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Why Boys Become Vicious

The Evil Within Why Boys Become Vicious, by William Golding, is about the negative behavior in young boys. He describes occurrences when boys act vicious and cruel. Furthermore, Golding explains the simplicity of goodness versus the complexity of evil. The key event he mentions is about the two years of age boy named James Bulger, and how he was brutally murdered by two young boys. They had abducted him, beat him, and killed him for no apparent reason. Due to this malicious act...

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Why Boys Become Vicious

but it doesn’t make the evil. Evil, in my own connotation, is something that causes your mind to do the unthinkable without feeling remorse. Coloring on the wall is nothing like Hitler trying massacre a whole society of people. Children are not vicious unless someone is cruel to them first! Bullying is the worst thing a person can do to another. Once one person is bullied it sets off a chain reaction. This is, until one person has had enough; they then explode like a bomb. Golding’s statement...

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 WHY GIRLS AND BOYS SHOULD’NT PLAY SPORTS TOGETHER! Girls and boys should not be in co-ed teams due to the injuries, fighting, social issues and the difference in both sexes performance. Another issue is the misunderstandings during physical contact sports, like football, rugby, lacrosse and hockey. Therefore girls and boys should not play sports together because it complicates and presents an unsafe environment. Usually when boys and girls play sports together major injuries occur, especially...

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Why Is It Such a Vicious Practice and Why Do People Do It?

What is Shark Finning? Why is it such a vicious practice and why do people do it? Shark Finning is an atrocious practice of cutting off the shark’s fins and tossing the shark, still alive, back to the water; this practice is illegal but it is practiced anyways and it’s quite serious as some shark are in the edge of extinction. Once the fins have been cut off, the shark is thrown back to the water and it slowly dies. The shark may either drown, bleed to death or be eaten by other creatures...

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How Boys Become Men

It’s a Guy Thing “Friend stopped, stood still, and braed himself.. see I’m no chicken” (Katz 221). Male maturation is a very complex sophisticated process. In “How Boys Become Men” Jon Katz takes on the challenge and head ache of analyzing this process. He explains how learning one of the central ethics of the gender is experiencing pain rather than showing fear and emotion. We do so by taken on challenges because we feel obligated to in front of our friends in order to not look cowardly. How...

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how boy become vicoious

Liverpool area shopping center by two older boys. We are told that he was beaten and then dumped in the path of a train so that his injuries would be disguised. To contemplate that deed, as we must if we are to live in the real world and not little worlds of our own making, is to face a peculiarly stark form of horror. And the cruelty behind it is nothing if not complex. It was nearly 40 years ago when I wrote about the cruelty boys can inflict on each other in today’s society...

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Why People Become Vegetarians

Why people become vegetarians? According to the growing population on Earth, there are approximately 17 million vegetarians in the world. Vegetarians are people who have decided to say “NO” to products of an animal origin. Today vegetarianism also is considered a slimming diet. But in origin, about a thousand years ago, the idea of animal origin product refusal had more religious character. The first vegetarians were ancient religion and the philosophical representatives, which supported...

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Analytical Essay, Why Boys Become Viscious

article, "Why Boys Become Vicious" is a descriptive account of the negative behavior some boys posses. It describes several instances where boy's behavior can be extremely violent and cruel. In his article Golding also gives reasons for some of these actions and attempts to determine whether deep seeded cruelty is something people are born with, or if it is something people collect throughout their lives. He supports these two possibilities with conditions that could cause issues to arise in boys. The...

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Why Become a Nurse

took care of my elderly grandma who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I knew that the disease was incurable but I did all to help grandma cope with her daily problems. I learned a lot from that experience. From that time I have dreamed to become a highly qualified, experienced, and very competent nurse. I want to work as a qualified nurse before becoming a doctor, which is my ultimate goal. As a Christian, I believe that compassion and care have a positive impact on a patient's physical and...

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Bad Boys by Arnette Ferguson

Paige Kahalnik Sociology Bad Boys paper In the book, Bad Boys, Ann Arnett Ferguson goes on a three-year journey through Rosa Parks Elementary School to observe and research why it is that mostly black males are ending up in jail and are unsalvageable from such a young age. She interviews and observes daily interactions with the eleven and twelve year old students that have been labeled “at risk” by their teachers and peers. She wants to research how it is being in school when all of the educators...

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Why Do People Become Homelss

M1 ASSIGNMENT WHY PEOPLE BECOME HOMELESS AND WHY IT DOESN’T STOP LAVERNA MOORER ARGOSY UNIVERSITY Abstract This paper is going to present to you why people become homeless and why it does not stop Homelessness is a problem that have getting out of hands because of not addressing the situation on time. The focus is not so much the why but, if it will ever stop. Homelessness is a phenomenon that has so much to address research has been done; it was discover that for our government to concentrate...

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Bad Boys and Why They Are Not Naughty by Nature but by Culture

Latting Charise Albritton Sociology 3255 4 April 2013 Bad Boys And Why They Are Not Naughty By Nature But By Culture “Don’t Believe the Hype.” I believe the title of the very first chapter perfectly introduces and summarizes Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity. These young boys are adultified and are tied to these two controlling images of the criminal and the endangered species. The way these young boys are treated in school is a parallel to how they will be treated...

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Essay Why Become a Engineer

ESSAY: WHY I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER Amy McLeod “Engineering is not merely knowing and being knowledgeable, like a walking encyclopaedia; engineering is not merely analysis; engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existent engineering problems; engineering is practicing the art of the organised forcing of technological change… Engineers operate at the interface of science and society.” - Dean Gordon Brown. Prior to starting secondary school...

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Why I Want To Become An Accountant

Why I want to become an accountant. Composing. Why I want to become an accountant? Have you ever been in the accounting department? I have been in the accounts. Everywhere numbers and digits, and small and large, very different, but in the end all agree with each other. Accounting! Surprisingly interesting. Mayakovsky Accountant - responsible profession. It requires a mathematical mind, here it is all very logical, exactly. The main principle of accounting - rigid logic. Some people believe that...

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Why I Wan to Become a Doctor

------------------------------------------------- why i want to become a doctor ------------------------------------------------- I think that wanting to become a doctor is almost something people are born with. I mean I know it sounds kinda funny but those that truly want to become a doctor have a pretty difficult time explaining why. I think the reason is that it mostly comes from a persons heart and trying to portray the feeling with words becomes difficult. Becoming a doctor is no easy task...

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Why Should Anyone Become an Entrepreneur?

We always hear about a person who becomes an entrepreneur. Some entrepreneurs succeed and some of them do not. Who's an entrepreneur? Why should anyone become an entrepreneur? Questions come to some people’s minds. Entrepreneur is "a person who starts or owns and operates an enterprise" (Moore, Petty, Palich, Longenecker, 2008). There are some motivators that make people willing to take this major step. Entrepreneurship gives people the chance to be their own bosses, make money, escape a bad situation...

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informative speech on why women fall for bad boys

informative on why many women are attracted to "bad boys" I. Have you ever wondered why THAT guy always seems to get the girls? The guy thats brash, cocky, and marches to the beat of his own drum. The one that is rude and doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Many women dump guys that are gentlemen for the jerk that acts in this manner.Why is it that many sensible and responsible women are attracted to rebels in other words the bad boy? Tran. II. Tran. Bad boys have been known...

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English 110-115 "How Boys Become Men" Author: Jon Katz “How Boys Become Men” How boys become men the article we read by Jon Katz, was interesting because I thought it was very different from other articles. It was interesting to read about what boys and men thought of each other and others. It gives a positive statement on how boys still haven't change and are still growing. Jon explains why boys act the way they do and why they think like they...

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backstreet boys

Giant passed away, and Prince became “The artist formerly know as…”However, what the world did not know was that in 1993, in Orlando, Florida, five young men had been chosen to be groomed to become one of the biggest musical sensations to ever roam this earth: The Backstreet Boys. The core of the Backstreet Boys was comprised of cousins Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell, who began performing as children in church choirs and singing at festivals in the style of Boyz II Men. The other members, A.J...

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Why Did Slavery Become Established As A

Why did slavery become established as a major labour system in the southern mainland colonies? Social Factors T.H. Breen, ‘A Changing Labor Force and Race Relations in Virginia’, Journal of Social History CHANGE OVER TIME Virginia in the years 1660-1683: much unrest, rioting, violence. According to the landowners and politicians this was due to “opportunists” (individuals usually) taking advantage of the “giddy multitude” (H.R. McIlwaine, ed., Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1659/60-1693...

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Boys of Baraka

American families are suffering from the violence and substance abuse in their towns today, as reflected in the film “Boys of Baraka”. This film focuses on four young African American boys and their families from an inner city in Baltimore; Richard and brother Romash, Devon, and Montrey. As a result of the lack of discipline and an increased violence rate, these African American boys are suffering education-wise. Luckily, the Baraka School in Africa was designed for these children and gave them hope...

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The Book Bad Boys

Bad Boys In the book Bad Boys, Ann Arnett Feruson originally sets out to look at how institutions create and preserve a sort of racial order, and also how the idea of what race is influences how people view themselves as individuals and as part of a larger community. This leads her into a more specific topic, and a close look at young black males in the education system. What she finds is that black boys are looked at differently than boys in general, and they often looked upon in a negative manner...

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more powerful " . Naturally Boys feel the need to assert their power to others at an early age. Rick Moody's short story "Boys", shows us the relationships between brother and sister and then between the boys and their father. Boys in early ages can be very ruthless and reckless. In Rick Moody's "Boys", the power of masculinity takes over the boys lives and through tragedy the boys are able to come together and let down their guard. In the early stages of the boys lives they feel the need to show...

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor

Why did Hitler become Chancellor? Many Historians agree the key event of Hitler´s rise to power was his appointment of Chancellor the 30th of January 1933 by the former German President von Hindenburg, who ruled the country since 1925 and was reelected in 1932. Although in the elections of July 1932 Hitler won 37.5% of the parliamentary seats (230), making the Nazi party the largest in the Reichstag, whereas he should have been Chancellor, he did not rise to power, as Hindenburg did not appoint...

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Why Is Changez Unable to Become an American?

Yorker” is not a valid point because he begins with defining himself as an American at the start. Whereas after the devastating effects of 9/11, and in consequence how Muslims were treated, Changez see’s the seeds of resentment on the surface, and becomes more patriotic towards Lahore. Likewise, his egocentricity starts to resonate as the monologue progresses; as he yearns for this due to the culmination of his ongoing search for power. At the beginning of the monologue, Changez describes to the...

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81339303 why corporations become multinationals

 Why do firms become multinational enterprises? Identify and discuss four reasons, making sure to incorporate examples into your answer. Name Institutional Affiliation Why do firms become multinational enterprises? Identify and discuss four reasons, making sure to incorporate examples into your answer. Multinationals are corporations which operate in at least two countries but whose management is established in one specific country. They have their operations in at least one other country...

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The Boy

The Boy and His Family Relationships In a sort of short story style, Marie Howe illustrates a depleting family relationship between a father and his children in the poem, “The Boy,” through its many symbols. With no discernible rhyme scheme, the plot develops, climaxes, and concludes alluding to a short story but in poetic form. The speaker, discovered through clues within the poem, is the younger sister of the boy and she is listening and learning from the examples set by her brothers. There is...

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Why Boys Dont Play with Dolls Research Paper

Why Boys Don’t Play With Dolls Katha Pollitt Pollitt, an award-winning poet, is also well known as a liberal essayist for The Nation. She contends that much of her writing argues for "women's entitlement to full human rights," and this essay, "Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls,” certainly was written in that vein. She has a well-deserved reputation for dismantling bad arguments by exposing the faulty logic and poor use of evidence of many of today's' cultural critics. This piece, first published...

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Why I Want to Become a Writer

between the two and I would like to establish The differences between the two and the similarities between the two, this has been investigated before But I want to form my own opinion and take a theoretical guess to how and why these carbonated Drinks are similar and why they are different. Most people say it’s because one is sweeter than the other But were not too sure about that. in this report I will clearly give you all the similarities and differences Between the two then give my own...

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Scholarship Boy or Not?

Scholarship Boy or Not? In the essay “Achievement of Desire”, Richard Rodriguez takes author Richard Hoggart’s, “Scholarship Boy”, and uses it as a reference point to capture his own life experiences as a scholarship boy. Growing up in a working class house hold, Richard was not the average product of his environment. Much like Hoggarts’ scholarship boy, Rodriguez was a very dedicated student that excelled in most of his studies. Although Rodriguez had the full support of his parents he was still...

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Real Boys

The book Real Boys by William Pollack explores the lives of boys. He states that boys hide they feelings. So it may seem on the outside that a boy is tough, cheerful, and confident, but really they are sad lonely and confused. He looks at the "mask" boys have been put on. Also explains how to get behind that mask. He goes over the boy code and explains it. Also he goes over the truths behind the myths. He goes over many other things also. I will try to outline the book as well as possible. He...

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why did the nazis become popular

hence an equivalent too as a result in the same way again because/as likewise the following therefore as withIn this essay I am going to justify in the form of PEE why the Nazi party was so popular at the time Hitler criticised the treaty of Versailles for all Germanys problems. The treaty was thought up in 1919 by the winning countries, the ideology was that Germany was never to attack again. The treaty included...

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Why Do Some People Become Carers

Option 2 Why do some people become carers? Discuss this question, identifying at least two factors which influence who takes on a caring role. Some people voluntarily devote a large part of their lives looking after others who need help because of an illness, frailty or disability. Research studies show that it is estimated that there are 5.7 million carers in Great Britain (unit 3, p. 141). Duty, obligation, societal and cultural influences or unexpected events are all motivators why some people...

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Boys to Men

How does a Boy become a Man? It was once said by Charles Dudley “One of the best things in the world is being a boy; it requires no experience, but becoming a man needs some practice to be a good one. Growing up is hard to do. The challenges that a child must deal with throughout the life cycle are overwhelming. Children must deal with physical, emotional, and physiological changes as they grow. There is no manual for growing up. Boys at young ages have mastered physical skills...

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Black Boy

 “BLACK BOY” This novel focuses on the struggle for identity of a young black boy in the Deep South. It is a powerful testament of Richard Wright’s life which depicts a tale of hope and determination. Richard’s life growing up as an African American in the Jim Crow South, paints for the reader the economic and social struggle that were clichéd for African Americans at the time. It follows young Richard through his youth, examining the hardships and obstacles faced by both him and his poverty-stricken...

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Pop Music and Boy Bands

music? - Popular music is any music since industrialization in the mid-1800s that is in line with the tastes and preferences of the middle class. 2. What theme does pop music typically use in the lyrics? Describe one pop song that uses this theme. Why is this theme such a popular one? -Typically, pop music centers on themes such as love and relationships. The themes of pop music also help to make the music accessible, as the songs are often about common experiences that most people will have at...

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Why Do Amendments Become Part of the Constitution?

Intro  How Amendments Became apart of the Constitution.  Why do Amendments Become part of the Constitution.  Problems with original Documents.  Prompt adoption of Bill of rights.  Effects of the bill of rights.  Problems with original Documents that Chang society or Led to later Amendments.  Twelfth Amendment  Twenty Second Amendment  Twenty Fifth Amendment How Amendments Become Part of the Constitution Process: After Congress proposes an amendment, the Archivist of the...

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The Whipping Boy

 The Whipping Boy by Richard Gibney The Civil War embossed America from 1861 to 1865 and only Americans participated in the war. The whole issue of slavery started the war; some were against it, while others were in favor of it. The war was mainly between the Southern States, who had slaves, and the Northern States, who had abolished slavery. “The Whipping Boy” from 2011 by Richard Gibney is a short story about three slaves in the Civil War, and the day...

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The Drawer Boy

Written By: Presented to: Course Code: Date: The Art of Violence: Healey’s Character Representation in The Drawer Boy Reviewed by Word Press critic Michael Dykstra, the Canadian play The Drawer Boy, by Michael Healey, has been suggested to be a play containing “no violence” (Dykstra); however, this conclusion deserves further analysis. In the play, the author uses violence as a way to create an identity for Angus, a main character, as well as a method to develop Angus’s character. Through...

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Speech for Head Boy

Sample of Head Boy and Head Girl speeches March 2012 19 March 2012 A sample of the Head Boy/Girl Speeches March 2012 Charlotte Jones Firstly, I would like to become Head Girl as I feel I have the ability. If I was to become Head Girl it would be a great personal achievement for myself. I would love to become Head Girl as I feel I could contribute towards College in a positive way. If I was to become Head Girl I know I would put the effort into talking to you, whether it is through sport activities...

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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933?

On 30th January, 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg, but why did he get this prestigious honour - why did Hitler become Chancellor? There are four main reasons as to why this happened, and they are as follows: the Weimar government's weaknesses; his own leadership skills and the Nazis tactics; the Great Depression; and political manoeuvring between von Schleicher and von Papen. It is to be shown, however, that it really down to the involvement of von Schleicher...

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Dogtown and the Z Boys

hands on and visual aspects of the art. When taking the Z boys and Dog-town genesis into consideration and what would be the best way to get the point across you first have to know what the the Dog-town and the who where the z boys and there history to understand what medium who best explains the purpose as well as the intent. With the Z-Boys being as unique and what some people consider “lazy” and “bummish” had a motive and a purpose to why they skated. Many years after they became famous and books...

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor in 1933?

Why did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933? There are many factors which explain why Hitler and the Nazis came into power in 1933, for example; the great depression and the weaknesses of the Weimar Government. These reasons and others will be explored further and explained in greater detail why these reasons helped Hitler to become Chancellor in 1933. One factor to explain why Hitler became Chancellor was the Depression. In October 1929 the stock market in the USA collapsed, causing America...

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From Boys to Men

hazing. It can take weeks for the initiation of Savic boys. For the boys to become a true Savic man they need to go through the process of "crocodile cuts." It happens once a year but doesn't happen to only one age group. Boys from as young as 13 to 20-years-old may all go through their tribe's initiation at the same time. All who take part of the process from boyhood to manhood know it's painful; it may cause death. Failure means to forever be a boy child, never to be fully accepted and frowned upon...

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The Lost Boy

THE LOST BOY SOCW 3220: Human Behavior II ABSTRACT Imagine a boy who is nine years old and who is alone. He doesn't have a home, and the only possession he has is what he can carry in a brown paper bag. In the novel The Lost Boy, the author David Pelzer tells his experience of this first hand. David was removed from his abusive biological mother when he was nine years old and placed into a foster home. Soon after his first placement, he began to come out of his shell. He was going...

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Black Boy

Deon Stafford Jr. Period: 2 1/27/13 “Life of a Black Boy” Black Boy by Richard Wright is a novel dating back from the early 1900s, in the segregated Jim Crow south, which is a time where Blacks were not treated as an equal to Whites. The hardships such as violence, poverty, and racism affected the culture of African American youth in the south. Richard Wright’s Black Boy continues the conflicts and struggles of the racism in the United States. The criticism and abuse Richard deals with strives...

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Boy Scouts of America

Speech Boy Scouts of America Introduction: A. Did you know that Boy Scouts of America has over 2.7 million youth members and over 1 million adult volunteers who participated in service projects adding up to 13,449,017 service hours in 2012? B. That being said, my goal for today is to inform you on what the Boy Scouts of America do as well as some of the benefits that the community receives from youth scouts. My name is ______ _____ and today I am going to be talking about the Boy Scouts...

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Skateboarding and Z-boys

Carlos Delcompare Shari Alvanas Composition 10/18/05 English Skateboarding as Pop culture: The Mark of the Z-Boys The sport of skateboarding has been around for many years. The sport has gone from the early nineteen-hundreds to modern day society. The sport went from just being a hobby to becoming one of the most popular sports of today. Throughout the years skateboarding has been significantly modified to suit the skaters of the day. Since skateboarding has been in existence ...

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Boys and Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club Does Good Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Boys & Girls Club Does Good The Boys & Girls Club (2011, p. 2) has about 4.1 million kids; 3,954 clubs; about 276,000 staff and volunteers; and 27,000 board members. The Boys & Girls Club is meant to help young people out. They help young people with character & leadership, education and career, health and life skills, arts, sports and fitness and specialized programs. The character and leadership program helps the youth become responsible...

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Are Boys in Crisis in Our Schools?

Introduction There are many issues that concerns education that all educators should be aware of. One of those issue happens to be are boys in crisis. This is important for all early childhood educators to know because in their classroom they are going to have a class full of children and almost half of them will be boys. As teachers we should know how to help all of our students to succeed and grow up to be productive members of society. Our job as teachers is to insure that we are teaching the...

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Boys’ Underachievement in English and Literacy

Boys’ Underachievement in English and Literacy. Over the past two decades research has shown that the under-achievement of boys in English at primary and secondary level is a major challenge to the education system. It is clear from national data that there are legitimate concerns of the achievements of some boys throughout their schooling. The national picture shows us that at Key stage 1 boys are under achieving in literacy and English and this becomes further exacerbated at Key Stage 2, Key...

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Why Did the Usa Become Increasingly Involved in Vietnam?

Why Did the USA Become Increasingly Involved in Vietnam? The Vietnam War- one of the bloodiest, grimmest, and most trying times of the Cold War. A war that many believed was fought in vain and without purpose and that “…produced no famous victories, no national heroes and no patriotic songs…” A war that threw the USA into public disdain for intervening where intervention was not needed; for causing bloodshed when none was called for- and all in the name of a failed policy of Containment and the...

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Why Should the Music Video ‘Like a Boy’ Offer Such Contradictory Gender Representations?

Why should the music video ‘like a boy’ offer such contradictory gender representations? The role of women in today’s society has dramatically evolved from the views that society shared in previous decades. No longer is a woman valued for her etiquette, grace and virtues, instead we are constantly in competition with one another over being more provocative and sexually charged. A perfect example of this ironically acceptable behaviour is portrayed through the women we view on a daily basis in...

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Why Should I Want to Become a Teacher?

Why I became a Teacher? When I was unfulfilled, working in the profession of social work, I decided that I would need to help others for my job. That was in 2007. I quit my job and did something that I had never done before. I started hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself. After thinking about what goals I had, it hit me: teaching. As a teacher you will influence youth to make a difference in their lives. That is when I thought about the example that my mother had been for students at her...

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

“More than anything else, belonging is about finding a sense of our own place in the world” The book tells a story seen through the innocent eyes of an 8 year old boy, Bruno, who is unsure of his place in the world. The most evident concept of belonging is his hitch in his transition from childhood to adulthood. Throughout the book, he faces the conflict between accepting the harsh "Jew-killing" reality of the world or stay immersed in his fantastical world filled with adventure. Bruno also feels...

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Why Has Terrorism Become Such an Important Issue over the Last 40 Years?

WHY HAS TERRORISM BECOME SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE OVER THE LAST 40 YEARS? There are many reasons why terrorism has become such an important issue over the last 40 years. In this paper I will be exploring the answers to this question through three related topics; 1) the threat from terrorism; 2) why people join terrorist groups and; 3) dealing with terrorism. I will be using the sources provided and historical facts related to three groups; the IRA, the PLO and Al-Qaeda. Section 1 – The threat...

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Motivating Middle School Boys

Motivation of Middle School Boys in Math Class Abstract Middle school is a time of physical, emotional and social change for boys. When students hit middle school, academics tend to take a back seat to all of the new activity in their lives. For boys, middle school is increasingly difficult. In addition to the physical and emotional changes, the academic curriculum becomes more challenging and rigid. This does not align with a typical boy's learning style. Many boys in middle school are struggling...

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How Boys Become Men

How Boys Become Men The article “How Boys Become Men” written by Jon Katz, gives a positive statement on how boys still haven’t change and are still growing up the same. Jon Katz, shares with us while walking his dog one day, he saw a boy get beaten by a group of older boys. While walking towards him, Katz asked if he was okay; the boy said yes and begun to swing like nothing happened. I believe that what Jon Katz states is true, because the fact is; boys are always going to think they’re the...

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How Does Jimmy Change During 'Fat Boy Swim'?

Fat boy swim is about a boy who's life has changed dramatically, from traumas and triumphs. Jimmy used to get bullied, he would cower in the corner and not be able to face the harsh critics. But when he started swimming he discovered a passion with connections to school, family life, appearance and most of all his dreams.......... When Jimmy has a crush, his confidence is boosted and he feels like superman! 'Up,up and awayyy!' The writer has written the feeling of a superman in an indirect way so...

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why you should become an organ donor

Why You Should Become an Organ Donor Almost everyone would want to be able to say “I have saved a life.” But by becoming an organ donor, you will be able to say “I WILL save a life.” Organ donation is a selfless way of giving back to others and being able to make a huge difference by giving another person a second chance at life. Unfortunately the number of patients waiting for organs far exceeds the number of people who have registered to become donors. Patients are forced to wait months, even...

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