• Why I Decided to Go to College
    Why I Decided To Go To College Daniel Duckett-Pope Dr. Gordon Theisen ENG 90 Writing Fundamentals (Online) 10/25/012 I have several different reasons why I decided to go college. One reason why I decided to go to school is to seek a highe
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  • Should Atheltes Have to Go to College
    Kevin Lopez APENG11 R.S essay Should athletes be able to go pro before finishing college? This topic is widely debated among citizens across the United States. The answer that is commonly regarded as the safe choice is to finish school then go pro. If an athlete were to choose this choice th
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  • Where to Go to College
    Where To Go To College Jennifer Blevins Eng 121 English Composition Andrea Pfaff October 14, 2011 Where To Go To College Should I go or should I stay? I had a decision to make between two colleges. The first choice was Highlands Community College, and the second choice was Ashford Univers
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  • Why I Decided to Go Back to School
    Why I decided to return to school The Purpose of my essay is to give my readers some high in sight on a few different challenges in my life that helped motivate me upon my return to school. I am a single 45 year old divorced woman with six children. I needed a good paying job and a college
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  • My Reasons to Go to College
    My Reasons to go to College By XXX Prof. XXX XXX XXX It is very understandable that most parents dream sending their children to college so that they are well prepared for the competitive job market. In my personal case, I have had several obstacles in life that pr
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  • Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Go to College Behind Bars?
    The Prison University Project is the only on-site, degree-granting college program in the state’s prison system. There are well over 100 teacher volunteers from schools such as UC-Berkeley, Stanford and San Francisco State. They go through three security checks to get into the prison. And...
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  • why go to college
    Value of a College Education Is education important? Many people have been asking themselves this same question for years. With the unemployment rates at an all-time high, many people have decided to go back to school to pursue an education that can better their financial situation....
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  • Why I Chose to Go College
    Scott croissy September 29, 2012 English 099 Professor Toomer College Essay #1 The reason why I'm in college is because I want a better future for myself and to show my family that I can become somebody one day. Sometimes I would say to myself like “why am I even here? This place
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  • Draft a Narrative About Returning to School. You May Explore the Issues Regarding Why You Decided to Return to School, the Benefits of Obtaining a College Degree, Changes in Your Lifestyle Required for You to Pursue
    The Greatest Decision of My Life By: Decarlo Mealing Manu career currently require that an applicant have some type of higher education in order to have a chance at competing for a good job in today’s job market .Therefore, returning bac
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  • Why I Chose to Go Back to College
    Why did I wait so long to go back to school has been my thought since I started classes on –online? It has been such an enriching experience, since starting classes, and I really regret starting as late as I did, but I am very excited that I did. By making the choice to go back to school as an adu
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  • Getting Into College
    Getting Into College Life is like an enormous theatrical performance, each person having the leading role, ready to determine his/her destiny. For each event in your life, you can reflect upon a stimulus, a cause. Yet there are so many events, so many years, days, hours, seconds in one's l
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  • My College Plans
    My College Plans Business Computer Applications 7th Period Sunday, March 30, 1997 Created By: At first I never had wanted to go to college because I didn't like school, but now as I get older I realize that I will need a college education to make it in life. So when the qu
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  • The "Around the World" Party at College
    The "Around The World" Party at College As I approached the party I could hear the blasting music all the way from the street. When I reached the back of the house to enter I could distinguish the song that was playing; it was "It's good to be King" by Tom Petty. After waiting in a line to ente
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  • Personal Writing: College
    Personal Writing: College In life people have to make choices, in my life I have had to make many, many choices. I think that my biggest decision or choice would be my application and move to college. This would be considered the biggest decision I have had to make in my life so far. When your
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  • College
    The Importance of a College Education Johnny is a fifth grade student who is almost ready to graduate and move on to the sixth grade. Johnny however, can not multiply or divide. He cannot spell or read. Johnny fell behind in the third grade. His teacher overlooked his failure and promoted h
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  • The Importance of a College Education
    The Importance of a College Education You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give" (Winston Churchill, circa 1940) Learning the importance of getting a good college education did not come to me until I was 31 years old. Many of my friends, and colleagues and I were
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  • Electoral College
    With the surge of controversy surrounding the recent election, the United States has rekindled the Electoral College debate. However, this isn't the first time that a tight election has resulted in unclear or contested results. Nor is it the first time the Electoral College has made a president o
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  • College Athletes for Hire
    In the area of collegiate sports, there have been numerous heated debates about the integrity of many things concerning the NCAA and how it handles legal and ethical issues. Two well renowned scholars tackle this issue in their co-authored book entitled "College Athletes for Hire, The Evolution
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  • College Essay
    As I thought of this article, many of the issues I have faced as a single Hmong woman in her mid-twenties came to mind. Should I discuss the functional reasons why marriage is so important in the Hmong culture, especially for women? Or do I talk about the lack of eligible, older Hmong men? Better
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  • The Ture College Experience
    College is the stepping stone from High School to the real world. College is intended not only to teach us knowledge, but also to prepare us for the next part of life. Not all college students get this preparation though. Those students are the ones that live at home and commute to school every d
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