• The Reason I Joined High School Jrotc
    JROTC first interested me when I saw that my brother, Raul Garcia, was in it. Ever since he joined JROTC I saw how responsible and mature he became. JROTC teaches you how to become a leader, how to guide and set yourself up for success, and it teaches you about military history and such. . There are
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  • Jrotc
    Why Did I Enroll In JROTC I enrolled in JROTC mostly because of my family. My dad was in the US Air Force and retired shortly after I was born, my oldest brother joined the US Navy about 2-3 years ago and my sister joined the early entry program for the US Navy and is going to boot camp in July,
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  • Why I Enrolled in Jrotc
    I joined Army JROTC because I wanted to be a part of a team thatWhi I Enrolled In JROTC people respect and honor. I also joined JROTC because I think it will help me out later on in my life. My god father served in the military for 4 years. My step father
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  • JROTC and ME
     ESSAY JROTC Builds Character and Leardership Junior ROTC can be a four year of your life with new experiences that builds character and leadership. Im a freshman and i joined JROTC when the school stared , and i wasn't sure what to expect...
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  • Air Force: the Benefits of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (Jrotc)
    The frequent question, “How do we forge good American citizens?”has been asked every year, and it is addressed differently by every group in society. The National Defense addressed this question by creating the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) for all four military branches: Air For
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  • Reasons You Should Join Jrotc
    JROTC is a military based high school class on the concept of building citizens. JROTC will benefit me in several ways. I joined this class to become a better person inside and out. JROTC could help me develop citizenship, respect and responsiveness to authority, and patriotism. Also, my importance
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  • Jrotc
    Jrotc Positive Leader Paper Gen. Colin Powell By Josh Buck Early Life Colin Luther Powell was born on April 5, 1937, in Harlem, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan. His parents Jamaican immigrants were Maud Arial (née McKoy) and Luther Theophilus Powell. He also has Scot
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  • jrotc builds character and leadership
     Command Sergeant Major Costic January 31, 2014 7th Period I was like most 11th graders growing up in a military household. Knowing I had leadership qualities. From the start I just wanted to be just like my mom and my dad. When I joined AJROTC, I was thrilled because, I was finally...
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