• I Am Proud to Be Malaysian
    "I am proud to be a Malaysian because our country has been independent from British colonies.I also feel very lucky to live in Malaysia because the country was fortunate to secure and prosperous.I was fortunate to have Prime Minister because he has a fair and equitable.I am also proud that Malaysi
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  • Proud to Be Malaysian
    I WAS born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak. I am of mixed parentage. My father is Bidayuh and my mother, Chinese. Growing up in a multi-racial family has taught me to respect people of different races and heritage, and my parents have taught me that racism hurts. I was also taught to appreciate an
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  • Proud to Be a Malaysian
    I am proud to be a Malaysian because of so many reasons. Firstly, Malaysia is surprisingly beautiful. We have beautiful islands and also the biggest caves in Southeast Asia. Not only that, Malaysia has the tallest twin tower in the world (KLCC). We also have the highest and the longest canopy walk i
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  • Malaysian Miracle
    Information Background Malaysia is a country with developing economy. It belongs to group of the richest and developed countries among developing countries - to the group of New Industrial Countries. “In 2007, the economy of Malaysia was the 29th largest economy in the world by purchasing power
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  • What Make Me a Malaysian
    INTRODUCTION Malaysia is a multicultural society, with Malays, Chinese and Indians living side by side. The Malays are the largest community, numbering 60% of the population, following the Muslim religion, speak Bahasa Melayu, and are largely responsible for the country's political destiny. Abo
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  • Malaysian Ir
    Peter Wad Transforming Industrial Relations : the Case of the Malaysian Auto Industry CLARA Working Paper, No. 12 Transforming Industrial Relations : the Case of the Malaysian Auto Industry Peter Wad Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (DICM), Copenhagen Business Scho
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  • Why Should Be Proud of Malaysia
    1. Malaysia's first astronaut sent into space and the ISS. 2. The people of Malaysia have been round the world solo yacht ride in 1999. 3. In 1997, two people who had conquered the mountain Everst Malaysia and the Malaysian flag flying there. 4. Malaysia has launched a satellite MEASAT 1 &
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  • The Idea to Send the Second Malaysian Astronaut Should Not Be Proceed.
    The first Malaysian astronaut program was launched in the International Space Station on 10th October 2007 and returned to earth safely on 21st October 2007. Malaysians are very proud for that achievement. Three years have passed, and recently a proposal to send the second astronaut mission to the I
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  • Malaysian Coffee Culture: a Research of Social Aspect, Branding and Design
    UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA MALAYSIAN COFFEE CULTURE: A RESEARCH OF SOCIAL ASPECT, BRANDING AND DESIGN SITI NURBAYA ABDUL RAHMAN Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters Degree of Art History & Cultural Management (AD771) Faculty of Art & Design October 2010
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  • What Makes Me a Malaysian
    What makes me a Malaysian? Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy in south-east Asia consisting thirteen states, and three federal territories. The country is separated by South China Sea into two regions. There are Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo (also know as east Malaysia).and also t
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  • What Makes We Malaysian
    Introduction In 1946, Federated Malay States (Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak and Selangor) and Unfederated Malay States (Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Perlis), together with Malacca and Penang formed the Malayan Union which then reformed as the Federation of Malaya in 1948. Federation o
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  • What Makes Me a Malaysian
    Malaysia, is a country which cannot be defined in a word. The citizens are from different races and religion. The unity in these different cultures is what that makes Malaysia a wonderful country. One may ask who started all this or rather who brought all these multiracial aspects together in one co
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  • Malaysian Studies
    At the time Malaysia achieved its independence under Tunku Abdul Rahman leadership, our nation struggled very hard to build unity between Malaysia’s plural societies so that the people could live harmoniously despite of differences in religions, cultures and customs. Our government was very consci
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  • Western Culture Has Brought More Negative Impacts on the Malaysian Youth.
    Western Culture Has Brought More Negative Impacts On The Malaysian Youth. Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason that began in Ancient Greece. There and in the Roman civilization it developed until the start of the Middle Ages when it largely vanished from Europe. During the M
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  • Malaysian Studies
    Part 1: HISTORY OF INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT TRADITIONAL MALAY KINGDOM The ancient history of Malaysia spans four main phases: 1. PALEOLITHIC AGE (early stone age), 35000 YEARS AGO 2. MESOLITHIC AGE (middle stone age), 11000 YEARS AGO 3. NEOLITHIC AGE (new stone age), 5000 YEARS AGO 4. METAL AGE, 2
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  • I Love My Country, I Am Proud to Be a Malaysians
    I love my country, I am proud to be a Malaysians Malaysia is a country which consists of three main races that is Malay, Chinese and Indians, and also various ethnic tribes like the Iban and the Kadazan community, and many more. What makes it so special is that we can all live harmoniously in this
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  • Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory and Job Satisfaction in the Malaysian Retail Sector: the Mediating Effect of Love of Money
    Asian Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1, 73–94, January 2011 HERZBERG'S MOTIVATION-HYGIENE THEORY AND JOB SATISFACTION IN THE MALAYSIAN RETAIL SECTOR: THE MEDIATING EFFECT OF LOVE OF MONEY Tan Teck-Hong* and Amna Waheed Sunway University, School of Business 5, Jalan Universiti,
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  • Malaysian Youth Culture
    MALAYSIAN YOUTH CULTURE In this 21st century world, cultures have changed and so youth culture all over the world. In Malaysia, our youth cultures have made changes as the world’s culture change goes. Since Malaysia is a multi-cultural country so the culture of our youth today obviously
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  • Cultural and Heritage with Malaysian Cuisine
    CULTURAL AND HERITAGE WITH MALAYSIAN CUISINE “Malaysia”, land of diverse society, unique with its multi cultural population is renowned among international travellers for uniqueness of different races that can live together harmoniously. Famous for its world wonder destinations, be it island
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  • Tolerance Among Malaysian
                Malaysia is well-known as a multi racial country that has variety of races such as Malays, Chinese and Indians with many types of religions and its own cultures. What makes Malaysia a unique country is the diversity of the people. 1 Malaysia concept has been introduced by our hono
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