions of healthcare research. The “United States National Library of Medicine” states that there are many definitions that have been made by a variety of organizations about healthcare research ("Intro to HSR e-class: Module 1 - What is Health Services Research (HSR)?," 2014). There are...

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Aging Is an Unpredictable Process

Ageing is an Unpredictable Process Ageing is an unpredictable process. Aging is defined as the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Many people age gracefully and some not so pleasingly. There are many stages in life to adult hood. Eric Erickson believes we develop into adulthood in eight stages that begins at birth. Erickson studied development of adults in depth and found...

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Health Care

Health Care America has a highly developed health care system, which is available to all people. Although it can be very complex and frustrating at times, it has come a long way from the health care organizations of yesterday. Previously, most health care facilities were a place where the sick were housed and cared for until death. Physicians rarely practiced in hospitals and only those who were fortunate could afford proper care at home or in private clinics. Today the level of health care...

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Health Care Organization

University of Phoenix Material Types of Emerging Health Care Information Systems Based on your review of the course materials for Week One, review your current health care organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Then, in the table below, provide a list of systems used, the scope of each system, its components and uses, and how the system supports the health care organization’s strategies. In the section following the table, include APA-formatted citations for the sources...

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Week One Checkpoint Health Care Terminology Appendix B

Week One Checkpoint Health Care Terminology Appendix B Reba Scott HCR/240 Professor Davis 10/19/2012 Associate Level Material Appendix B Health Care Terminology Directions: Complete Parts I and II and post to your Individual forum as an attachment. Part I: Defining Health Care Terminology Part I. Refer to pages 23-24 in your text to complete the following exercise and record your answers below. Once you have completed the matching exercise, complete Part II. ...

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Organization of a Health Care Facility

Organization of a Health Care Facility Health Services Strategic Marketing- HSA 505 Date November 2012 Abstract In this assignment this researcher will create and open a new specialty health care business. This clinic will include physicians who specialize in the following areas: dermatology, gynecology, heart...

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Accounts Receivables

Accounts receivable is a legally enforceable claim for payment from a business to its customer/clients for goods supplied and/or services rendered in execution of the customer's order. These are generally in the form of invoices raised by a business and delivered to the customer for payment within an agreed time frame. Accounts receivable is shown in a balance sheet as an asset. It is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the billing of a customer for goods and services that the...

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Formation of an Accountable Care Organization

Accountable Care Organization: HealthCare Partners Health care expenditure in the United States is approaching 20 percent of the gross domestic product. National health care spending is projected to increase about 5.1 % from 2010 to 2020. A more efficient model to health care spending is important to slow the growth of national health care spending. Proposed ideas to reduce the spending are: Shift from a fee for service model to a bundled payment for services; improve health care quality and...

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Health Care Spending

Health Care Spending Paper Chaterrell Ivey HCS/440 August 7, 2012 St. John Sturton Health Care Spending Paper In Today’s paper, I will explain my position on National Health Care spending in the United States. My paper will include the level of current national health care expenditures. Whether or not the spending is too much or not enough. Whether the nation should add or cut, and why. How the public’s health care needs are paid and financed. I will also indicate the percent of total expenditures...

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Hcs 440 Health Care Spending

Health Care Spending Health Care Reform Project-Part III HCS/440 February 11, 2013 In the following passage our team will be discussing what we have learned over the past 3 weeks in our economics and financing of health care class. We will discuss what subjects we struggled in as well as excelled in during the first 3 weeks of class. We will discuss major sources, the aging population as well as supply and demand and how they affect health care...

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Health Care Organizations

The importance of health care organizations, in Mike Moran’s hands is nothing less than to deliver quality care. According to Mike, health care organizations require substantial resources to perform day-to-day operations, and achieve long-term, strategic goals. As the manager of Iowa Park and Recreational Department, Mike is responsible for using his or her power selectively. He believes that understanding the risks, costs, and benefits of a health care organization is the key for managers to use...

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HCS 405 week 2 Health Care Reporting Practices and Ethics

 Health Care Reporting Practices and Ethics Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Health Care Financial Accounting HCS 405 Robert Hammer October 27, 2013 Health Care Reporting Practices and Ethics Financial management in health care is a major role for an organization. The success of an organization depends on the financial reporting practices and the ethical standards incorporated by the institution. Understanding the four elements of financial planning, generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP)...

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Health Care Cost

 Health Care Cost There are many reasons to why the costs in health care continue to increase. This cost increased started in the early 1990’s, health care expenditure increasing at a faster rate than the inflation, gross domestic product (GDP), or the population. In 2014, national health expenditures reach $5.4 trillion, or $18,709 per person. Some of the issues that contribute to expenditure increase were changes...

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U.S. Health Care System

Running head: U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEM � PAGE �1� �PAGE � �PAGE �5� U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEM U.S. Health Care System Beata Anna Kolankiewicz Health Services Organization- HSA 500 Dr. Chukwuemeka Iregbu Strayer University January 28, 2014 � U.S. Health Care System. Health care system in the United States is on an unsustainable way and in need of transformation. Even if, it has both private and public insurers like in other countries but the uniqueness of this system is dominant of the private...

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Anti-aging ingredients

Medicine in China By World Anti-Aging Dated: Mar 09, 2010 World Anti-Aging company discusses the urgent demand for high quality health care in Greater China, and how their Center of Regenerative Health Care and stem cell research & development will help meet those demands. “Health is the greatest possession” Lao Tzu, Ancient Chinese Philosopher China’s healthcare industry is about to change dramatically. The increasing urban population, increasing aging population, and increasing prevalence...

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Health and Aging

Sociology of Health and Aging Personal Health Essay I believe that my current health is at its highest peak. At some point we all wish or imagine our best “ self “. This is important for us for numerous reasons. Some reasons include personal goals happiness feeling healthy making others happy. I am 24 years old. I have been working out for about 4 years and also dieting correctly. This is important to me because I want to be the best me and also it something that I enjoy very much. My family...

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Health Care Spending

National Health Care Spending Paper HCS/440 National Health Care Spending Paper National health care spending is a major finance concern throughout the United States and many other countries. The government has set aside funds in the budget to help cover some of the health care expenses currently occurring. Because health care expenditures have increased from $256 billion from 1980 to $2.6 trillion in 2010 it has caused a burden to the world. This paper will provide the reader information of...

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Quality of Care and Aging in America

and Current Health Care Issues HCS545 February 20, 2012 This paper will analyzes and describes how quality of care is affected by organizational culture, structure, governance and social responsibility. It will describe how the evaluation of the organizational structure affected decisions, what resources should be allocated to prevent ethical issues and what strategies are in place to prevent these issues. There are many negative issues facing the health care organizations and it has deeply...

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Health Care Management

Health care management and technology Introduction Clearly, there are many reasons why health care in general is a very important aspect of our daily lives. Many people don't tend to realize that healthcare just doesn't consist of just doctors, but it also consists of dieticians, nurses, physicians, dieticians, and therapists. They all tend to play a major role into making sure that all people whether American or from a foreign country are maintaining their health. "An ounce of prevention...

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A Contemporary Health Care Issue Which Is Access To Healthcare

Contemporary Health Care Issue Analyze a Contemporary Health Care Issue Grand Canyon University- HCA 240 Shuness Martin January 18, 2015 Access to health care is a major forerunner in today’s health care talk. As health care costs rises there has been a wide number of policies to try and eliminate the rise in cost and increase access to health care services. Yet there are still many Americans that do not have access to health care services. There are three major reasons why American’s...

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Turner: Health Care and Long-term Care

 Professional Development Paper 3 Michelle Turner Aspen University Health Care Systems N502 Dawn Deem October 4, 2014 Professional Development Paper 3 Given the increasing longevity of Americans and the costs of providing long-term care, anticipation of the costs should be a major element of every family’s financial planning. Current information suggests however, that very few families or individuals give this consideration. What factors might impede this advance planning? What measures might...

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Health Care Spending

Health Care Spending HCS/440 Economics: The Financing of Health Care Today, health care costs are rising significantly faster than the national income. Kellerman (2012) states, “The U.S. spends far more on health care per capita and as a percentage of GDP than any other nation on earth, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development” (para. 3). Furthermore, health care spending has become a paramount issue that is overshadowing other important affairs, such as education...

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Why Is It Important for Health Care Managers to Develop a Strong Conceptual Perspective and to Develop a Set of Managerial Competencies in the Transformation Domain, the Execution Domain, and the People Domain?

Why is it Important for Health Care Managers to Develop a Strong Conceptual Perspective and to Develop a set of Managerial Competencies in the Transformation Domain, the Execution Domain, and the People Domain? The core managerial competencies within health care are those that enable its professionals to develop educational programs and “personal career development plans” (Shortell, 65). These managerial competencies are divided into three domains: transformation...

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Relationship Between Employees and Health Care Organizations

* Analyze the factors affecting the relationship between employees and health care organizations to determine which single factor is the most significant. Explain your reasoning. The long-term economic success of healthcare organizations depends on the efforts of employees with the appropriate capabilities and motivation to perform their jobs well. Organizations that are successful over time have understood that individual relationships do matter and should be managed.(Flynn, Mathis & Jackson...

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What I Have Learned About the Aging Process?

Reflection Paper: What I Have Learned About the Aging Process The aging process is something that everyone will face with multiple factors influencing the progression. Taking this gerontology class has taught me different techniques to consider when dealing with aging. The knowledge I have gained about the activity theory, successful aging, and retirement will help me cope with aging in my personal life. Likewise, I intend to use the information that I have learned about caregivers...

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Health Care Professionals

Health Care Professionals Denise Brinson Dr. Manuel Johnican Health Services Organizations HAS 500 007 May 30, 2011 Health Care Professionals 1. Identify and describe three reasons there may be a physician shortage rather than a surplus in the United States. One reason for shortage is widespread dissatisfaction, particularly in managed care. Both physicians and patients feel there is a limit on choice. “Medicine’s distaste of tightly controlled reimbursement and of non-physicians’...

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Accountability in Health Care

* * Accountability in Health Care * Erika Denton * August 31, 2011 * HCS/475 Instructor David R. Campbell * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Accountability * Accountability in health care is important for management and legal reasons. There are different areas of accountability professional competence, legal and ethical conduct, and financial performance, adequacy of access, public health promotion, and community benefit...

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Accounts Receivable and Sales Return

is account receivable? Credit sales, sales on account b. How do accounts receivable differ from notes receivable? Notes Receivable arises when the seller asks for a note to replace an Accounts Receivable when the customer requests additional time to pay a past-due account. A promissory note is a written promise to pay a specific amount of money, usually including interest, at a future date. c. What is a contra asset? An account which offsets another account. A contra-asset account has...

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Health Is More Important Thant Wealth

"Health Is More Important Thant Wealth" Do you know how precious your health is? Do you know the value of your health? What about the wealth? Which one of them is important? Health and wealth, two words that rhyme so well but often do not occur together. People said that "Health is Wealth". Good health can be define as if your body is free from mental and body disease. According to Bidisha Mukharjee (2012) in her article "Why is Health Important?", she stated that a good health can be describe...

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California Sutter Health

California Sutter Health Sharon Bauer ACC 281 Christopher Stevens October 8, 2012 Imagine a business that could not properly handle its debts or collections. Now imagine that this same business never had real-time information to analyze, make important financial decisions, or could not set any benchmarks and received all information 30 days late. Do you think this business could survive? The answer is yes, in this paper we will discuss California Sutter Health which was in that situation...

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Financial Management of Health Care Organizations

Running head: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS Financial management of health care organizations Name: College: Date: Introduction Healthcare managers participate in various important roles that allow them to form and maintain flourishing organizations. Managers ought to be aware of the decisive elements of management and the generally accepted accounting principles. At the same time, they must realize, stick to, and put into effect the general financial ethical...

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Health and Socia Care Unit 2 P4

with disability were facing, the policy of organizations was to give people with disability the opportunity of access to the services and to have equal opportunity like other people in way of education, employment and also allow the government to set minimum standards so that disable people can use public transport easily and also health centre like GPs, medical centre etc. Legislation such as disability discrimination Act has given health and social care provider legal responsibility to positively...

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The Aging Process

not just one time of life but many. Adulthood can be divided into different periods. For convince we will call the ages 20 to 39 early adulthood, 40 to 59 middle adulthood, and from age 60 to late adulthood. A person’s actual age may well be less important than that person’s experiences and outlook on life. Early Adulthood: 20-39 Some star earlier and other later, sometimes during their 20s and 30s, most people take on the adult responsibilities of marriage, career, and children. A sense of...

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Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging: Helping Older Adults to Live Long Productive Lives The United States population is aging rapidly. Older adults today are living longer than anyone from previous generations. In the future decades, the numbers of adults 65 years or older will increase dramatically. This drastic shift in the population will have significant implications for our current public health system. Unprecedented demands on the provision of health care and age-related services will become strained...

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Health Care Fraud and Abuse

| | |Health Care Fraud and Abuse | | ...

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Human Resources in Health Care

Human Resources In Health Care Francine Mahase HCS 341 April 9, 2012 Deidra Johnson Human Resources in Health Care The health care industry is an ever changing, rapidly advancing industry. Each health care facility tries to be the leader in the industry and outshining the competition. To accomplish such tasks, it is essential for an organization to have the best technology and the best employees; this requires an efficient human resources department. Human resource management has many applications...

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Effects of Technology on Health Care

 Final Project: Effects of Technology on Health Care Table of Contents I. Introduction 1. Technology significantly affects health care 3 II. History of Technology in Health Care 1. 1970’s 3 2. 1980’s 3 3. 1990’s 4 4. 2000-present 4 III. Positive Aspects of Technology 1. Patients become their own advocates 5 2. Increased patient safety 5 3. Electronic medical records...

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Aging Reflection

Aging Reflection Part 1: 1:At this point in your life, what do you value most? At this point in my life, i would like to say that i value my happiness most in life. In my mind, I mean happiness can mean a lot of different things, and the definition may vary from one person to another.As for me, I mean this happiness means different things for me, such as, i hope my parents have good health, i hope my friends happy everyday and so many things around me. I honestly wish that were the case....

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Health Care Case Study

Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements University of Phoenix Health Care Financial Accounting HCS/405 December 06, 2010 Health Care Case Study: Financial Statements This paper is a health care case study of financial statements for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. This summary is a review of the annual report and financial statements and the differences between the audited and the unaudited statements. The financial ratios are examined to determine if there has been improvement from...

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Aging and the Elderly

AGING AND THE ELDERLY PATRICIA BUNTIN DR: GORTNEY LITHONIA CAMPUS SOCIOLOGY 100 08/16/11 STRAYER UNIVERSITY Aging is the length of time during which a being or thing has existed length of life (Webster dictionary). Growing old and becoming an elderly person can be challenging but, yet it can be very rewarding, it can bring a lot of good and bad. Aging has its rewards, but it presents the challenges of all stages of life. Growing old consist of gradual, ongoing changes in the body...

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General and Health Care Environment

Chapter 2: Understanding and Analyzing the General Environment and the Health Care Environment 20 points Questions to be answered for Chapter 2 are listed below. Please type below the question. Once completed with the assignment, submit to the appropriate Dropbox in D2L. What types of changes are likely to occur in health care environment in the next several years? There are a multitude of changes that are may occur in the new future with may include legislative/political changes, economic changes...

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Sutter Health Case Analysis

Sutter Health Case Analysis California Sutter Health is a not-for-profit health system that serves many patients and the families of over 100 Northern California cities and towns. They have grown from a small independent health care facility in Sacramento to one of the largest health care providers today. Due to the increase in costs and the inability to collect payments, there have been many financial rollercoaster rides with the budgeting and patient collections. As a result, they have been working...

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What Care Services Are Available to People with Long-Term Health Conditions and Why Is It Important That These Services Should Take Into Account Individuals Sensitivities and Circumstances?

What care services are available to people with long-term health conditions and why is it important that these services should take into account individuals sensitivities and circumstances? “According to Talcott Parsons being sick is a role (a deviant one) which is a temporary role that all people (regardless of their status or position) enter at some stage of their life. Its main function is to control illness, and to reduce its disruptive effects on the social system by ensuring that sick...

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