"When Should Local Culture Affect Ethical Practices" Essays and Research Papers

When Should Local Culture Affect Ethical Practices

Does diversity affect ethical decisions? Maintaining diversity and ethics practices is important to most businesses who want to gain the loyalty of employees and trust of consumers. Diversity is much more than one of several ethical issues.  Ethics and diversity, in fact, have a multi-dimensional relationship that affects not only what issues we consider, but also the very process of engaging in ethical reflection. Ethical thinking involves the intricate process used...

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Kingjewels: Ethical Leadership Practice

Assignment #4: Case: KingJewels: Ethical Leadership Practice By Pamela Reynolds 6692401989 Strayer University Fall Quarter Professor Thein ACC499-002016 Week 8 November 30, 2010 1. Discuss how the leadership style may have contributed to unethical behavior. When the company was first founded by Andy Wong it was ran using a hands-on leadership style. He believed a good vision and direction were critical leadership qualities. He always said “you do not achieve commitment to, or...

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The Ethical Challenges of Professional Practice

The Ethical Challenges of Professional Practice Prepared by: Malgorzata Delimat Introduction In recent months, a sense of chaos has prevailed in Ireland. Scandals, which emerged in banking sector, have done horrendous damage to credibility of accountancy profession and reputation of Irish financial system. In these difficult times, it is very important to understand what the ethical challenges of accountancy profession are. As professionals, accountants...

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Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma International OB: Managing across Cultures. 3M tries to make a difference Russia Should 3M export its American ethical standards to Russia? 1. If 3M doesn’t like the way things are done in Russia, it shouldn’t do business there. Explain your rationale. I do not agree with this statement. From my marketing perspective, it is a challenge of 3M in order to go worldwide, and this is a challenge they should take. Russia is booming in oil and gas, mining, construction, IT, retail...

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Ethical Issues in the Counseling Practice

Ethical Issues in the Counseling PracticeEthical Issues in the Assessment Process” COUNSELING Two important ethical issues in the practice of counseling are described below: a) Keeping Relationships Professional * Dual relationships * Bartering * Multiple clients b) Professional Responsibility * Advertising & Soliciting Clients * Credentials * Evaluation, Assessment, and Interpretation KEEPING RELATIONSHIPS PROFESSIONAL Dual Relationships: Refers to the professional’s...

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Business Ethics Across Cultures

Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review Berry C. Miller Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility (Axia)/XMGT216 July 11, 2010 Frank Czarny Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review Managers and leaders of companies conducting business internationally face many ethical and moral issues. When companies conduct business with other nations many dilemmas may occur because of ignorance of the other nation’s customs and beliefs. Understanding the customs and beliefs of...

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Can Technology Affect Ethics and Culture

Can Technology Affect Ethics and Culture? Jeremiah Johnson TEC/401 Linda Poole November 16, 2006 Can Technology Affect Ethics and Culture? In today's work environment, workers are expected to know more than ever before. With the growing of technology comes more knowledge that end-users must know, so it is important for workers not to be distracted by unethical practices. However, with technology also comes a more defined sense of communication, which can be good or bad. This improved communication...

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Addressing International Legal And Ethical Issues

 Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Gabriel Berumen LAW/421 April 01, 2015 Prof Danielle Diaz Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues There are many regulations and guidelines that must be taken into consideration when stepping into the world of international business. “Whether acquiring assets in the U.S., forming a joint venture with an Asian company, or enforcing a contract provision with a European supplier, businesses need lawyers who have demonstrated...

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior It is obvious that ethical issues play a major part in any organization when it comes to outlining good behavior from bad behavior. As Kinicki & Kreitner, (2009, pg. 52) has stated “There are a variety of individual and organizational factors that contribute to unethical behavior. Organizational Behavior is an excellent vantage point for better understanding and improving workplace ethics. If OB can provide insights about managing human work behavior...

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Ethical issues in counseling Practice

 Ethical issues In Counseling Practice Ethics are a vital component of Counseling. It helps keep Professional Counselors accountable to their clients, and to the state board. Let’s first start with the definition of ethics” Are guidelines or rules set by a governing body or society.. Ethics are important because it helps the Counselor think in reference of how well can he or she perform...

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International Business Ethical Practices

International Business Ethical Practices CMGT/530 IT Organization Behavior Abstract In this paper I indentified the importance of international ethical business practices. With public scandals and corporate corruption, highlighting the need for ethical awareness and evaluation of behaviors carried out by the companies and its employees. Strategies such are code of conduct and training courses, are developed by internal and external organizations to bring ethical awareness to organizations...

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Labor Practices

 Labor Practices Paper Shaylene Lambson PHL/320 6/16/2014 Douglas Reed Labor Practices Paper In a captivity business world there are many pressures and demands to be met by companies. Many times those demands lead business to adapt unethical behaviors. The United States has placed many laws to protect workers from those unethical practices but in an international business world, what protects international employees from falling victim those practices? This paper will address the...

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Mncs Should Think Global but Act Local

MNCs should think global but act local Author: Lav Goyal MNC's should customise the governance framework to suit Indian situation and have appropiate internal control design review mechanism . Most Multinational Companies are able to manage their businesses very well at home, but often struggle in other countries. While their business processes are well run in their home country, they find that the same processes perform unsatisfactorily or at least sub-optimally in their overseas entities. ...

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Audit Firm Culture

The Audit Firm Culture and its Affects on Quality Audits By Danielle Reynolds A company’s culture has a large impact on the ethical behavior of employee’s and an employee’s ethical behavior plays an important role in the quality of the audit. Now, there are several factors that affect the quality of an audit but the one that will be focused on in this paper is the effect the audit firm culture has on the audit quality. Audit firm culture effects so many different things at a firm including...

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Ethical Relativism

Ethical Relativism; No moral truths, just relative to the individual/culture. When is different just different and when is it morally problematic? Diversity of standards often leads to issues with regards to; Corruption/work practices/child labour/inferior products/government influence Situation sensitive: need for tolerance/understanding of variety of cultures. Moral diversity: no wrongs/rights, based purely on social norms. Shouldn’t pass judgement on situations...

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Ethical Principles

An Analysis of Ethical Principles in The Evaluation The term ‘ethical’, as I have come to apprehend it, is not just conforming to putative standards of conduct, but dealing with what is good or bad and with moral duty and obligation. Thomas A. Schwandt, a professor at the University of Illinois, notes that “while we can live in a world without standards and guidelines, we cannot live in a world without ethics.” Although, standards and guidelines have become prominent and are important guides in...

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Difficulties That May Arise When Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practices

JANET LAWAL P5 HOW ANTI-DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE IS PROMOTED IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ETHICAL PRINCIPLES In health and social care sector, health care professionals take into account four key ethical principles when providing service to the service users. The key ethical principles are justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence. In health and social care settings people must be treated fairly without being judgemental regardless of who they are or where they come from. Health...

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Ethical Business Practices

helped WorldCom make additional acquisitions, support its $30 billion debt, as well as allow executives to cash in on their stock options. The final reason why people participate in unethical behavior is because the company culture puts the bottom line ahead of ethical behavior. This is exactly what happened at Enron. Enron had a program called “rank and yank.” In the “rank and yank” process your performance is evaluated yearly and if you are ranked the 15-20 percent lowest ranking employees you...

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES OF NURSING Many confusing factors make it a task to establish, monitor and sustain ethical and legal issues in nursing. Everyone has various personal views based on experiences of life, religion, education and political affiliations, all nurses should be aware about nursing laws and ethics and understand how nursing legal issues can affect them. The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics is very influential to nurses because it is used as a framework...

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Ethical Practice and Legislation

 Ethical Practice and Legislation Michelle Millan University of the Rockies 6/21/2013 Abstract The American Psychological Association’s work towards establishing the ethical code of conduct is to assist psychologists with maintaining integrity and building trust with their clients. The guidelines that have been set forth come from years of experience by members of the APA dating back decades. They have earned their respect and acknowledgement with...

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Ethical Framework Outline

An Ethical and Spiritual Community Issue On the other hand, from my prospective, music has a way of soothing and causing reflection, but what about when it comes to age difference in the church? It would appear that church leaders have their part to provide music choices that will not only keep members, but to satisfy children, young adults and mature parishers. I believe music is a ministry in itself. It has as it’s structure the ability to calm, relax, motivate, restore, and to create...

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Ethical Issues in Business

first categorical imperative states - one should “act only on maxims which you can will to be universal laws of nature”5, the manager acted on the maxim that a corporation should be honest when reporting profits. Being honest is a principle that has been universalized – consider the exception, which was exactly what happened in Italy back then: as a “generally accepted Italian practice”6, understating profits by 30%-70%7 was adopted by most companies in Italy when filing for tax. The consequence was that...

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Ethical Considerations in Research Methodologies

1) Evaluate the ethical considerations and access to information that should be observed by researchers (25) Ethics: Dresser (1998) stated that these are societal norms adopted by a group. It is a conception of conduct that is right or wrong. They deal with the fundamental human relationships and are a universal human trait. Ethical guidelines are necessary to clarify the conditions under which psychological research is acceptable. Researchers must recognize the possibility of such legal action...

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Ethical Effect to Mns's

activities. Aware of this fact, MNCs are getting involved in activities that are inclined to benefit the society and give them a competitive advantage over local firms. The involvement is gauged using the society laws of interdependence and the laid out human rights and standards of living. This paper explores the social responsibility practices of MNCs when they operate in foreign countries and highlights the extent that their code of conduct mirrors their home country’s' institutional characteristics in...

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Local Food Consumption Cultures

LOCAL FOOD CONSUMPTION CULTURES IN A GLOBALIZED WORLD. In today’s world, the relationship between globalization and culture is significant and debatable issue, since their effects to each other. There are many meanings about globalization; however, we can say globalization was born between earlier nineteenth and twentieth century; moreover, it represents dominant economic and social politics of European states and United States over other countries(Griffin as cited in Cullenberg and...

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Ethical Practices in an Indian Organisation

stand for something as a company. We must be sure we know what we are looking for when we hire,” he recalls. The company examined the ethics and values statements of high-profile companies worldwide and talked to business ethicists in academia. Group discussions were held within the company, drawing in not just managers but rank-and-file employees. “We asked, ‘What do you think is true to us? What is the quest we should build the company around?” Premji says. Ultimately, they came up with a list of...

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Culture and Business Practice in Asia

CULTURE AND BUSINESS PRACTICE IN ASIA SOCU1016 Topic 3: How is culture used to market tourism destinations in Asia. What standard images and recurring ideas and expressions appear most often in the tourism marketing campaigns of two Asian countries? Tourism has become one of a superior branch which has the fastest growth rate in the service industry. Each country always wants to exploit the potentiality of tourism because not only does it bring the high profit, but also it is a way to advertise...

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Concept of ethical relativism

Concept of ethical relativism Ethical relativism is the theory that there are no universalized moral standards to apply to all people all the time. The relativity of ethics refers to the ethics may be different in different societies. The same situation and behavior may be morally acceptable in one society but morally unacceptable in another. However, this theory is rejected by most ethicists. First of all, some claim that while the moral practices of societies may differ, the fundamental moral...

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The Singapore Code of Cg Advocates the Disclosure of Company Whistle-Blowing Practices and Procedures. Should Employees Have a Duty to Blow the Whistle on Unethical or Illegal Acts?

whistle-blowing practices and procedures.   Should employees have a duty to blow the whistle on unethical or illegal acts?   Introduction In recent years, fraud cases in Singapore have increased from 3.8 in 2008 to 9.0 in 2011 (KPMG 2011). One of the significant avenues to uncover such cases would be whistle-blowing by the employees. Indeed whistle-blowing does play a huge part in the governance of the corporate world and society; by advocating the disclosure of company whistle-blowing practices and procedures...

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Ethical Frameworks in Practice

Ethical Frameworks in Practice 1 Running Head: ETHICAL FRAMEWORKS IN PRACTICE Ethical Frameworks in Practice Catherine Gilmartin Grand Canyon University: NRS 437V October 14, 2011 Ethical Frameworks in Practice 2 Introduction The article by Pamela Nathanson, Bioethics on NBC’s ER: Betraying Trust or Providing Good Care? When is it OK to Break Confidentiality, presents a dilemma...

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Ethical Behavior in Business

Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical behavior refers to behaviors that are appropriate. Ethical behaviors are based on morals. An ethical behavior is considered the right way to behave. It involves selecting the right from wrong. People have to conform to the standards set by the organization by choosing what is right and what is wrong. Business ethics is a kind of applied ethics or professional ethics that is aimed at examining the ethical...

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Ethical Perspectives

 Ethical Perspective ETH/316 February 21, 2013 Ethical Perspective Ethical perspective is the highlight situations that can affect investors and the consumer attitudes, in both the long and short-term capability (Ethics Perspective, 2012). For example, investors and consumers that invest in stocks and bonds is an ethical perspective. This will affect both parties because the investors and the consumers will miss money. The highlight of the situations is the fact that investors...

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Moral Reasoning and Ethical Theory

your mind when someone mentions the word ethics? Perhaps your answer is correct. Let us do not waste our time. Let us see what we are going to learn in this topic. In this topic, you will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and theories of morals; the history and development of ethical theories; and also the systematic study of right and wrong, good and evil. These concepts and theories will then be applied to contemporary managerial dilemmas. Topic 1. Moral Reasoning and Ethical Theory...

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Bartering Ethical Dilemma

Bartering Ethical Dilemma Name: Tutor: Introduction Bartering Bartering involves exchange of goods and services; this has been a part of human beings since the beginning, even before gold or money was used as an exchange. This is common with poor customers who need a service or product without money but have something in exchange. This has been a part of numerous culture and communities norms as an acceptable method of compensation as well as, economic exchange.(Zur, 2005) Bartering...

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Mentoring to Develop Ethical Employees

CASE STUDY: Mentoring to Develop Ethical Employees Mentoring to Develop Ethical Employees Tami Baum Kaplan University AB203: Human Resources Management Jennifer Bryant June29, 2012 Mentoring to Develop Ethical Employees Introduction Business ethics exist to ensure that professionals will consider the interests of the company above those of personal gain. In today’s scandalous business climate, there are many concerns regarding ethical behavior. Business Professor, Linda...

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Ethical Perspectives

issue that affects the organization's interactions outside the United States. It will also define the cultural issue within the global organization as well as provide an analysis of the ethical and social responsibility issues that the organization must deal with as a result of being a global organization. The analysis will identify ethical perspectives in the global organization and it will compare these ethical perspectives across cultures involved in the global organization. Ethical Perspectives...

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What is ethics and social responsibility and how important does it relate to organizational culture?

organizational culture is very important because the culture is like something that the employee can be based for. In addition, the organizational culture is defined as a system of shared meaning and beliefs within an organization that determines, in a large degree, how employee's act (Robbins, et al., 2003, p. 70). Founders of new organizations and managers play an important role in creating and maintaining organizational cultures. However, ethical organizational cultures are those in which ethical values...

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Ethical Business Practices

Ethical business practices A Cadbury Schweppes case study Page 1: The importance of ethics in business Ethics concern an individual's moral judgements about right and wrong. Decisions taken within an organisation may be made by individuals or groups, but whoever makes them will be influenced by the culture of the company. The decision to behave ethically is a moral one; employees must decide what they think is the right course of action. This may involve rejecting the route that would lead to...

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Ethical Leadership

 Ethical Leadership: Creating an Ethical Environment That Promotes Positive Employee Behaviors, Quality Care, Safety, and Efficiency Sheilah Montoya RN, BSN Chamberlain College of Nursing In the healthcare setting, todays leaders face many challenges. One prominent and ongoing issue is the ability of healthcare staff to provide safe, quality care to patients, and to be able to provide this care efficiently. As healthcare professionals we understand that ethical issues along with...

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How Does Culture Affect Market Research

 How does culture affect market research? 23rd September 2014 Cheng-Hsun, Hsieh (Tony) 149005710 Aaron’s Group 1,446 words 1. Introduction As technology continues to develop, the world is becoming increasingly globalized. In this whole new...

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Ethical Issues

Ethical Issues Quality. Batching plants, ready mix trucks and other machineries should be certified and be inspected on a regular basis. Weight scales, volumetric measuring devices and admixture dispensers should be calibrated frequently. Trucks should be inspected on a regular basis for blade wear, build-up, accuracy of water measurement and functioning revolution counters. Batching plants should have a process for preventing contamination of cementitious materials. There must be a process for...

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Statement of Ethical Professional Practice

Statement of Ethical Professional Practice (Undated) By admin - Posted on 24 October 2011 Organization: Institute of Management Consultants Visit Organization Page Source: CSEP Library Visit Source Page Date Approved:  Undated Other Versions:  Code of Ethics (1991) Code of Professional Conduct (1980) Code of Professional Conduct (2002) Code of Professional Responsibility (1969) Disclaimer: Please note the codes in our collection might not necessarily be the most recent versions...

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Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues The issue of ethical behavior is one of the top challenges facing organizations today. A good definition of ethics includes the thought of doing what is morally acceptable or what is “good” and “right” as opposed to doing what is “bad” or “wrong” (Sims, 1992). But why are these issues a concern for organizations? What can they do to promote ethical behavior from their employees? Organizations should be concerned with ethical behavior for many reasons. Even though ethical decisions...

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Globalization: Local Cultures

others insist that the world is worse because of globalization, and it could destroy the tradition values and cultures of other countries. This essay, however, argues that even though globalization has been expanding more and more, traditions, local values and cultures will not be eroded. First of all, new ideas from other countries which are obtained via globalization will enrich local cultures. Secondly, a large variety of product will be brought to other countries, which encourages product diversity...

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Ethical Relativism and Cannibalism

Ethical Relativism Cannibalism, what do you think of it? Is it morally correct? Does the theory of ethical relativism support it or does it knock it down? Throughout this paper I am going to evaluate the pros and cons of ethical relativism for a case concerning cannibalism. An American man by the name of Daniel went to South America, for the reasons of writing a book on it and publishing it in the United States, to study a native tribe and to try to become part of it. While Daniel was studying...

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Culture and Ethics in Ghanaian Professional Life

CULTURE AND ETHICS IN GHANAIAN PROFESSIONAL LIFE Cultural elements invariably affect the delivery of professional services in whatsoever form. Professional practices are strongly guided by appropriate code of ethics. Sound ethical decision making is based on a process that involves multiple steps some of which are taken in advance and some of which are taken at the time ethical dilemma presents itself (Carter, Bennett, Jones & Naggy, 1999). The development and the application of ethical principles...

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Ethics and Common Ethical Dilemmas

To observing whether Wal-Mart has an ethical problem, we will apply the case to some ethical theory. First, 1. Utilitarianism theory: ✓ Own purpose vs. people benefits Produce the greatest good for the greatest number of people 2. Moral rights rule: Sense of duty and right thing to do→ Therefore, it can say that Wal-Mart has an unethical practice. ✗ 3. Practical Rule: Do hesitation ab. communicating to people outside the company ✗ 4. Justice Rule: Distribute benefits and harm among...

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Organizational Culture

of organizational culture. Also, the researcher will provide an action plan that will transform Enron Corporation into a learning organization. Finally, the researcher will discuss the rationale for selecting and recommending the ideal principles of organizational culture. Enron’s Problems Managers and senior leadership ignored established policies and process for personal gain. Employees were encouraged by leadership to engage in unethical behavior and business practice. Enron’s employees...

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Cross Culture Perspective

Cross-Cultural Perspective In this paper, I will address Global organization and a cultural issue that affects organizations outside the United States. Culture is about the way we human beings definite ourselves for the purpose of uniting with one another, forming a group, determining an individuality and distinctive ourselves as unique. Cultural perspective is sensual in humans, in which we create activities, practices, and symbols that can be easily consumed by our sense. In this entire good example, we still...

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International Legal and Ethical Issues

International Legal and Ethical Issues Law 421 22 Oct, 2012 Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues How we handle international legal and ethical issues is a key factor to either developing a business overseas or dealing with international business partners. Of the many issues involved with in international legal proceedings, an understanding local law and dispute resolution can be mitigated with the selection of proper counsel. Resolving International Legal Disputes Since...

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Ethical Practice is the Basis for Business Success

Establishing standards for a business should be the primary goal of executive management in an organization. It is important for companies to design an environment that encourages high ethical standards as well as produces ethically minded management and employees, while positively influencing suppliers and customers (Hunter, 2008). A company which proved such high standards can be effective in business is Johnson and Johnson. They have established strong ethical beliefs and due to their principled...

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GE and the Pros and Cons of Ethical Code

GE and the Pros and Cons of Ethical Code Abstract What do we mean when we say business ethics? In this paper we discuss the business ethics and the pros and cons of implementation and compliance. Looking at one of the most successful companies in the world, we have found that a “Code of Ethics” has multiple roles when considering the ramifications of following or not following those codes. General Electric is looked upon as one of the largest corporate governing companies in...

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Ethical and Legal issues in Nursing

 Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing NUR/391 February 3, 2014 Patricia Shaw Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing Nurses today face many ethical dilemmas in the delivery of patient care. What can or should be done for the patient versus the wishes of the patient’s physician conflicting with the personal beliefs the nurse holds to be true. The client’s wishes may conflict with the institutional policies, physician professional opinion, the client’s family desires, or even the laws of...

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Impact of Culture in International Marketing

languages and geographic territories. These diversities, also known as culture, have proven to be the norm that binds or separates them. Carlson and Blodgett (1997) explain culture as different ways, sets of manners and customs that are unique to a society or a group of people. Cultural issues encompass the elements of norms, traditions, materialistic and spiritual of a group of people (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2013). Understanding culture is possible only through human activities and how they act as individuals...

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Nike an Ethical Issue I

Nike an Ethical Issue Nike an Ethical Issue Nike is a company that was created on an agreement and a handshake between two men. That handshake between Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight became the foundation of how Nike does business. Integrity and commitment to the highest ethical standards make up the code of business ethics for Nike. A company like Nike that has a code of ethics and a foundation of how business is conducted should not have any problems with ethical issues as far as the way...

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The Problems of Adaption to the Local Market in Cross-Culture Management and Operation ——Case Analysis of the Euro Disneyland

financial strategy, human resource, long-term strategy, promotion strategy, segment market… However, of the essence, the most important factor that brings about all this is the culture difference. So I will analyze this case from the perspective of cross-cultural management. Theatrical framework 1. Dimensions of culture, by Fons Trompenaars According to this theory and its research results, the cultural difference in business between the United States and France lies in three aspect: Universalism...

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Ethical Perspectives

Ethical Perspectives Organizational Issues ETH/316 11/28/2012 Ethical Perspectives It is evident that Wal-Mart’s ethical perspective or moral view is contingent on profit or profit potential. The global labor force of Wal-Mart enables this retail giant to continue to grow and succeed by providing lower operating costs. The legal ethics of this company are asserted globally and would withstand scrutiny in most cases. However, the virtue ethics of Wal-Mart are questionable about the well-being...

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Should International Businesses Do "As the Romans Do When in Rome"

environments they operate in which are commonly less regulated, are not democratically governed with legal systems to solve ethical and social responsibility dilemmas and are full of corruption. Managers are consequently faced with many unfamiliar economic conditions, cultural values and competitive variables (Grace and Cohen, 2000:180). Wild, Wild & Han (2010:128) define ethical behaviour as personal behaviour, which is in accordance with guidelines for good conduct or morality, and corporate social...

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Theoretical Ethical Basis for Practice

Theoretical/Ethical Basis for Practice Victoria Udongwo University of South Alabama Theoretical/Ethical Basis for Practice The science of nursing is guided by theories which forms the foundation of understanding patients, their health problems and plan interventions to address these problems. Nursing has a set of beliefs unique to nurses and forms the foundation of practice. The objective of this paper is to explore various nursing theory and ethical framework as it relates...

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The Practice of Clinical Psychology

University of Phoenix Material The Practice of Clinical Psychology Worksheet Answer the following questions. Your response to each question must be at least 150 words in length. 1. What are at least two legal issues associated with clinical psychology? Provide an example of a situation that could be legal but unethical. Explain your response. Confidentiality is one issue associated with clinical psychology. It intersects the legal and ethical jurisdictions in the realm of psychotherapy...

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