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Why Do People Join Group

 Why do people join gangs? Gangs, or most people define as a group of criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit, are still widely increasing in the United States today. Even though everyone can agree that any gang related activities and crimes are against the law, people still joins it regardless with various reasons: Desire for protection, to appear cool, and have a sense of family. People often join gangs to get a protection from others. Especially in ghetto, where most of...

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Why People Join Cults

cult groups A. People's Temple B. David Koresh C. Heaven's Gate D. The Family IV. Charismatic group A. Brief desciption B. Characterization V. Sigmund Freud's beliefs A. Belonging to a group B. Super-ego VI. Thought Reform A. Brief description B. How thought reform works VII. Effects of a cult A. Stress B. Isolation C. New lifestyle D. Dissociative E. Anxiety F. Personality disorders VIII. Conclusion IX. References CULTS What makes a person join a cult...

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Why do people conform?

Dear Reader, The main point of my paper is to show the underlining reasons as to why people confirm to different forms of government structures, democracy and authoritarian, based on their economic background. I attempt to do this by working backwards, first I show why they would revolt or protest, and then I extrapolate the reasons why they followed the regime in the first place. Before reading my paper, my readers probably think that each class supports the government for money and survival...

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Why Do People Start Gangs

Why Do People Start Gangs? I wanted to learn more about gangs because I was wanting to figure out why they start them, and for what reasons. Learning about gangs would show other things in life outside of what I do every day around my home and school. Also, I wonder what types of people are in gangs. Lastly, I wanted to know what leads people to commit crimes and do what they do while in a gang. According to my novel, people would start gangs because of family issues. In my book a kid named...

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Why Do People Conform?

Why do people conform? Conformity is an intriguing psychological concept thus been debated and researched for years. Due to different factors it causes sound minded individuals to change their beliefs or behaviour to avoid being shunned from the group, even if they internally disagree. Crutchfied R.S (1962 cited Hardy and Heyes 1994) stated the definition of conformity “Yielding to group pressures” this means the mere existence of a group belief, may make some individuals conform to it, without...

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Why Do Teens Join Gangs

Why do Teenagers Join Gangs? Gangs are a group of people who deliberately engage in illegal behavior. Those people are gangsters who are commonly seen as dangerous criminals and social outcasts; but they do not join gangs for no reason. “Adolescents may be interested in joining gangs because of its supportive features. For example, gangs can offer a sense of confidence, individuality, and connection to something greater than oneself” (McNeil, Herschberger, and Nedela, 2013)The senses they lack...

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Why Do People Lie?

Why do people lie? Do you dislike people who lie? Why do you dislike being lied to? It is a matter of trust. There is really nothing more sacred in a relationship than trust for one another. We all lie from time to time. It is almost reasonable to say that lying is an instinct because even young children lie without realizing it. Being lied to is frustrating and it breaks a bond of trust between two people, causing problems in their relationship. Why do people lie? For self-defense, to spare feelings...

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Why Do People Conform?

judgement, to engage in behaviour which they usually would not engage in, even accept and welcome an idea they internally disagree with, all in order to not be a deviant from the group. It is thus interesting to look at the factors which cause people to conform, to do what they see others doing, to rely on the judgements of the group, and to ignore their own senses and perceptions. It is the reasons for the individual's desire to conform that I will be discussing in this paper. ...

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Why Do People Smoke

METHOD Assignment 1 : OBSERVATION Title : Why do People Smoke? Table Of Contents Objectives Introduction Hypothesis Research Methology Findings Survey Results Conclusion Objectives Why do people smoke? I choose this topic because smokers among people are getting worse nowadays and I am trying to find out the cause why do people like to smoke. Introduction Nowadays it would be unheard of for people not to smoke. Smoking is a part of everyday life, although...

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Why Do People Migrate?

Why do people migrate? Thousands of people over the world leave their homeland every year to journey to he United States, a country that offers them better opprotunities than thei countries of origin. Why do these people leave their native country? There are many different reasons why particular immigrants emigrate to the United States. Economic, personal or political reasons may have convinced these people to immigrate to the United States. The common understandings of why immigrants come to...

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Why Do People Sag Their Pants?

Why Do People Sag Their Pants? My question has been the same for many ages. I don't like the fact that so many people sag their pants. To me it looks nasty and showing off your underwear is not cool and I don't know why people think it would be. I have done this research on more than one occasion and not for a class assignment, but because I wanted to try and understand what they could possibly get out of such unruly attire. There have been quite a few stories going around about the exact beginnings...

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why do people help

 Why do people help? Helping behavior is an important topic in social psychology. It is important to understand why people help, when they help and reasons for helping others. According to Kassin, pro-social behavior is an action intended to benefit others. The author also describes several factors of why people help. Among them, one is kin selection which is preferential helping of genetic relatives, which results in the greater likelihood that genes held in common will survive ( 2010, page...

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Why Do People Conform and Obey

Why do people conform and obey? Psychology Essay 4 Essay: Why do people conform and obey? In psychological terms, conformity refers to an individual`s urge to follow the rules or behaviours of a social group to which he belongs. Psychologists have put forward many theories to find out why people conform and obey and have completed studies to confirm their ideas. In this essay I will explain why people conform and obey. An important experiment demonstrating under which circumstances people...

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Why Is It Such a Vicious Practice and Why Do People Do It?

What is Shark Finning? Why is it such a vicious practice and why do people do it? Shark Finning is an atrocious practice of cutting off the shark’s fins and tossing the shark, still alive, back to the water; this practice is illegal but it is practiced anyways and it’s quite serious as some shark are in the edge of extinction. Once the fins have been cut off, the shark is thrown back to the water and it slowly dies. The shark may either drown, bleed to death or be eaten by other creatures...

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Why Do People Work

front of him. 'I've got a book and my newspaper,' he thought. 'And there's a good restaurant on the train. And then I've got two weeks' holiday with my Finnish friends in Oulu.' There weren't many people on the train, and nobody came into Mr Harris's carriage. He was happy about that. Most people on the train slept through the night, but Mr Harris liked to look out of the window, and to read and think. After dinner in the restaurant Mr Harris came back to his carriage, and sat in his seat next...

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Why Do People Lie

You did not have to hurt the sentiments or trust of the other person by covering up your truth. This is the foremost cause of lying. People lie because they want to avoid confrontation and conflict. Lying becomes the easier route. 2. A matter of habit Often pursuing the first one, that is, hiding information, one gets into the habit of lying. When you repeatedly do the same thing over and over again, it becomes your habit. Perfection, carelessness, lack of detail or attention to detail etcetera...

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Why Do People Resort to Violence?

"Why do people resort to violence?" "Who shot me? You punks didn't finish; now you're about to feel the wrath of a menace, I hit em' up." A quote from late Tupac Shakur and most young men's anthem and golden rule they live by. Each factor of a person's life or make up can affect and be affected by another factor. Peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, lack of intelligence, negligence in the home, revenge, and abuse can cause psychological problems. When the accumulation of negative factors...

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why do people migrate

to watch movies no matter what kind of movie we like. Movies entertain us during our free time such as, in the weekends and holydays, in brief movies are a pastime for all people, but the question is what is better watching it at home or at the theater? Transparently, there are some advantages and disadvantages of both. People put these advantages into consideration like the comfort, privacy, and coast. These factors effects the watcher decision of watching it at home or at the theater. First, comfort...

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Why do people comply to social rules and expectation.

Why Do People Comply With Social Rules and Expectation? Rules are statement on what can, should or must be done in particular circumstances. They govern our daily life whether we are aware of them or not. Rules are divided into two, direct rules(written formal rules) such as laws regarding manslaughter or incest and indirect rules(unwritten informal rules) such as norms, values and traditions of a particular society. Social expectation serves as a powerful tool to reinforce common beliefs and hopes...

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Why Do People Fall in Love

Why Do People Fall In Love Many researchers actually consider falling in love to be a biologic event. And there are some researchers that can show brain changes using MRI tests to show that there are actual changes in our brain that we think of psychologically but biologically it really is a physiologic change. But when we want to understand what falling in love is -- the best concept to understand is the concept called limerance. Limerance is that period in a relationship of great passion...

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Why Do People Have Religion

have your ever thought about why do people have these beliefs? Why do these beliefs even exist? Take a look at the history you might say people created religions just because they wanted to rule the rest of people or to secure their own social status. These stories may be true but they are not the root cause. Actually early religion was created just to explain natural phenomena and had nothing to do with politics. So nobody had enforced a belief, on the contrary people spontaneously needed a belief...

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Why people should join Cross Country

Yanet Torres P1 High School is a part of your life that you’ll always remember; I truly believe that if you join the ZHS Cross Country team it will bring many positive and happy memories. More than 450,000 high school student-athletes participate in cross-country every fall in the US. If you ask any of them about their thoughts on the sport, you’re guaranteed to have them tell you that they absolutely love it. Cross Country isn’t just like any other sport, it helps you have a healthy body, its’...

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Why do People Resist Change?

The reason why people resist change. (1) Loss of status or job security in the organization. 失去现在的位置和工作的保障 It is not our nature to make changes that we view as harmful to our current situation. In an organizational setting, this means employees, peers, and managers will resist administrative and technological changes that result in their role being eliminated or reduced. From their perspective, your change is harmful to their place in the organization! Forcing the change has its place. This approach...

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Why Work Group Are Formed?

Introduction A group is a team of people, who are motivated to join, perceive each other as members and interact with each other. A group may also be defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives. So simply congregation of people is not a group. Congregation of person must satisfy three conditions to become a group. There are: □ People must interact each other, □ They must psychologically...

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Innocent People, why do they suffer?

 Why do innocent people suffer? It is a question that all human being have asked either once in their life time or at multiple times. Innocent people suffer while the sinners succeed. We mention this question when it seems that innocent people suffer from a death or when they lose all that they have worked for. While people that do not seem to care with what happens, get what they do not deserve. “Who knows why heaven dislikes what is dislikes? Even the sage considers it a difficult question...

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Why Do People Use Drugs

 Christie Miller 29 September 2012 Instructor: Wayne Skinner CCJ 1017 Why do you think people take drugs? Do you know anyone with an addiction-prone personality? What does the medical literature indicate about addictive personalities? People take drugs to ease pain and avoid problems from their past and presence. An individual “may be depressed or in pain find physical relief does not help, eventually, he or she will then turn to drugs to remove symptoms” (Hubbard, 1996-2011)...

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Why do People Work? Why be in Business?

In my investigation I will investigate reasons why people work and why people would be in business. I will investigate advantages and disadvantages looking at limited companies to being self employed and working within the public and private sector’s. My Investigation will be mainly constructed around my parents. My dad was a self employed builder for about fifteen years and has in the last few years become a limited company. My mum is a personal services assistant for the NHS and has been for around...

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Why Do People Become Homelss

M1 ASSIGNMENT WHY PEOPLE BECOME HOMELESS AND WHY IT DOESN’T STOP LAVERNA MOORER ARGOSY UNIVERSITY Abstract This paper is going to present to you why people become homeless and why it does not stop Homelessness is a problem that have getting out of hands because of not addressing the situation on time. The focus is not so much the why but, if it will ever stop. Homelessness is a phenomenon that has so much to address research has been done; it was discover that for our government to concentrate...

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Facebook Frenzie: Why People of All Ages Join Social Networking Sites

halo-ing it up then going to chill with Matt!" "Jamie Newman is sooooo in love with Dan!!!" Why do people do this? We sit for countless hours in front of a computer screen, updating our lives with our keyboards and a mouse click. We let others around us know what we are doing, who we are with, our plans for the day, who we love this week, and even song lyrics that really "speak" to us. So how do we know what people are doing, from across the country, from across the world? There is a creation that today...

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Why Do People Fall in Love

Why do people fall in love? A question many of us find us asking ourselves in today’s society. Many of us have been hurt by love and therefore have refused to neither use nor believe that there is such a word or feeling that exists in the universe. People fall in love for many reasons; some don’t even know why they end up in love. I believe people fall in love for three life-based reasons, to expand the self and to increase our abilities and our effectiveness in other words self-expansion, lack...

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why do I want to join society

economics class at Nixor College for which I would get Rs 3000 monthly. In 9th class I was elected as a head boy for my branch at Beaconhouse school system Qasimabad campus. Q What do you know about AIESEC and the impact it is seeking to create? AIESEC is an international nonprofit organization that provides young people with leadership opportunities to develop themselves into global leaders. It is the largest student run organization in the world that lets us experience living and working at a global...

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Why Do People Like to Communicate with Social Networks?

ESL Argumentative Essay Why Do People Like to Communicate with Social Networks? Social networks are very relevant nowadays. Billions of minutes per day people spend for communication with each other in the social networks, such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and many others. They radically changed the nature of people’s communication. Social networks have motivated people to seek more and more friends; however, it is not the amount that goes into quality. Sustainable and responsible friendship...

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Why Do Groups Tend to Favour Their Own Members and Display Bias and Discrimination Toward Other Groups? Discuss with Reference to the Minimal Group Paradigm

community consists of a variety of groups. Every individual belongs to a group. We socialise in groups and we also work in groups (Vaughan & Hogg 2008).The groups we find ourselves in has a profound effect on who we are, what we become and (or) what we believe in. How do we define a group? Forsyth (2010) states that there is no a universal definition for describing a group. Let us consider university students working on a dissertation; they can be considered as a group. Social psychologists will argue...

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Why Do People Keep Pets

People have said, “The only creature to love someone more than it loves itself, is a dog.” The love doesn’t stop there; cats, hamsters, rabbits, and many other animals have unconditional love towards you. From 1970 to 2010, the number of cats and dogs in households has risen from 67 million to an estimated 164 million. Of these statistics, there are 78.2 million dogs and 86.4 million cats owned nationwide (humansociety). Why do so many people keep pets? There are numerous reasons for why people choose...

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Reason why students do not join educational tours

see the value" type ,which may be that they didn't explain the reason for following the instructions to their satisfaction which in this case may be the reason why they don't see the value of the tour, It is mentioned online in 2010 that there are eight reasons why students should join school activities, one of those is to know new people and have fun, it is a must that they enjoy what they are doing, it will be easier for them to learn by having fun with the experience. Another reason given is that...

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Why People Wear Hats?

effect Audience: People who seldom wear hat and do not know why other people do. Purpose: To inform them about the five factors why other people wear hats so that they can understand the reasons why other people do. Ordering: By points/from the most known factors to the most unknown factors. Thesis statement: There are five factors that lead people to wear hats including: to protect, to make a fashion statement, to hide from people, to show status, and to identify with certain groups. That Guy Is...

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Why Do People Study Foreign Languages

VINDY OKTAVIANI 4 A4, 1188203115 Individual Assigment VINDY OKTAVIANI 4 A4, 1188203115 Individual Assigment Why Do People Learn Foreign Language ? Language is a system of communication for us to interact with others. Without language we may not be able to interact, because language is the source for the creation of human interaction with others. The language in the world is very much, on average every countries has different language even though there are the same but not many and not completely...

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How Do Groups Affect and Shape Consumer Behavior?

Personal Influence: Reference Group and Opinion Leadership Reference Groups – use other people as a frame of reference. Primary groups are intimate, face-to-face such as family and peer groups. Informal primary groups include family and peer groups. Formal groups are highly defined in structure, interact frequently, such a school groups, business groups and work groups. Primary groups are more important to you. Secondary groups are seen less frequently. Informal groups are considered secondary...

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Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars?

Why Do People Buy Hybrid Cars? Consumers are buying increasing numbers of environmentally friendly cars. Increasingly, many of these environmentally conscious consumers choose to purchase petrol-electric hybrid vehicles. In this category of “greener-cars”, Toyota’s Prius model is reported to be the market leader. In 2009-10, it was the best-selling car in Japan, an important leading market for automobile trends (Mick 2010). Sales of the Prius keep growing despite well-publicised quality and...

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Why Do People Talk About Others?

if you do not know it for certainty, and if you know it for a certainty, then ask yourself, 'Why should I tell it?' Johann K. Lavater A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way. John Tudor Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality. Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900), Lady Windermere's Fan, 1892, Act III Why do we talk about other people? Oscar Wilde's statement "Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality" shows something of the reason we talk about other people. Gossip...

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Stages of Group Developement

PART 1 The group that I am going to be reflecting on is the group of students that I began with at ITT-Tech. The day was Monday, December 6th 2010, the class was Strategies for the technical professional. There were about twenty-five students total and all of us had the look of deer in headlights. The first stage, forming, took place immediately upon walking into the classroom. There were only two people in the entire class that knew each other and the rest of us were strangers. The anxiety...

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Why Do Some People Become Carers

Option 2 Why do some people become carers? Discuss this question, identifying at least two factors which influence who takes on a caring role. Some people voluntarily devote a large part of their lives looking after others who need help because of an illness, frailty or disability. Research studies show that it is estimated that there are 5.7 million carers in Great Britain (unit 3, p. 141). Duty, obligation, societal and cultural influences or unexpected events are all motivators why some people...

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Why People Shoplift

increasing in recent years. Despite the fact that there are tight securities against it, people are not discouraged to shoplift but instead they do so quite often. This paper looks at the reason behind the increasing number of shoplifters, the factors that encourage people to shoplift. People that are highly into such a crime can either be a young teen ager or a grown up however, the reason may vary for both the groups. This paper will further talk about money not being the only factor that encourages...

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Why Do Teenagers Join Gangs?

Why do teenagers join gangs? Have you ever felt lonely or rejected? Many teenagers around the world have. The need for acceptance, fear, protection and money are some reasons why teenagers join gangs. Probably the number one reason for teenagers joining gangs is to feel accepted. To understand why a teen joins a gang, you have to live in their areas and understand their environment. In gang neighborhoods, majority of the teens may be in a gang. This is almost equivalent to a cool club, because...

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Why to People Commit Crimes?

People commit crimes for various reasons. These various reasons got to do with social, economic, and cultural reason. These factors trigger an individual to do criminal activities. Social reasons are peer pressure, and school failure. Economic reasons are poverty. Cultural reasons are hatred. The combination of these factors is behind a person who commits crimes. To start with, people commit crime because of social reasons. The social reasons are poor parenting skills, peer influence, drugs...

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Key principles of group work, Consider the barriers to effective group wrk with young people

principles of group work 2.4 Explain why groups form and why people join them 2.5 Consider the barriers to effective group work with young people and explore/examine strategies to address these Group work is a common strategy used for supporting the personal, social and political education of young people. It can be used as a facility to give young people a wide range of transferable skills that can aid them in day to day life and potentially change their future prospects. Group work is the main...

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Why so many foreigners join in ISIS

Why So Many Foreigners Join Jihadists? Wang Zixuan 201201228 Mon 13:30 The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is a jihadist group based on al-Qaeda in Iraq, formed in April 2013. It has become one of the main jihadist groups fighting government forces in Syria and Iraq. Its leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who joined the rebellion that erupted in Iraq after the US-led invasion in 2003. Its original aim was to establish a caliphate in the Sunni-majority regions of...

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why do i want to join team board

[enter name]. Why do I want to join teen board? I would like to become a part of East Chase teen board because I feel that it would be a great experience for me. I am a very friendly person and get along with others very well. I am a smart and intelligent person .I have maintain A B honor roll since Kindergarten. I was Valedictorian of my elementary class and now currently have a G.P.A. of 3.8. I love to smile and I think that joining teen board would be the best place for me. I want to join teen board...

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Why Do We Need to Understand Group Dynamics to Understand Organizational Management and Organizational Behavior ?”

: the Group. A Group is composed by 2 or more individuals, who come together to accomplish a particular task or goal, which is why their behavior is very important and has to be studied first. A manager leading a group will have to take into account each of the individual characteristics in order for it to work. As individuals join and create a group, shall it be a formal or informal one, we slowly change focus. The individual needs, perceptions and motivations get absorbed and the Group creates...

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Why Females Join Gangs

 Why Females Join Gangs Female gang involvement has been on the rise throughout the decades. Deciding to become a gang member is a huge step for any girl or woman to take. There is no one specific reason, but instead several different motivating factors for females to join gangs. These factors include economic stresses, family stress, and a need to belong. Gender differences play a role in the urban environment and female victimization, young females turns to gangs in response to family...

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Why do bad things happen to Good People

Good People” by Harold S. Kushner. Kushner wrote this book after the death of his son Aaron due to premature aging. Kushner was not only a father but he was also a Rabbi and helped his congregation through turmoil of their own. Even as a man of faith the personal tragedy he experienced left him to think and question his own beliefs in God and the good and evil of the world. Kushner outlined the way that humans try to salvage their view of God and try to answer the questions why good people die...

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Why Do People Use Social Networking Sites?

In my opinion I think people use social networking because it saves them a lot time. In my Computer and Social Change 309 class we surveyed hundred and forty two people. Our result showed that the number one reason for people using social networking was for Connecting with Friends and Family with ninety six percent of the votes. Coming in second was entertainment with eighty-three percent votes which was followed by raising social awareness with thirty-four percent. Next was making...

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Why People Obey

is a type of influence causing a person to act person to act in response to a direct order from someone with perceived authority. In this essay I am going to explain Milgram’s reasons on why people obey. The process of learning throughout life or when a person learns to adjust to a group and act like the group is called socialisation. It is a central influence on behaviour, beliefs action but the society that one is raised in can also affect the level if independence. Goldhagen (1996) blamed anti-...

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Why We Conform to Groups

Why We Conform To The Groups We Are A Part Of Matt Gerry 14040633 4/2/13 Most people on this Earth are part of some group, whether they believe it or not. They have a group of friends, family, or co-workers whom they share a lot of time and space with. These groups that we are part of in our daily lives have a huge impact on our decision making. Chances are high that if the group an individual is a part of feels that option A is better than option B, the individual will think as their group...

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Hate Groups

BAN THE HATE GROUPS!! <br> <br>Right now, there are many active hate groups in the United States such as the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads, Christian identity, Black Separatists, etc. These hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan, which is one of America's oldest and more feared, use violence and move above the law to promote their different causes. Another example is a group called Christian Identity, who describes a religion that is fundamentally racist and anti-Semitic; and other are the Black Separatist...

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To what extent do pressure groups undermine democracy

To what extent do pressure groups undermine democracy? It is a varied opinion in society that pressure groups undermine democracy: some people believe strongly, some people don’t. It is hard to begin to analyse whether this is the case or not, as there are a varying amount of factors that need to be considered before a final decision and be made. In the first instance of answering this question, we need to find out the two types of pressure groups; elitist pressure groups and pluralist pressure...

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Why Do People Create Professional Identities?

character and composure (Roberts, 2005), due to the impressions conveyed by the former. Other than what has been discussed about globalization’s role in professional identities, there are alternative reasons for the creation of professional identities. People of the working population create professional identities not only due to globalization, but because of perceptions existent in society, demands of the career and expectations at work as well. In addition, supporting and opposing ideas would be brought...

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Why Do We Dream?

wait is that, Brad Paisley over by the water slide? These types of ridiculous scenarios happen all the time in people’s dreams, but no one really understands why. So why is it that people dream? This is an easy question to ask but a difficult one to answer. Neurologists, psychologists, and scientists have all proposed theories on why people dream; however, there is no strong evidence to really support these theories. Hence, there is no definite answer to this question. According to William Domoff...

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why people get tatoos

Why do people get tattoos? Tattoos are expensive, they are painful and they are permanent. Many people find them unattractive, or even repulsive, others see the beauty in them. If you get a tattoo, you will be judged by others because of that tattoo. You may be labelled a criminal, a thug, uneducated and immature and you most certainly have some underlying psychological issues that you are trying to compensate for. People think that tattoos are just a cry for attention, a rebellion against society...

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group dynamics term paper

My social group – basketball team This paper is about my social group, basketball team. It will be analyzed with different concepts in the following. To begin, I will mention background information. Then, I will describe the cohesiveness of our team with group size, initiations, cognitive dissonance and time. Lastly, I will explain why I do not exit the group with three structural factors, group permeability, status stability and legitimacy. My team has established in 2000 and I joined it...

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