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Why Do You Want To Be A Police Officer

WHY I WANT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER Why I Want To Be a Police Officer Career Choices in Criminal Justice Dr. Darwin L. Driggers, Ybor Campus October 11, 2011 Why I Want To Be a Police Officer For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a police officer. I’m sure, as a little boy, what first caught my attention were the flashing lights and sirens on the police cars. It could have also been then the facts that police officer were permitted to carry a gun and had the ability to run...

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police officer

set our minds to be who we want to be, but later in the future that sometimes change. When I was little I really wanted to be a teacher because I thought it was fun for teachers to pass out and grade papers. I never really took the time out to research and find out what a teachers job was about, but then I looked it up and realize that I was just joking to myself. Going on into middle and high school I was still confused on what I wanted to be, until I went down to a police academy and seen what was...

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Police Officers

A police officer's duty is to maintain public order, preventing, and detecting crime. The concept of police officers, also known as cops, and law enforcement has been around ever since the ancient Romans had a theory that an organization of "peacekeepers" would reduce the crime and violence being committed. This theory stuck with society and is still around today. People of law enforcement have a mission when they step into their police car, that mission is to enforce the rules of conduct or law...

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Police Officers Should Not Carry Guns

POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD NOT CARRY GUNS There are a lot of arguments all around the world in this subject. Politicians, teachers, sociologists and psychologists declare their ideas and also they write some essays about if the poliçe officers should carry a gun or not. Many people suppose that police officers should carry their guns. Nowadays more and more crimes are being committed and police officers protect us from criminal behaviour. I will discuss whether police officers should be allowed to carry guns...

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Arming Police Officers

‘Arming’ Police Officers After the recent murders of two unarmed police officers in Greater Manchester, the question has been raised that ‘should police officers be armed’? Fiona Bone and her colleague Nicola Hughes died after going out on a routine patrol to check a reported burglary. It appeared that they were lured to the address for a deliberate attack. The question of ‘would they have survived if they had been armed’ remains unknown but many people have their opinion which I will be discussing...

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Police Officer

School Police Officer Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Police Officer: Career Would you like to uphold the law and protect citizens and property as a police officer? With education and training, you may become qualified to go on patrol, respond to reports of crime and even stop crimes in progress. Read on for details on the occupation, outlook and educational requirements of police officers. What...

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Problems Police Officers Face

Problems Police Officers Face Cierra Stewart Everest University Online Introduction to Criminal Justice James Loughlin May 22nd, 2013 ABSTRACT Today being a police officer is more than just chasing a bad guy on a high speed chase or making an arrest. Many police officers deal with job stress which causes things to go wrong in their personal life. Many departments have come to terms with this and now offer help to those who need it. Officers and departments are also dealing with corruption...

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why i want to be an officer in the army

knew being an officer was for me. To me, being an officer in the U.S. Army is a career unlike any other. There are many opportunities as an officer in the Army to advance, further education, and grow as a person. The army allows you to switch your MOS and attend more training to further education or to change careers completely which is something that really appeals to me. An officer is the army is looked up to and highly regarded, but it doesn’t come easy. To become an Army officer, it takes time...

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Becoming a Police Officer

Becoming a Police Officer for Glynn County Harley Byrd Everest University Becoming a Police Officer for Glynn County Although being a police officer can be stressful, it can also be highly rewarding if public service is important to you. (Kara, 1999) When becoming a Police Officer, you are making a commitment to protect your community even if it means giving your life to do it. Despite what some people may think every police officer does their...

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Steps to Becoming a Police Officer

Police officers play a very important part in society today. They patrol the streets of your town to make the people of that town as safe as possible. Without them there would be a lot of crime going on. They make everything safer because that is their job and that is what there trained to do. To become a police officer today you need to have to complete a certain amount of tasks. First, you have to be a United States citizen. Next, he or she must have to have graduated high school...

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The Life of a Police Officer

juvenile, Officer Mark Smith was a victim of a few crimes. When the police were handling the crimes, Officer Smith thought that they could have handled things better. It was then that he decided that he might want to become a police officer, so he could be a better officer then the ones that he had to deal with. As Officer Smith got older and started really looking into what he wanted to do with his life he weighed his options and realized all the benefits of becoming a police officer. There is...

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Do Police Officers Need an Education?

Do Police Officers need a college Education Do Police officers need a college education? This question is one which has grabbed the attention of many. It has been a question tossed around from the offices of our US government to the homes of US citizens. Does having a college education make for a better police officer? If so what level of education should be required. Should a police officer’s salary be based on their level of education? If a certain level of education is required for a police...

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Police Brutality

Crying Wolf: How Everything Is Police Brutality When you were a child, you most likely have read the story “The boy who cried wolf”. What this story taught you was that it isn’t a joke to go run and tell people something happened when it didn’t because eventually people will stop listening. So why is it almost every time a police officer takes someone to the ground they cry “police brutality”? Police officers are here to maintain order, protect citizens and safe guard property. They...

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Whats the Proces You Need to Become a Police Officer

2011 RE: Police Qualifications I chose to do my report on one bigger city in Wisconsin. The city of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) has various mental and physical exams that are required in the hiring process of becoming a police officer. I know that there are bigger police departments out there, but seeing that I found out so much information just on one city that I didn’t feel the need to compare MPD with another PD. The minimum requirements to be on the MPD are first you must be...

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Alcoholism in Police Officers

problems. One that interests me and I feel is of major concern happens to be alcohol abuse in police officers. Alcoholism itself is a major social problem, but when mixed with policing it may be more dangerous than we think. It all starts with the feeling of being stressed out on the job. Police feel that they have too much to deal with on the job, which I feel is true. In the field of law enforcement, officers tend to get involved in some intense situations and see some horrific tragedies. After work...

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Why I Want to Be a Police Officer

duties and responsibilities of a police officer. Their main duty and responsibility is to enforce the law and make sure that we live in a safe environment. There is lots of variety in this job. No two days will be the same for a police officer. One day they might be doing traffic tickets anther day they might have to break up a bar fight or be involved in a high speed chase. Police Officers are always working with different people in different situations. This is why there is so much variety. cops...

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The Ethical Dilemma of a Police Officer

Dilemma of a Police Officer Professions are guided by codes of ethics to aid them in performance of their duties and to ensure maintenance of high standards of conduct. Police officers are faced with a maze of obligations in the performance of their official duties. The “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics” and “Canons of Police Ethics” were created to make explicit the conduct considered appropriate for police officers and to guide them in the performance of their duties. Although police have these guides...

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Officer Liability

help you answer the questions: Do you think that there is a trend in this country towards stopping litigation against law enforcement officials? For this question, you should analyze the two cases and come to a conclusion about their effects on future litigation. What specific passages cause you to have this opinion? You may also conduct research and look for trends. Have there been more or fewer lawsuits since the cases? Do you agree with the decisions in these cases? Why or why not? Do...

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WHAT FIELD OF STUDY WILL YOU PURSUE AND WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THIS AREA AND CAREER PATH? The world today is faced with enormous energy challenges in all ramifications. The ability to proffer solutions to these problems makes us a veritable tool in the society and it depends solely on the amount of information we have per time. Since childhood, the studies of science and basic engineering have interested me profoundly. I had passion for repairing simple devices, knowing their content and how...

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Why Do I Want an Mba?

Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 1 Why Do I Want An MBA? Sandra R. Schubert MGT/521- Management December 10, 2010 Edward Darley Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA? 2 Why Do I Want An MBA? A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree not only opens many doors of opportunity for the possessor of the degree, it also increases one’s potential for earning higher salaries and developing a better career path. Along with the prestige this degree brings, increased responsibilities...

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“What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” We are usually asked this question very early in life: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s one of the biggest questions asked of children, from toddlers to teenagers. It’s always asked to help encourage kids to think of their future. After all, how many children really know what they want to do with the rest of their lives? Oh yeah, there are those lucky few who have a special calling. Many kids will say they want to be a police officer, firefighter...

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Police Brutality

Police brutality, where does it happen, why does it happen and how does it happen? Well these are some of the questions you can ask yourself. Most of the time police officers are trying to enforce the laws of the land. But we typically have those who do not want to follow the rules and therefore police are forced with using excessive force in some of their situations. But the use of force can be questioned in many ways. The 4th Amendment forbids “unreasonable search and seizures”, with a “seizure”...

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Police Chases

blue lights in her rearview mirror; a police stop was taking place behind her. Sarah continued down the speed-bumped road only to find several police Stop Sticks were deployed in her lane of travel. When she saw only one police car and no police officer, fear struck her. Less than 30 seconds later she was dead. She was hit from behind by a car that was traveling over 70 MPH. Worse yet, the car that struck her was driven by a by a 17 year old male who didn't want to pull over because he took his parents...

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Police Officers Use of Tasers

Police Officers use of Taser Guns Police Officers are faced with many obstacles throughout his or her career. A lot of research has been done regarding the work police officers do. Often time’s officers are faced with making decisions very quickly, without being able to think about his or her options. Most police officers carry a weapon, handcuffs, a baton, a flashlight, a knife, and a taser gun. A taser gun is a weapon that sends electrical currents through the body and causes the body...

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Police Underappreciated

Composition 1 19 March 2012 Police Underappreciated It’s widely recognized that law enforcement officers possess a demanding and dangerous job. Day in and day out they deal with criminals and the sometimes stressful public. Many see law enforcement as an annoyance rather than a protector. Law enforcement officers often feel underappreciated from the public that they protect every day. “The general public wants nothing to do with the police until they need us,” says Pocahontas Police Chief Al Henrickson...

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The Value of Higher Education for Police Officers

The debate on the value of higher education for police officers continues to be one of the most persistent and pervasive issues in policing. Although there are several different interpretations of what constitutes a professional police officer there appears to be a consensus about the need for professionalism in policing. Researchers have attempted to measure performance through such variables as officer attitude, discretion, ethics, cynicism, decision-making, and use of deadly force. Despite the...

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Police Ethics

else but here. How has terrorism impacted the police mission in the U.S.? What disagreements exist regarding the appropriate law enforcement behavior which fights terrorism but maintains personal liberties? I feel that since 9/11, the use of police departments have slightly shifted. For example, police departments have had to dig their heels in and provide defensive or “security” services instead of going out on the offensive, preventing crime. Police now have to balance their staff and budgets...

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Public opinion of police

Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Groups :Speech Good morning (evening or afternoon) ladies and gentleman. I would like your attention because I have a subject to discuss. I want to talk about the public's opinion towards police officers by different ethnic groups. There are many thoughts and public opinion on how the community feel towards the many police officers in this country. It is my personal opinion that people should not be hating on the police because they enforce the law, unless...

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Stress on Police Officers

THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON POLICE OFFICERS Not much good news here. The following is the text of a speech give by Dan Goldfarb to a group of union delegates on the impact stress can have on their men. There has been a lot of research on the negative effects of stress on people in general. I am sure you know that police work is one of the top rated professions for job stress next to air traffic controllers and dentists. A good way to start this presentation, I think, is to give a good working...

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Should Police Officers Have Higher Education

Should Police have to have higher education than most citizens they face on a day to day basis?I say yes and here are some reasons. Police Education has been long since debated in the United States . Law Enforcement must be the one who are properly educated if they are the ones who make sure that laws and rules are being followed . Serves as the It will serve as guide in police professionalism . Education in our policemen is very important with how they perform their duties and responsibilities ...

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police brutality

Why does the public find use of force by police so disturbing? Are the police using more force? With so much going on in the media, the public is more terrified of the police. Many are not comfortable with calling up Law Enforcement. Many feel police officers abuse their authority. It seems as if they’re abusing their authority as police officers. In many situations claiming self-defense. Young teens and children being gunned down by law enforcement. Many afraid to call upon law enforcement, afraid...

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Police Brutality

 Police Brutality When one thinks of a cop what should come to mind is “hero”. Cops should be a sign of safety, when a cop comes around you should feel safe and protected. Although a few years ago it was that way it is no longer true. Now day’s cops are seen as people you want to stay away from, people are afraid of them. Cops are now abusing, assaulting, and killing innocent people, this is called police brutality. Police brutality can be caused by policeman’s ability to assume everyone...

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Unnecessary Force by Police

Unnecessary Force by Police Sherry Morley ENG/147 September 22, 2014 Leslie Adams Abstract There are too many accidental deaths by the police in the United States. Whether it be shooting an unarmed teen, putting people in choke holds, or just simply beating a man that cannot even get on the floor in a hurry, because he is on crutches. There is a big hysteria over all the unarmed shootings, such as in Ferguson, MO, Philadelphia, PA, and then the using of choke holds. The New York Police Department used...

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Homosexual Police Officers

homosexual issues. Explanations of why sexual orientations differ are still inadequate, and in a society that can still be hostile towards "deviant" sexual relationships, particularly in conjunction with various other co-factors such as occupation, can affect self-esteem, the development of personal identity, Christian ethics and general psychological functioning. Many straight male police officers are against anything feminine. Being a competent female officer challenges assumptions that policing...

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Police Officers: Heros of the 21st Century

Police Officers: Heroes of the 21st Century It is the bad things that the media highlights in the news when it comes to law enforcement and the bad things that people remember when it comes to police officers. The job of an officer changes daily and from one circumstance to another; they must use their best judgment to make the best decision in the most critical of times ensure the safety of everyone. With the advancement of technology and weapons of all sorts, law enforcement has come a long way...

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Why Police Need Unions 2

 Why Police Need Unions Police unions are growing in today's law enforcement environment, since they first began in the early twentieth century. Police unions are organizations that work together with employees to avoid suffering unfairness from their superiors (Gant, 1993). Not only to avoid unfairness in benefits, pay and security, but also when it comes to representing an officer who lost his job unfairly. Unions fight for the rights of the employees not that of the employer. The unions provides...

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Police History

signature): Melissa Sinnett Police History Paper Melissa Sinnett Introduction to Police Theories and Practices/CJA 214 12/02/2012 Mr. Clifton Franklin As you sit on the side of the road with the blue lights of the police car parked behind you lighting up the interior of your car you sit and shake your head. The patrol officer walks up and politely asks you that one little question “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Of course you know because when the lights came on you looked down and the speedometer...

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What it takes to become a police officer.

guards to police officers, each law enforcement agent does his or her part in maintaining the laws and justice. By serving the community and providing safety to society, police officers especially have a job that should be admired. The most highly sought-after and desirable profession is that of a police officer. The aspects of this job are appealing even to young children. Helping people, serving the community, and ensuring safety locally is certainly something people would love to do. Officers feel...

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"Why cops are called pigs," by melissa. This essay tells about police brutality and the horrible things that policeman have done to our nation

Why cops are called Pigs Men and women all across the U.S. are being beaten down by cops. Video and pictures have been taken to prove this yet this still happens every day. The American Court System is so naive and gullible that they don't understand that assault and battery charges filed by the police are a cover-up for police brutality. All the Quality control mechanisms of government exist only to protect the agency that they are trying to control. Ronald Reagan once summed up the problem before...

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Police: Residency Requirements

Work equals home: Police confined by residency requirements Introduction to Law Enforcement Professor Joseph Alkus Bethanie Sessoms April 11th, 2013 Introduction As a particular saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” This statement rings true to many individuals who view home as an escape from the outside world, an abode, a place of relaxation and comfort. For police officers, they too hold a similar notion, viewpoint of home. Yet for some, officers are restricted to where exactly...

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Becoming a Police Officer

Criminal Justice Online -- Fall 2012 Project The decision to enter into a career in law enforcement begins with the applicant entering into a certified training facility, referred to as a Police Academy. The police academy provides the applicant two choices for their training, a six month full time session, or a twelve month part time session. During a full time session, the applicant will devote at the minimum a forty hour week in training which includes a battery of physical fitness training...

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Synopsis of the New Police Report Manual

Synopsis of The New Police Report Manual Devallis Rutledge WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? A Field Training Officer (FTO), Rutledge (Author), is on patrol with a patrol officer. He has to type his first police report and is not doing a good job. His officer was disappointed at what he had read in his report; he’s going to show the rookie how it’s done. The officer’s report was not only 50% longer, but full of jargon. The rookie cop stated, “Why do we write like that?” “Because that’s the way we’ve...

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How Badly Do You Want to Be Successful?

How Badly Do You Want To Be Successful? How badly do you want to be successful? It’s a pretty simple question isn’t it, and I’m sure you and everyone else who has ever been asked would say; very badly or that they would do anything to be successful. But would they really? See everyone wants to be successful but no one wants to work for it. We see successful people and think to our selves “Oh if they can do it why can’t I?” That is very true, its not like successful people have two heads or special...

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How Bad Do You Want It

motivational speech How Bad Do You Want It? There was a young man, you know, who wanted to make a lot of money and so he went to this guru, right. And he told the guru you know I wanna be on the same level you are, and the guru said if you wanna be on the same level I’m on, I’ll met you tomorrow at the beach. So the young man got there 4 A.M. he’s all ready to rock n’ roll. Got on a suit, should of wore shorts. The old man grabs his hand and said: How bad do you wanna be successful? He said:...

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Review of: Why You Do the Things You Do

| Review of:Why You Do The Things You Do Clinton, Dr. Tim & Sibcy, Dr. Gary. (2006). Why You Do the Things You Do: The Secret of Healthy Relationships. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. Summary Relationships are in our everyday life all around us, but the most intimate relationships we have include God, our parents, our children and our spouse. God implanted the desire for intimacy or relationship within us when He created Adam and Eve. God hardwired the desire for relationship in us...

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Police and Informative Speech Outline

audience starts off restless, mentally lethargic, and in some cases sleepy. You have to snap them out of it. If your introduction fails there’s very little chance of getting them back. Your hook can include anything from a humorous anecdote to a shocking or controversial statement. Which one you choose depends entirely on your subject matter and audience. This can follow or come before your thesis statement. Obviously, you want to make this as enticing as possible. Asking a rhetorical question is a...

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Police Brutality Research Paper

08 May 2015       How Many Police Shootings Really Occur?  In the United States, the public tends to keep track of a lot of things. They have data on  how many pigs and hogs are in the United States. The government has data on how many people  have been victims of shark attacks that were humanly provoked in 2010. So why can the public  not have data on how many people have been killed by police officers in the United States? Is the  problem with society, or is it with the police force? There are many questions that need to be ...

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Police Powers

are free from police custody until the next stage of the process of the case (trial). The custody officer has the power to either decide if bail is granted or not. If the officer refuses to grant bail they must present the case to magistrate court soon as possible. Bail Bail means that after someone has been charged they are free from police custody until the next stage of the process of the case (trial). The custody officer has the power to...

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Police brutality

Tinker-Martin6 Police Brutality, Have Times Really Changed The history of Police Brutality for minorities; especially people of color has left America wondering have times changed. Police brutality has deemed the opportunity for socioeconomic advancement or access to good and services for many Black/African Americans dating back as far as 1955. The system of Police brutality has affected many realms of society for minorities’ employment and family life. After some scholarly research, police brutality...

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Ethics in Police

| Ethics in Pakistan Police | | | Group Members * Sumeet kumar Parwani (1246133) * Faizan Abdul Rahim (1246108) * Vikash Kumar (1246139) * Hanesh Kumar(1146110) * Syed Danial Haider(1266119) * Abdul Samad Hussain(1246102) * Zeeshan(1166111) * Rameez Murtaza Abbasi(1166118) * Abrar ahmed khan (1011206) * Sakeena Haider Naqvi (1244343) * Waqas jokhio (1166122) | | Submitted To ...

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Struggles Facing Women in the Police Force

Conroy Police, Law & Society Paul Moke 9/20/12 Struggles Facing Women in the Police Force Women have made major progress compared to where they were a hundred years ago. Women once did not work outside the home, now they are right up there with men in the jobs category. Most thought that to be a police officer you had to be a male because they are stronger and show less weakness, but overtime woman fought back to be allowed in the force. The first woman to become an officer was in 1905...

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Police Corruption

white-collar crime you may ask. White-collar is defined as, ‘a generic term for crimes involving commercial fraud, cheating consumers, swindles, insider trading on the stock market, embezzlement and other forms of dishonest business schemes. The term comes from the out of date assumption that business executives wear white shirts and ties. It also theoretically distinguishes these crimes and criminals from physical crimes, supposedly likely to be committed by "blue collar" workers.” Many people do not realize...

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Police Brutality

shown that police are more likely to abuse blacks rather than whites and this is caused by racial profiling. But through the history of police brutality, police brutality was first used after a police officer was described beating a civilian in 1633. Police brutality is the abuse of force and it is usually through physical. But there are other ways to abuse which are verbally and sometimes psychologically and this is done by a federal or state authorities which are the police officers. The history...

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Why I want to be a Naval Officer

  Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Naval Nurse Officer. (Limit 2500 characters) As a young man entering my senior year of high school, my mind races as I try to figure out what it is that I’ll commit my life to. What will be the driving passion, the purpose of my existence, the reason I get out of bed every morning to face another day of this life? Some people would try to encourage me to choose a career simply for its potential to make me wealthy. However, looking at the degenerate...

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Police Brutality

to mind when we think of “Police Officers”. In elementary school, the most common phrase students would be asked was “what do you want to be when you grow up”, and the most common response would be “a police officer”; and now sadly, most are rethinking this occupational choice. The authority that most cops these days believe they have is over the top; they think that they can take advantage of everything and everybody simply by the power of their badge. Police officers need to have more discipline...

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Career of Police Officer

APatrick Downey Mr. Ausmus Coms 101 9 March 2009 Police Officer . Introduction   b. Attention Getter i. To get you attention I would like to inform you about what a police officer gets to carry with him at all times in order to protect himself from the bad guys: his first line of defense is his pepper spray, than asp, than handcuffs, than tazer, than his weapon that has a fifteen round clip with one in the chamber making sixteen rounds, if he runs out of that he has two more clips on his...

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Police Misconduct and Corruption

INTRODUCTION For as long as policing has existed in America, there has been misconduct and corruption associated with any given policing agency. Police officer malfeasance can range from minor cases of misconduct to the downright criminal acts that are considered to be corruption. It is important to state here that not all police officers are guilty of misconduct and/or corruption, but like everything in our media-based society, the ?bad? cops are of much more interest and therefore are what this...

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Ferguson Police Officer

SHOOTING IN FERGUSON MO. 3 THE SHOOTING IN FERGUSON MO. Why has the shooting of eighteen year old Michael Brown affected my community? Some say it was a race issue others say it was police brutality. Racism being a very sensitive matter in the community that I live in, all though I do not live in Ferguson City, it is only a twenty minute drive from my front door. It has effected where I live as it brings up civil rights, police use of unlawful and deadly force, and racism issues. The shooting...

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Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You 1

“Anything you say can and will be used against you…” – police officers everywhere say before arresting an individual. Police officers are entrusted by the people to protect and defend those in need no matter what race, age, culture, or religion a person may be. But what if that was not the case anymore. What if we are putting our lives in the hands of those that can be corrupted, racist, and bias? Events such as the Rodney King case, Ferguson, and many more have shown that police officers these days...

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Police Discretion

Term Paper Police Discretion Discretion, uncertainly, and inefficiently are rampant and essential in criminal justice. Nobody expects perfection. That would neither be good nor fair. Justice is a sporting event in which playing fair is more important than winning. Law enactment, enforcement, and administration all involve trading off the possibility of perfect outcomes for security against the worst outcomes. Policing is the most visible part of this: employees on the bottom have more discretion...

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