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Why I Choose Fashion Design

OBJECTIVE Passionate about the fashion industry, I wish to expand my skills by working with a dedicated and innovative team of designers. Seeking to obtain a challenging position as a Fashion Designer in a professional, artistic environment where I can use my talent to benefit the company and its clients and also shine up my skills. My goal is to assist in bringing current international fashion trends, developing unique styles, and providing beautiful and practical clothes to the public. ...

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Why is eco fashion so popular

Why is Eco fashion so popular? CONTENTS 1. Chapter 1: Introduction 2. Chapter 2: A short introduction to Eco fashion 3. Chapter 3: Stella McCartney: its history and effects 4. Chapter 4: Eco fashion designers 5. Chapter 5: If people spend higher price to buy eco-clothing, why and how 6. Chapter 6: Conclusion 7. Glossary 8. Indicative Bibliography 1. Introduction The purpose of this essay is to the knowledge...

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Fashion Design

area of design from another. Hue is the name of the color (red, blue). Value is how light or dark the color is (light blue, navy blue). Intensity is how bright or dull it is (4-H green, neon green). Note for the Project Helper Not all exhibits in the clothing project area will require identification of elements and principles. If a garment or accessory has been designed and/or constructed to enhance personal appearance, the elements and principles will most likely need to be identified. Design elements...

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Fashion Design Styles

FASHION DESIGN STYLES RECOMMENDED BY CONSUMERS’ SENSIBILITY AND EMOTION I. Summary Analysis of customers’ sensibility and preference is important in a market that is becoming increasingly more customer oriented. This study attempted a sensibility ergonomic approach to explore how a consumer’s sensibility is associated with physical attributes of design in the textile and fashion design fields. A sensibility fashion design system, which classifies a user’s sensibilities and recommends...

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A Career in Fashion Design

A Career in Fashion Design The fashion design career, has recently emerged as one of the most popular and competitive among young people. Those who actually succeed in design have a very individualistic personal style and don't follow trends set by others. Having fashion design as your profession sometimes allows you to meet glamorous people. It can also put you in charge of what is in and out when it comes to clothing through ramp shows and fashion write-ups. Most designers have a great...

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Design Fashion Implementation Plan

My Design Fashion Implementation Plan My Design Fashion Implementation Plan The Blue Group selected online personalized fashion as its product to implement. The idea for My Design Fashion is to create a new business or expand an existing business that allows shoppers to select pieces of clothing and design them to their personal fashion tastes. Online tools such as a virtual dressing room will be provided to provide an even more personalized experience. Previously this concept was used in...

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Bertrand Russell: Why I Am Not a Christian

Why I am not a Christian is an essay by Bertrand Russell in which he explains the reasons why he does not call himself a Christian. He puts up several arguments concerning the existence of god which include the First Cause Argument, the Natural Law Argument, the Argument from Design and moral arguments. He also goes in to explaining the character of Christ and flaws in his teachings. He further goes in to explaining why he does not think that Christ was the best and the wisest of men. He believes...

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Why Does Fashion Change

Why does fashion change? Human beings have been using clothes throughout history; however as we notice today garments that were worn in the past are not the same that are being worn today. In this essay I will develop the question ‘Why does fashion change?’ and if such changes are due to fashion as such or if there is any external influences such as marketing and media. Every change in society, including differences between cultures and living styles is reflected in the way people dress and...

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I Choose You

I choose you What do you want to be? An Architect? Engineer? Doctor? What’s holding you back? Who do you really want to be for the rest of your life? What course will you take then? These are the questions that some high school students encounter. At some point in our high school life, we thought deeply on what course to take in college. We spent hundreds of hours thinking about that one decision that could change us forever. This may be the hardest decision a teenager could ever make because...

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Why Interior Design is Important

PERSONAL ESSAY i) How is interior design significant as a profession? Our lives are surrounded by buildings. Houses, public buildings and commercial properties such as shops, restaurants, leisure venues and offices can be found just about anywhere. However in its essence, most buildings are pretty much the same; just floors and walls placed in different layouts. Luckily, anything that has an interior can be designed, redesigned or refurbished. With the abundance of home, design, property and architecture...

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About Fashion Design

Fashion Sketching 101: How to Draw Fashion Figures Written by Whitney - Parsons24 Comments Photo via ELLE One of the cornerstones of fashion school is learning how to sketch fashion figures. However, as fashion school students learn, there’s a big difference between proper body proportions in art and in fashion. In art, the body’s proportions are measured in heads. The average figure is about 7-7 1/2 heads, including the actual head, tall. However, in fashion, the body proportions are elongatedin...

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Fashion Fashion plays an important role in the modern society. But people have different attitudes to fashion. Some are indifferent; they do not care what they wear. Others, especially women are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. The styles of clothing have been influenced by different factors, such as geography, religion, climate, poverty or wealth. The way we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the proper occasion. We...

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Fashion and Identity

Fashion and Identity It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. * Oscar Wilde I wear my own kind of dress, something that I love, but in doing so, I am displaying my style to all those around me, and in this I will respond to your exhibit, even as you will respond to mine. That the clothes we wear make a statement is itself a statement that in this age of heightened reserve, fashion has become a cliché. But...

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Why people choose religion

 Why People Choose Religion One of the most debated ideas in the world is religion. There has been bloodshed in countries over religion. Religion is a sensitive topic to some people because it is the reason people live their lives like they do. What is the reason people really choose religion? Is it because they truly believe in every detail of a religion or is it because they were told to believe it? It is a question I have thought about for a long time. So, what is religion...

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Historical Context Within Fashion

How fashion professionals use historical and cultural research as source material for fashion inspiration? * Reference to key themes, discussion and concepts raised in the Design in Context unit * Referenced quotations (using Harvard referencing) from at least four academic texts to support your arguments * Referenced images * A critical analysis of examples of relevance to your degree subject (Design & Development; Graphics; Photography or Promotion & Communication) *...

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encourages innovation and uses my skills and knowledge in fashion designing to make a mark in the fashion world is my career objective. I have always loved fashion and I have always been interested in business. Thus, working on the business side of fashion seems like the perfect marriage for me. I want to work for a fashion or retail company, working my way up the ladder on either the buying or the sales side. One day I hope to have moved all the way up to a position in...

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Fashion Trends

Why Do Fashion Trends Change But Repeat Themselves? In today’s society, we have a general tendency to follow fashion that have been imparted on us especially by the media, but it is like we are repeating a cycle even though fashion trends change quite often they tend to recycle couple years later so why do we keep up? Fashion generally refers to popular style or practice especially in dress or behavior. Fashion trends are known as a “fad” or a craze just for a certain amount of time until something...

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Fashion in the 20th Century

Fashion is said to be evolutionary and not revolutionary. This was not true in the 20th century. Fashion revolutionized America and the rest of the world during this time period. Also, during this time period fashion evolved tremendously. New fabrics and innovations were introduced to America. When World War I came about, people had to sacrifice their clothing for the men at war and they dressed more conservative. Christian Dior changed all of that when he came out with the "New Look." This look...

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Design Report

Final year design report Word count:1672 Research & Development The theme of my final year project is “Line of the body”. Once, I saw Comme des Garcons 2012 RTW F/W in a fashion magazine. Their 2012 series that has a creative and stereoscopic cutting which lure my attention. It prompted me to think how can a design stand out human body shape. Firstly, I started to do some research in the Internet about humans’ body shape. Then I developed my theme idea mainly from the research on human...

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Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption

Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 1 How the Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption Isis Liu 036FM009 Raffles Design Institute SHANGHAI, CHINA Academic Research And Communication Skills Professor Joycelin Cruz November 28,2012 Desire Stimulate Fashion Consumption 2 Abstract This study provides how desire stimulates fashion consumption. The research data already show what are the reason make person buy fashion products and how the desire...

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Fashion in the 1980s and Its' Return

Kembi, Adeyemi English 102 The 1980s Fashion Scene on A Rapid Comeback The 1980’s fashion is back, and its success is rooted in the similar economy we have with the 1980s. As a society we are deciding to “wear our personality”, rather than our pocket books and the fashion industry is staying alive by following this trend. With the de-regulation of multiple government policies on industries, a failing economy, record setting recession and the booming crack-cocaine sales on the streets with...

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Why I Want to Be a Teacher

Why I Want to Be a Teacher” First of all, I love kids and it has always been my dream and passion to become an educator. For most people, the word teacher is defined as someone who is responsible for informing or teaching someone something. But not everyone would have the same meaning or image for a teacher. Teachers have a very important role of shaping the lives of young children and preparing them to become productive citizens in our community and with these types of responsibilities teachers...

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is because fashion builds the person´s identity. That’s why we should understand that clothing and fashion is important today as it was yesterday and will be in the future. For hundreds of years people have put some message in the type of clothing they wear. Long ago people started wanting to stand out from the “crowd” and be different changing their clothing. Some examples of these “standing out” became very popular and were followed by more people. This was the moment when fashion appeared. Nowadays...

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Life As a Fashion Designer.

Introduction The career in which I am most interested in the textile industry is that of the fashion designer. A fashion designer is the person who comes up with the ideas and designs today, for the clothes that we, the consumers, will be wearing tomorrow. This alone, the power to inspire the world of fashion , would be enough to make me want to become a designer, but designing clothes is also a way of expressing yourself. Each designer is unique and thus the clothes that each create are just as...

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Choose a similar product designed by two different companies for two different markets and compare and contrast the design principles.

Choose a similar product or product range designed by two different companies for two different markets and compare and contrast the design principles. Why makes design products much better? Because designers carefully experience and observe the details of every part of life; they even solve the unobvious problems that people didn’t notice. “When the products are aesthetically pleasing and functionally correct, we tend to be unaware of them”(Stumpf 2000, P12-13). Moreover, why will a similar...

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Fashion and Communication

Gooch May 12, 2012 Fashion and Communication It’s fashion a way of communication? Many people may contradict with the answer, but yes, fashion is a way of communication. Fashion and clothing are forms of nonverbal communication where no spoken or written words are used, but they send salient messages. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the function of fashion as a medium of communication is becoming of a new significance for modern society. Fashion is something we deal with...

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Fashion Design and Success Tommy Hilfiger

point to therefore everyone has a different concept to what success means. Upon being asked, "What is success?" I automatically thought that was a no brainier. Until I attempted to write my paper. I was at a loss for the correct approach to my answer. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the answer to that question has many different answers and there is not one right answer. However, I belief in order to have success you must have God in your life because success is definitely "a result or an outcome"...

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Fashion: Art and Early Age

What I love about fashion is how it can define you as a person. The colours you choose, the styles, the accessories, they all combine to give you an overall style that is unique to you. I enjoy experimenting with fashion, seeing what works and what does not, and working out why it doesn’t work. I had some major fashion disasters, but have learnt from them and so have developed my own sense of style. From an early age, I have found Art fascinating. I believe Art disputes claims of humans being...

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Popular Culture and Fashion

Fashion is how you present yourself, once said a famous actress. As long as fashion has been in existence, what you wear is literally what you are. High society women wear thousand dollar fashions and one of a kind jewelry designs, while the average Jane wears jeans and a tee shirt. Fashion is a non-verbal communication with the rest of the world, through which you can express your personality, your social status, and your ideas. To choose clothes is to define and describe ourselves. [Lurie , The...

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fashion stylist

Fashion Stylist Fashion is a factor in this world, without it there simply wouldn’t be life. When one thinks offashion,” the first thing that probably pops into mind is clothing. Yet fashion is clothing, it is also so much more than that. Fashion is how people choose to live their lives, how people express themselves; it is the outward expression of a new idea, which is how business thrives. The business of fashion begins with one single idea; the idea can be something as random and spontaneous...

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Why Must I Be Puntual

name I’ve chosen for my restaurant is Zhaf’ fav is because I wanted to gather all the nice and most favorable food I ever eaten to this menu, and zhaf’s stands for my very name which is Zharif and Fav stands for favorite which is the favorite food I ever ate all around America . The reason I choose this name because I wanted to share with everyone the good food I love and I would guarantee of each costumer Location The location I choose for my restaurant would be at bukit damansara it’s area full...

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Should There Be a Ban in a Fashion Show

SHOULD THERE BE A BAN IN A FASHION SHOW Fashion TV should be banned as it goes not provides any sensible to young or even people. People see fashion TV just to see girls with less or no clothes. They are not interested in the design of clothes, name. The ban on fashion TV or any other show such as Z Trendz which show similar content is definitely justified, since the channel shows content more than necessary. The channel must realize that the audience. Well this is the 21st century isn’t...

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Is Fashion Important

              ​Is fashion important? ​ kaylee avery prd.1, 3/5/15 (​ http://homeworktips.about.com/od/essaywriting/a/argumenttopics.htm​ ) Fashion in our times started from 1858 and had flourised over the years. The word fashion to me means simply as a way to express yourself or putting this certain thing on to boost your confidence to step out in the world to feel beautiful in the inside and out. To me, I believe fashion is important for three main reasons: to express yourself of how you feel...

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Graphic Design

In 1993 Jeffery Keedy made the following statement; "The idea of borrowing in Graphic design is so pervasive that it's often done unconsciously. What is needed is awareness of what crossing cultural/historical barriers actually means, as well as an understanding of the importance of context" It is a fair comment to make that borrowing in graphic design, as well as in almost all other areas of design is ubiquitous. Whether this is a good or bad thing could be argued at length, but generally...

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Becoming a Fashion Designer

Steve Mergarten Mrs. Malaspino English 12 A November 28, 2009 Becoming a Fashion Designer Cynthia Nellis, in her column “Day in the Life of a Fashion Couture Designer”, says, “... nothing is ever typical in the world of fashion...no day is ever 'routine', although we begin and end each day more or less the same: in early, out late.” Working as a Fashion Designer is a very busy, hard and challenging job. You have to provide a lot of strengths in creativity, marketing and determination; to be...

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Fashion Design Research

That movement is called “fashion trend”. Nowadays, more and more people concern about their own fashion styles because people now judge other by the way they look. A number of cities are recognized as global fashion centers and are recognized for their fashion weeks, where designers exhibit their new clothing collections to audiences. These cities are Paris, Milan, New York City, and London. The Giorgio Armani brand is one of most respected and well – known in the fashion and luxury brand industry...

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that will be focused on throughout this essay is a ladies fashion boutique. The main argument will focus on discourses of management throughout the concepts of what is considered as work in the retail sector, how the working environment is managed throughout the fashion industry, commitment in the workplace and relationship of teamwork. All these aspects of work will be tied in together to form a research based argument in relation to the fashion boutique. In order to produce a contextual framework of...

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Why Should You Choose Accountancy

CAREER GUIDANCE: ACCOUNTANCY By: CARLITO G. GABRIEL, JR., CPA [Seven years ago, I was then a part of a career guidance like this. During that time I was not yet sure of what course to pursue in college. The career guidance was a great help in my decision to pursue BS – Accountancy. Maybe, most of you are not decided yet. Believe me this career guidance will help you. Let us thank Sir Edgar for this great opportunity. [Before we proceed, how many of you are planning to pursue accountancy?] Mention...

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Sociology of Fashion

Introduction In this essay I will compare and contrast the fashion styles, trends, culture and ethos of the post-war era of the 1950’s and the youth revolution of the 1960’s. I will address the ways in which fashion was utilised by members of society at this time to shape class-based identities. I will address consumption as a cultural phenomenon and theory on fashion of communication as a backdrop. Following this and in order to gain a degree of critical depth I will focus on two British subcultures...

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Why Should I Be Moral?

Why Should I Be Moral? The question of morality proves to be a complex interrogatory. Should I be moral? If I should be, then why? Why is morality important to society? An assumption can be made that morals derive from a purely religious perspective or the Golden Rule approach. We are told that it is right to be moral. This is an ineffective answer, since it does not apply to someone outside the moral circle (Olsen, 79). This in mind, there is really no way to prove this too a person...

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Why i chose these members

why did you choose the members you did? Why did you put each one in the role you chose? Lead Agent: Sam Type your reason for choosing your Lead Agent here... I chose sam, because he has a lot of experience with leading teams, and been in charge of several assignments that were successful. He has had lots of years in the lead role, and has been very successful with the assignments he has been given . Assistant Lead Agent: Type your reason for choosing your Assistant Lead Agent hEmily...

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Why I am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell

  Why I am Not a Christian  an Examination of the God‐Idea and Christianity      Bertrand Russell  [March 6, 1927]      [The lecture that is here presented was delivered at the Battersea Town Hall under the  auspices of the South London Branch of the National Secular Society, England. It should  be added that the editor is willing to share full responsibility with the Hon. Bertrand  Russell in that he is in accord with the political and other opinions expressed.]    As your chairman has told you...

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Motivation Letter For Master Program Fashion Design

Since a few years I have a growing interest for technology and technical items. This started at secondary school by my interest for mathematics and science, and grew to computer technology and my graphic design education in university. Finally workplace environment in Apparel motivated to pattern making as well as haute couture/dressmaking. From this point my interest shifted to the field of technological materials in textiles and wearable electronics. In the last few months i have been orientating...

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FOLLOWING NEW FASHION TRENDS AS A FACTOR AFFECTING THE DAILY ALLOWANCE CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction In these modern years, many latest or most up-to-date items, especially fashion trends, are continuous of entering the society, just like accessories, clothes and shoes and even different styles of hair, and people as we observed employed or engaged of spending money just for this....

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Clothing and Fashion

Teenage Fashion In today’s society young teenage females have to follow many rules, but fashion is the only thing they feel like they can control. Young females see fashion as a huge impact on their life and they feel that they have to dress a certain way just to fit in now days. Fashion is what's current and what is "in the moment," and it often strikes interest in a large number of people. The clothes we choose to wear tell a lot about ourselves. For teenagers, fashion is first and foremost...

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Renaissance Fashion in Dresses

Renaissance Fashion in Dresses The Renaissance period was an interesting one that had some really elegantly designed clothing for men and women. The fashion in Renaissance period was leaning towards the wealthy designs as well as the simplistic forms. This was the period that saw the abundant use of silks and furs. The Renaissance era’s sense of fashion was extremely mesmerizing but what I found tremendously fascinating are the women’s dress designs. Here’s a detailed look at some of the design, structure...

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Fashion Flashbacks

"Fashion is an underestimated social force. It functions effectively not only as an economic colossus but also to engineer social practices" (Finklestein). Fashion is more than its definition as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era. We can learn a lot about our culture by looking at current fashion trends because they show the relationships of consumer tastes, social habits, and eras in history. If we can define the reasons behind certain fashion trends, we can analyze a...

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The Path I Choose to Take

The Path I Chose to Take “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there” -Charles F. Kettering- This time of the year high school seniors are making the biggest decision for their future, what path they will be taking for the next year. Some choose college, others the military, few people chose to take a leap year to take a break from school or travel and see the world. My choice is college. Although I have considered the military I believe that college will...

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Why I Would Be a Teacher

Running head: WHY I WOULD BE A TEACHER Why I Would Be a Teacher Diana C. Worley Grand Canyon University: EDU 310 (0206) December 19, 2010 Why I Would Be a Teacher Teaching is a dignified, desirable, and demanding occupation. It is a profession which requires knowledge, patience, understanding, and a growing desire to help others. Unfortunately, it is most often under paid, underappreciated, and undervalued by numerous standards. So why does the writer of this paper want to teach? Was...

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fashions influence

Fashion is a popular thing for a period of time. It keeps changing and developing. Fashion and trend are very similar however fashion is almost always related with the way people dress. Trends are related more with technology and such. When asked the question 'What is fashion?' globally known model, icon and business woman Claudia Schiffer replies with 'It's become synonymous with clothing but ultimately fashion is anything popular in a culture at any given time.' The same question was asked to Pulitzer...

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Fashion Evolution

the new fashion vogues are just mere modifications and revivals of existing fashion models. Topic Outline: I Fashion Evolution A Fundamentals and Natures of Fashion B Contributing Factors of Fashion Evolution II Fashion Vogues A Fashion vogues of the old generations (1950s to 1980s) B Fashion vogues of the new generations (1990s to 2000s) III Deductions Topic- Sentence Outline: I Fashion Evolution A Fashion is delineated ...

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Finterior Design and Fashion Design

are willing to go to college. There are many choices and different universities and colleges to go to. Fashion design and interior design are one of those who are available in the majority of the colleges. Even though these two careers sound alike they are completely different. The only things that these two careers have in common are that in both you design or create new inventions. The research I made about these two careers is about what each one is about, the needs which these careers require,...

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Why I Choose Engineering

An enormous number of challenges, thrown out by rapid development in science and technology, have made me choose engineering profession. My predilection to this field of study is because of its immense diversity in applications and the range of complexities it possesses. I chose to major in Computer Science Engineering with an intense urge to develop deeper into this challenging field. This century can be credited with have given birth to too many ideas, visions, ways of living and working. It can...

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Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) by Carolyn Nystrom

Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) By Carolyn Nystrom Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex) Details: Carolyn Nystrom • Illustrated by Sandra Speidel Before I ... THE GOD’S DESIGN FOR SEX SERIES Sample from Before I Was Born / ISBN 9781600060144 Copyright © 2008 NavPress Publishing. All rights reserved. ... God’s Design for Sex is a series of books you can read with your children at ages three to five, five to eight, RESOURCE LIST: SEX EDUCATION - Focus on the Family: Helping ... ...

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Why I believe in God

occurred simply by random chance, and it must have been created by an intelligent Creator. I agree with the latter statement, and am writing this to articulate some of the reasons behind why I believe in God. Atheism is sometimes portrayed as being more logical than believing God created the universe, but I think that belief in God, or Theism, is at least equally logical, and perhaps more logical than Atheism. I will be presenting three arguments supporting belief in God: the Scientific Argument, the...

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Why and How I Will Teach

Why and How I will Teach Why and How I Will Teach I am a new student in the area of education, eager and excited to be studying the foundations of the art and science of teaching and developing my own initial teaching philosophies. I recognize that these beliefs will change over time based on my time spent in the classroom, my failures and triumphs throughout my career, and the complex landscape that we build upon. As our world is ever-changing and developing, it is crucial that as teaching...

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Why i went to College

College “My reasons for college are probably just like everyone else’s. I went to college because I wanted a better life for myself and better myself. I wanted to find a job that I would not be living paycheck to paycheck like my parents had to do when they first got married. I mean, no one wants to live that way? I know for a fact that I did not want that, and that is why I choose to go to college, even more than is the main reason why college was so important to me. Another reason, both my parents didn’t...

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future fashion

hope to shed some light on the eco fashion industry by exploring elements such as the sustainability, culture, ecology, psychology, labour and future of fashion. Our authors explore to what extent eco fashion is on the cusp of becoming the next big trend. Previous episode: Psychology of Fashion I was just having an incredibly insightful conversation with Dr. Frank Shaw of Centre for Future Studies about the proper methodology to predict the future, when I realized it is time to explain to the...

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Why I Deserve a Raise

Why I deserve a raise? One of the most important aspects of my life right now is my job. I've accomplished many goals and met standards set by you. I always listened to what you had to say and respected your authority. I've never been late to work; working 5 days a week. No matter how busy we get I've always managed to keep the box in balance and keep my customers satisfied. When the time comes and there is something new to do, you give me instructions and let me know what to do. Every...

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positives and negative effects of the fashion

Positives effects of fashion We can argue whether or not the fashion industry has more of a positive or negative effect on people of today, regardless we can agree that the fashion industry has grown to become very popular and influential. It seems as if everyone is trying to pursue a career in this field. Here are 10 positives of the fashion industry.  1. New designs- designers are able to create new designs for those people who have a love for fashion. It is an enjoyment they feel when seeing...

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