"When Dealing With Vulnerability Dependency And Resistance With Clients Which Of These Do You Feel Would Be The Most Difficult To Overcome" Essays and Research Papers

When Dealing With Vulnerability Dependency And Resistance With Clients Which Of These Do You Feel Would Be The Most Difficult To Overcome

Working with Involuntary Clients There may be times when you will need to assess clients who have been ‘coerced’ to attend the session. They may not be willing to negotiate or to participate during the session. The involuntary client may be reluctant to provide any information at all during the initial assessment. Clients who are involuntary may present as pre-contemplators, and the worker may need to consider other methods of counselling or defusion. Understanding involuntary clients’ behaviours Challenging...

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choose a medical condition that interests you and research it, and how hypnosis could help

Choose a medical condition that interests you and research it. Write about the possible use of hypnosis in the treatment of the condition as you see them. In this essay I will be looking into lower back conditions, and investigating both the physical and psychological aspects of this condition, and then considering the role that hypnosis could play in the treatment of this back pain. I chose this condition as this is very close to my heart as I have recently been off work for over 3 weeks with...

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Why do organizations experience resistance to change? What techniques cam managers use to overcome resistance?

Lester Bartholomew 00057181 Principles of Management 125 Individual Assignment Why do organizations experience resistance to change? What techniques can managers use to overcome resistance? If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change. (Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. II Gattopardo 1958). More and more organizations have come to accept that as the external environment changes they need to adapt in order to stay competitive. Organizational change may be necessary to...

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Resistance to Change

that you submit for marking. FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW 1. ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS STUDENT NAME:Hamdhoon Abdul Hameed | STUDENT ID NUMBER | UNIT OF STUDY:MOB1102 | | TITLE OF ASSESSMENT:Employees might resist change because of self-interest, misunderstanding and distrust, and a general intolerance for change. Outline the five techniques that companies can use to manage resistance to change that are described in your textbook and discuss using the refereed journal articles you have...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy

"The components of anxiety, stress, habit, and fear do not exist independently of you in the world. They simply do not exist in the physical world, even though we talk about them as if they do." - Wayne Dwyer, Self-Help Author. By trying to establish any connections between the relationships of the above conditions, it is important to define each one individually first in order to make any form of correlation. So initially I will be looking at the symptoms of Stress - A mentally or emotionally...

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What do you believe promotes positive c

What do you believe promotes positive change?   Positive change comes from the depths of an individual that desires something different to occur within their life.  I began my journey towards positive changes during the end of 2011, when events in my life went on a downward spiral, resulting in me struggling with a long-term diagnosis of severe depression. I found myself not wanting to function and be a contributing member of society, wondering how I would make it to the next minute, hour, day,...

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What would You Do ? and Country

IELTS SPEAKING PART ONE TOPICS. YOU Describe yourself. FAMILY o Describe your family? o Do you have a large or small family? o How much time do you spend with your family? o What do you like to do together as a family? o Do you get along well with your family? o Are people in your country generally close to their families? WORK o What do you do? o What are your responsibilities? o How many hours do you work each day? o Do you enjoy your work? o Is there...

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When Consultants & Clients Clash

Creating Customer Value & Customer Relationship Management “When Consultants & Clients Clash” 1. At which stage of the relationship life-cycle would you position the business relationship between the Statler Group and the Kellogg-Champion Securities? In order to elaborate and analyze this question, someone can base his opinion and his respective reasoning upon both the two models that we have discussed during the class. More specifically, we can position and perceive...

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Dealing with Difficult Patients in the Medical Field

 Dealing with Difficult Patients in the Medical Field Unit 6 Project Danielle Robinson CM 107 Outline Introduction A. Dealing with the difficult patients can be very stressful to your health if dealt with in the wrong way. B. All medical workers should have the availability to be able to take seminars that a. are offered to them throughout their career to keep them informed and update with ...

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Factors Influencing Employees Resistance to Change

Business School MSc Leading Organizational Change Essay Employees Resistance to Organizational Change Student ID: 22030643 Submitted to: Prof. Marjo-Riita, PhD Submission Date 26th March 2013 Table of Contents List of Abbreviations………………………………………………….i List of Figures……………………………………………………..….ii 1 Introduction…………………………………. ………....................1 1 Resistance to change……………………...................................…1 2.1 Human’s nature………………………………………...

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What Would You Do to Make a Better World?

Research Paper-What would you do to make a better world? Eliminate Discrimination against People with Disabilities Laura Rodriguez Romero To make a better world I would try to change how people with physical and intellectual disabilities are treated and perceived. I work toward a world in which they are celebrated instead of marginalized. My hope is that people with disabilities will be welcomed to share the unique gifts they have to offer. My dream is that people with disabilities become a vital...

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Dealing with Emotions

Today I got an assignment about an issue that touches us deeply and frequently in our day to day life. It is about dealing with emotions. The heart, the third eye and the crown chakra are attractive to us, because these energy centers connect us with the higher realms that are so natural to us. But the real inner breakthroughs must now occur on a lower level, in the area of the lower chakras, closer to earth. The area of the emotions is a vital area in our growth process towards freedom and wholeness...

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To What Extent Is a Counsellor More Than Just a Good Listener? in Your Discussion We Would Like You to Draw on Key Elements That Form the Practise of Counselling. in Addition We Would Like You to Consider Your Own

listener? In your discussion we would like you to draw on key elements that form the practise of counselling. In addition we would like you to consider your own qualities and skills and identify what you need to do to progress in the profession. This century has seen a rise in counselling services. We have counsellors for specific diseases, addictions, depression, divorce, name the problem and we seem to have a ‘therapist’ for it. So what are counsellors? Do we need them? Is that not what...

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Counselling: Feeling and Client

are many difficult situations that some people can just get past and move on where others become stuck and unable to move on effectively. In some cases these people will use family, friends or work colleagues to assists them, but in some cases this is either too hard to talk about due to its personal nature or the embarrassment it may cause. This is where counselling can be very useful due to its confidential and non-judgemental nature. A good counsellor will not pass judgement on you, they are...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy

Essay Title: “Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy” In this essay I am going to explain my understanding of stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and relationship between these. I will also explain strategies I will use in treating a client as hypnotherapist. STRESS & ANXIET When we think of stress following words come to mind: - Frustration - Lack of control - Pressure - Burden - Tension - Expectation ...

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difficult conversations

what matters most. The book provides information on how to have hard conversations, improve listening and problem solving skills. It is applicable in our personal and business life. Essential Information:
 Difficult Conversations How to Discuss What Matters Most Stone, D., Patton, B., & Heen, S. (1999) New York, New York: Penguin. ISBN0-670-88339-5 Outline of the Thesis: General Subject Matter: Business communication Theme: Communication during uncomfortable conversations. Thesis:...

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Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance to Change BUS 610 Organizational Behavior Overcoming Resistance Resistance is a normal and a perfectly natural reaction to change. Each person has their own amount they can take, but the reasons behind why employees resist in the first place may be surprising.  According to these experts, the fear of moving into an unknown future state creates anxiety and stress, even if the current state is painful (Eroke, 2013). A complete understanding of the unique ways that...

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Resistance To Change Paper

 Resistance to Change Paper II Chris Loeffler MGT426 October 30, 2014 Resistance to Change Paper Part II In this week’s paper the discussion of resistance to change will be covered and things we can do in order to remedy resistance and still maintain people’s ideas and their individualism. Furthermore, looking at how Lewins model of change will be used in order to expedite and put into practice the process of making change easier. Since there are two types of resistance, organizational and individual...

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Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance to Change Kathy Bunch Indiana Wesleyan University Philosophy of Corporate Culture MGT 441 Rand Oliver June 26, 2013 Overcoming Resistance to Change Change at the Harris Products Group has been impacted greatly over the last eight years. The company was acquired and became a subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, merged with another subsidiary, and become a global manufacturer. To be able to accomplish this, the leaders of Harris had to make many changes...

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Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy.

Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. In order to understand the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias, it is necessary to first define what each one is and how it affects us. Stress is a condition that most of us have experienced throughout our lives and in the main it is a positive emotion and it can help us to become motivated reaching our potential positively and productively...

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Brene Brown - the Power of Vulnerability

1. Summarize the “Ted” talk: Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW, a self-purported “shame-and-vulnerability expert”, is a research professor at the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work. Focusing the last ten years of her studies on the topics of vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame, Brené Brown’s work has been featured on PBS, CNN, NPR, and most notably TED. In her TED talk, she shares the findings of her lengthy qualitative research, a massive collection of interviews including...

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Dealing with Difficult Clients and Opposing

THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA 84th Annual Meeting Program 138 Dealing with Difficult Clients and Opposing Counsel: Successful Strategies and Tactics Saturday, September 17, 2011 4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m. Sponsored by the Solo and Small Firm Section The State Bar of California and the Office of Section Education and Meeting Services are approved State Bar of California MCLE providers. Points of view or opinions expressed in these pages are those of the speaker(s) and/or author(s). They have...

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Resistance to Change

Resistance to Change reasons Changing an organization is often essential for a company to remain competitive. Failure to change may influence the ability of a company to survive. Yet employees do not always welcome changes in methods. According to a 2007 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employee resistance to change is one of the top reasons change efforts fail. In fact, reactions to organizational change may range from resistance to compliance to enthusiastic...

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M2, Review Strategies Used in Health and Social Care Environments to Overcome Barriers to Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interactions.

M2, review strategies used in health and social care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interactions. D1, evaluate strategies used in health and social care to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interactions. Introduction There are many differing ideas on the best way to communicate in health and social care and there are many strategies used by the many differing professionals working in health and social care. This assignment...

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resistance to change

 Resistance to change Robert Fields MGT/426 June 29, 2014 T H Resistance to change Organization Change can be defined as an influence where a company or an organization moves away from the normal state and schedules towards better goals in order to increase its effectiveness and also keep up with the changing markets and technologies(Donaldson, 1996). During the change process in the organization, resistance is always expected from various teams and individuals which include the...

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Dependency Theory

This essay will start by giving an introduction and a brief history of the origins of dependency theory and how these developing countries have found themselves in the state of dependency. It will then proceed to outline and discuss the major tenets of the dependency model. The essay will further analyze why developing countries have maintained links with the western societies even after realizing that the same links have played a role in under developing these third world countries and then a...

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The Depressed Client and Cbt

THE DEPRESSED CLIENT AND CBT The Oxford College notes (2006) define depression as a major affective disorder because it affects feelings, mood, and thoughts. Feltham and Dryden (1997) define depression as a short-lived mood or chronic condition characterised by hopelessness, apathy, meaninglessness, withdrawal, low self-esteem, sadness. Depression affects or reveals itself in sadness, dejection; depressed cognitions include negative evaluation of one’s self, the world and one’s future. Depressed...

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How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle

How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle in Your Everyday Living. Amethyst K. Oliver Baker College of Clinton Township Composition I Andrea Nienstedt How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle in Your Everyday Living. Overcoming a struggle is normal for everyone. People should not be ashamed of what they are not good at; we have to look at the fact that each individual is not going to become good at anything so easily like we want it to be. It is...

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Codependency: Family and Co-dependency this Condition

Co-dependency Co-dependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. It is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. It is also known as “relationship addiction” because people with codependency often form or maintain relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive and/or abusive. The disorder was first identified about ten years ago as the result of years of studying...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy.

different reasons and deal or fail to deal with increased stress or anxiety levels in different ways. The feeling of stress or anxiety is our bodies reaction to fear or change – flight, fight or freeze. We feel stress or anxiety as a mechanism for avoiding dangerous situations in life ( i.e. – when predators approach) hormones flood our system preparing us to stand and defend ourselves, fight, or run away, social “rules “ prevent us from actually hitting someone or running away from a bullying boss...

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Do you really want to be an eBay?

Do you really want to be an Ebay? There are many companies that have emerged in recent years following the powerful Business Model "Multisided" and copying the successful experience from companies such as eBay. How would these intermediaries competitive markets? In the article we identified from different features and approaches Multisided differences between the model and the Reseller. Below is a comparison chart showing key factors, as mentioned in the article, to determine which model is the...

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Difficult Customers

Difficult Customers The customer leaned across the counter. “You mean I spend thousands of dollars in here, and I can't return a defective tool?” he said. “Well, the tool isn't really defective,” replied the counter salesperson. “So you're calling me a liar?” The customer now had everyone's attention. His loud voice and aggressive manner caused some of the other customers to look at one another and roll their eyes as if to convey the silent message, Oh, one of those difficult people. It was...

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Tomorow When the War Began

Classic books often send messages to the audience about human’s heroism in difficult situation; how they feel and act. Classic novels may also express to the readers what, how life really is; the realism of really how endings could have ended whether is it a happy ending or not. In this case of “Tomorrow, When the War Began”, John Marsden shows the audience a realistic portrayal of the world. The themes are poignant; this is not a love story even though it contains messages about teenage relationships...

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Evaluate the claim that Person-Centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients

Evaluate the claim that Person-Centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients For this assignment I have been asked to ‘Evaluate the claim that Person-centred Therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients’. In order to do this I need to fully understand what Person-centred Therapy is and what it involves. For this reason I will start by evaluating Person-centred therapy itself and how it works. I will then look at the strengths and weaknesses...

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 Client Paper BSHS/305 Tricia Henderson Every human faces different types of problems. A human service professional must understand the characteristics and specialty of each specific problems of their client. As a professional working in the field of Human Services, having specific helping...

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Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy

Module 5 Essay Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy Word Count 2150 In This essay I shall describe in detail the individual elements, Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias. Firstly I shall describe how these issues manifest within the subconscious, and then I shall address the relationship between the conditions, and how these can come about. Following this I shall discuss the treatment process of...

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how not to get depressed when life get difficult

How not to get depressed when life gets difficult. Depression drains ones energy, hopes, and drives, making it difficult to accomplish what one needs to do in order to feel better. But while overcoming depression isn’t quick or easy, it’s far from impossible. One can’t beat it through sheer willpower, but having control over it even if the depression is severe and stubbornly persistent. The key is to start small and build from there. Feeling better takes time, but one can get there if the...

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Managing Employee Resistance to Change

Managing resistance to change The top obstacle to successful change is employee resistance at all levels: Front-line, middle managers, and senior managers. A change in employee attitude IS possible! "Garrison Wynn, I just wanted to say Thank You! You will never know the impact that you have made on my life. I started back to work today with a new attitude about my job. I am more confident in myself and my ability to do my best. I do have an important job and it is important to learn how to...

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Common Network Vulnerabilities

October 9, 2011 Common Network Vulnerabilities (The effects of the absence of knowledge on unencrypted communication: Setting ground rules for an organizations internal structure) “Businesses, governments, and other organizations face a wide array of information security risks. Some threaten the confidentiality of private information, some threaten the integrity of data and operations, and still others threaten to disrupt availability of critical systems” (Sullivan,...

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Resistance to Change

Introduction Change is a very natural part of life. Very rarely do things remain the same either in our personal lives or our professional lives. People must be able to adapt to these changes in order to keep up with those around them. Some of these changes are easy to take on as people buy into them very quickly and easily. Other changes are met with resistance. If not handled properly, this resistance to the change can overcome the change agent thus rendering the desired change impossible to...

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Why People Cheat with Their Partners and How to Overcome It ?

WHY PEOPLE CHEAT WITH THEIR PARTNERS AND HOW TO OVERCOME IT? When someone took what is yours, it is definitely a major heartbreak. But what happened when the person you married cheated on you behind your back? Yes, it feels as though as if someone stabbed you straight in the heart, taking your most vital organ and left you nothing. Cheating is any situation that has you in a compromising situation with someone other than your own partner (Larry James, November 2005). There are many reasons...

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Attorney-Client Confidentiality

The Attorney/Client Privilege is a law that protects communications between attorneys and their clients by keeping them confidential. This privilege encourages openness and honesty between attorneys and their clients because lawyers cannot reveal attorney/client communications. Although it seems like this is a positive thing and most of the time it is, it can also lead to a major problem for lawyers because similar to psychologists they must ask themselves when is it necessary to break this confidentiality...

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Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change

Running head: Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change James Thomas Managing Organizational Change – GM597 Keller Graduate School of Management   Table of Content I. Executive Summary II. Literature Review III. Change Model IV. Discussion V. Conclusion VI. References VII. Appendix   Executive Summary This paper will touch on the topic of technology change and how it affects...

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Do You Agree That the Liberal Government Mishandled the Home Rule Crisis 1912-1914?

Do you agree that the Liberal government mishandled the Home Rule crisis 1912-1914? The Third Home Rule bill of 1912-1914 was to lead to a severe political crisis, one which caused a remarkable threat to the British constitutional government and the greatest danger of violence in Ireland since the 1798 rebellion. The country witnessed a division in loyalties with the formation of two private militias, which were both supplied arms by Britain’s main rival Germany. It ultimately strained the loyalties...

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How Tto Overcome An Addiction

Manrique 5 How to Overcome an Addiction I. Introduction Thesis statement: People can overcome addictions by changing three main aspects of their lives which are: self-esteem, social circle and entertainment. II. Body A. People’s self-esteem need to be improved in some aspects. 1. Deep personal knowledge a. Answer questions like who I am, what I want b. Know weaknesses and strengths 2. Confidence a. Example of what make drugs to people 3. Expectations a. How expectations help people feel good B. Social...

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strength based approach towards client care

Below is an overview of a strength based approach towards client care and in accordance to domain 2 management of nursing care, competency 2.3 of Nursing Council of New Zealand, confidentiality and anonymity was maintained at all times. The assessment was commenced upon gaining verbal consent from the client with reference to The Health and Disability Rights Act (Ministry of Justice, 2004). Mr Y is an elderly man who is now residing at a rest home was diagnosed with hypertension, meningitis, epilepsy...

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What Would You Do? Paper

What Would You Do? Episode __ : Helping the Homeless I. Relate the video to conscience Conscience, as defined by the Merriam – Webster Dictionary, is “the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong”. It’s that tiny voice inside your head that tells you if what you’re about to do, what you’re doing or what you’ve done is essentially right or not. A lot of people nowadays tend to ignore this for fear of being ridiculed or judged by other people,...

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Applying Assessment Results to Clients During the Counseling Process

Applying assessment results to client is essential is assisting individuals who may be coping with stressful situations. The objective of the skilled professional is to recognize the symptoms of stress and being able to interpret the results of the COPE Assessment Tool as a means of determining the proper methods of treatment during therapeutic work. Upon reviewing the results of completing my personal results, I found that some of the personal responses that were selected from the COPE Inventory...

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Do You Know Yourself?

Do You Really Know Yourself? Throughout time great philosophers have pondered the question of what knowing your self is. Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Alcibiades have somewhat of a similarity when it comes to identifying one’s self. However, there are the differences that lead up to the explanation and what individuals believe the self is. Socrates focused on the ‘good life’ and stresses the fact that to know how to live we need to know who we are. Under Socrates, the founder of philosophy...

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Alcohol Dependency: Problem Drinking

Alcohol Dependency & Problem Drinking John Greenwald Edinboro University Introduction It is difficult to locate someone in the United States who feels that alcohol dependency and problem drinking is not a national problem. (Anton, R. 2010) Alcohol dependency and problem drinking has been at the forefront of policy debates at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels regarding healthcare expenses and outcomes, legal matters, and social implications for generations. Most times it is addressed in...

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A Personalised Induction Will Always Be Most Effective

argument against it. I will be discussing the influence and application of the different modalities when creating an induction as well as briefly exploring how the brain uses information, and discussing whether or not a personalised induction is the most effective method to use. What is of equal importance as the words we use when a therapist creates and delivers a script for an induction, is the way in which it is delivered. Hypnotic inductions generally fall into two different styles; ‘Permissive’ and...

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Why You Think It Is Important to Study Counseling Theories?

of these issue my friends and I discuss everyday and we give our value opinion on these issues which is a little rough. If I would take my personal value along with my friend’s personal value and bring it into my therapy session, it would become overkill. Whether or not I agree with the issues that I am presented with and may not agree with the values of clients, I must respect the rights of my clients to hold ethical issues. Abortion will be a value clash to a lot of counselor, because of...

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7 Ways to Overcome Barriers to Communication

7 Ways To Overcome Barriers To Communication Have your say: Leave a comment!March 28, 2011 37 64 14 Communication barriers exist all around us. Misinterpretations abound in our discussions with team members. We delete, distort and generalise information in every conversation. And yet we think we clearly understand what others are saying and why they are saying it. These barriers exist because we put them there. There are many ways we interpret information given to us by others, and these...

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Resistance to Change

resistant to change if we are comfortable with surroundings and ourselves. We do not like to be challenged with change because of fear of the unknown. Resistance is a natural reaction to change. In order to fully change an individual’s style of thinking and working, we must understand the theory and techniques in order to break down the barrier of resistance. REASONS FOR RESISTANCE There are several reasons for resistance to change from employees These reasons include fear of the unknown, threatening...

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‘’Evaluate the Claim That Person-Centred Therapy Offers the Therapist All That He/She Will Need to Treat Clients‘’.

Specifically, person-centred therapy is a permissive, indirect approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which focuses on the ‘here and now’ principle and encourages the individual to create a positive change for himself by exploring his thoughts, feelings and emotions. The main goal of this approach is to create the conditions that will encourage self-actualisation and an environment that will help the client to narrow the gap between his current way of thinking and functioning and the nature of his original...

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Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy

Word count: 2145 Word count: 2145 Discuss the Relationship between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias. Describe How You Would Treat these Issues with Hypnotherapy In this essay I shall try to define anxiety, stress, habits and phobias as well as explore their individual attributes and symptoms and how each may relate. I will also attempt to explain basic methodology and treatment of neurotic conditions, such as anxiety, fear and low self-esteem, highlighting any professional or ethical implications...

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Client Paper

Client Paper 2 When we are in the human service profession we meet many clients with many needs that have to have our help. These needs can range from abuse, alcohol, drugs, personal, mental and physical dysfunction. You can also come across a large range or family issues that can lead to many harder issues to deal with. When you work with such clients you have to gain their trust to maintain they get the help and services they need to be able to move on with their goals. As human services workers...

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“Using the case study at the end of the module assess the clients issues and describe your treatment plan. What ethical issues might arise?”

information given from Miss E and plan an ethical approach to working with her and attach a copy of the screed. During the initial consultation the ethical therapist would use counselling skills to explore and identify any deeper issues that the client may wish to address. Using and creating a safe environment for the client the therapist would gather as much information as possible and be prepared to vary the style of questioning and plan for different types of intervention. There may be some issues...

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Advertising: Agency & Client Relationships

Salz. Agency & Client Commitments A personal contract for collaborators The six agency commitments: What you should expect from your agency. 1. Commitment to the success of your business. The best agency people are 100 percent committed to the same goal you are: success in the marketplace. Their commitment is evidenced by their time, enthusiasm, work, and knowledge that if you succeed, they succeed. [The best agency account person] made suggestions. Not only would she have things...

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Weightlifting: Resistance Training

Weightlifting can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history  when a man's fascination with physical abilities was found among numerous ancient writings. Progressive resistance training dates back at to Ancient Greece, when wrestler Milo of Croton trained by carrying a newborn calf on his back daily until it was fully grown. Another Greek, the physician Galen, described the strength training exercises using the “halteres “ which was an early form of dumbbell in the 2nd century. “Feats” are also...

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