"What Sense Is Some Cost Reporting Not Reflective Of The Actual Work Performed How Can A Project Manager Remedy This Situation" Essays and Research Papers

What Sense Is Some Cost Reporting Not Reflective Of The Actual Work Performed How Can A Project Manager Remedy This Situation

are worth 5 points each.| 1. Project Basics a. Define the word project, and list some key attributes. A project is defined as a temporary endeavor with a specific beginning and an end. Some key attributes of a project are; a well-defined objective, carrying out the project in a series of independent tasks to accomplish the goal, completing the project within a specific time frame and, meeting the needs of the customer. b. What elements should be incorporated...

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Cost Control of Construction Projects Through Earned Value Analysis

Cost Control of Projects: An Introduction to Earned Value Analysis Abstract Earned value analysis is a method of performance measurement. Many project managers manage their project performance by comparing planned to actual results. With this method, one could easily be on time but overspend according to the plan. A better method is earned value because it integrates cost, schedule and scope and can be used to forecast future performance and project completion dates. It is an “early warning”...

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PROJ 592 Project Cost and Schedule

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PROJ 592 Project Cost and Schedule PROJ 592 Final Exam 1 1. (TCO B) Estimating Procedures (a) You are the project manager for a new high-rise office building. You are working on estimating the exterior landscaping for the new development. The landscaping requires the use of a special landscape stone. Based on recent experience the most likely price for the material is $120.00/ton. However, the price for this stone is volatile, and the price fluctuates over time based on market...

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Why Good Projects Fail

WHY GOOD PROJECTS FAIL CONTENTS: FACTS 2 QUESTIONS 2 1. Compare the traditional way of organizing projects with the rapid results initiative proposed in this blog. What are the differences between the two ways? 2 Tabulation of differences: 4 2. What are the main implications for the organization of the project if they adopt the rapid results initiative approach? 5 3. Analyze the probable impact of this method on the three constraints of project management. 5 Project Cost 6 Project...

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Cost Accounting

including managers, investors, regulators, lenders, and the public. Accounting systems affect behavior and management and have affects across departments, organizations, and even countries. This paper will give the reader an understanding about cost accounting. This paper will discuss: Why is cost accounting so important to the success of the firm; what are the various methods of cost accounting and how are they used; how does an operating budget work to discipline a firm’s management; what are the...

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Time-Phased Project Work and Projecft Cost Control

Time-phased project work is the basis for project cost control. Work package duration is used to develop the project network. Further, the time-phased budgets for work packages are timetabled to establish fiscal measures for each phase throughout the project. The time-phased budgets are to emulate the real cash needs of the budget, which will be used for project cost control. This information is useful to estimate cash outflows. The project manager's attention is on when the costs are to occur, when...

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Essential Functions of a Project Manager

The Essential Functions of a Project Manager A project manager (PM) is a facilitator. The ideal project manager does whatever it takes to ensure that the members of the project team can do their work. This means working with management to ensure they provide the resources and support required as well as dealing with team issues that are negatively impacting a team's productivity. The project manager must possess a combination of skills including the ability to ask penetrating questions, identify...

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Project Sponsor Interview

Project Sponsor Interview Sean Smith PM 511 Dale Wilen March 7, 2010 Abstract The internet places vast amounts of information at our fingertips. More and more customers view the website first before they visit a store or make contact with the company. A company’s web page is becoming the face of the corporation in today’s marketplace. The design of that web page can either entice or detract a potential customer from seeking assistance. Web page design...

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“the Role of the Project Manager Is to Command and Control.” Critically Discuss.

TOPIC: “The role of the Project Manager is to command and control.” Critically discuss. INTRODUCTION: In management, command and control refers more generally to the maintenance of authority with somewhat more distributed decision making [Command and Control Research Program 2011]. Being an effective project manager is among the most challenging jobs in the industry for two reasons. First it requires management skills and abilities different from those required in a traditional functional...

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Project management

Lecture 7 A cost estimate is a prediction of the likely cost of the resources that will be required to complete all of the work of the project High level formulas are good for selecting a project but not for managing one. First step on budgeting: cost estimate is allocated to packages Second Step: budget of every package is distributed over the duration of the work project TBC: Total Budgeted Cost Analogous estimate: uses previous projects to predict the cost Parametric estimate: model is...

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Work-Related Project Analysis

Work-Related Project Analysis Part 1 The analysis of a project is the breakdown of how a system interacts and works within all related components. A project analysis is the first step to designing any new changes for an organization. Systems analysis is (1) the survey and planning of the system and project, (2) the study and analysis of the existing business and information system, and (3) the definition of business requirements and priorities for a new or improved system. A popular synonym...

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Cost Performance on Project S Often Poor, What Are the Possible Causes of This and How Can It Be Improved?

‘’Cost performance on project s often poor, what are the possible causes of this and how can it be improved?’’ Introduction The cost planning is one of important phases for project management. It will goes through whole project’s life cycle. It is foundation of project and it will tell the project are measured, reported and controlled in every process. Estimating is the process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables. A successful project management...

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How to Be an Effective Project Manager?

How to Be an Effective Project Manager? Instructions 1. Define the scope of the project clearly. Make sure to know when you are finished. This may mean breaking a project into smaller phases if it is a large-scale project. Get the team to agree to the scope at the beginning and document what success looks like. Have a clear discussion of what the project is and more importantly, what it is not. This will flush out assumptions people may have that differ from reality. 2. Know the team and...

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Societal: Project Manager Possesses

for project management. #2: Why is the project manager often called a super-manager? In an organization, if there is a project manager that is known to execute projects within the scheduled time frame and whose estimates are exact, he probably acquired a substantive amount of knowledge and experience over the years on project management. This “Super” project manager possesses therefore some valuable skills that can be taught to other project managers within the organization. Thus, this “super”...

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Project Network

A project network illustrates the relationships between activities (or tasks) in the project. Showing the activities as nodes or on arrows between event nodes are two main ways to draw those relationships.  With activities on arrow (AOA) diagrams, you are limited to showing only the finish-to-start relationships - that is, the arrow can represent only that the activity spans the time from the event at the start of the arrow to the event at the end. As well, "dummy" activities have to be added...

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Project Scope And Estimation Of Time And Cost

Project Scope and Estimation of Time and Cost PROJECT KICK-OFF MEETING -The Kickoff Meeting is the first meeting with the project team and the client of the project. This meeting would follow definition of the base elements for the project and other project planning activities. This meeting introduces the members of the project team and the client and provides the opportunity to discuss the role of each team member. Other base elements in the project that involve the client may also be discussed...

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The Four Major Steps Performed By A Project Manager To Close A Project Is

The four major steps performed by a project manager to close a project is: Finish work on product creation, Deliver project results to the customer, Deliver project results to the customer and Analyzing project experience and documenting. These four step help to make a successful close. 1. Finish work on product creation- team members and project managers need to make sure all work is finished; all tasks have been checked over to be sure everything has been accomplished and completed correctly...

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manager roles

Managers are responsible for ensuring that tasks are performed by people or employees in an organisation. There are three ways to understand managers. A classic way of analysing the task of management is by examining management from the point of the functions performed by managers. The second approach is to observe the roles of managers while the third is to analyse the skills required by managers. A manager is a person whose job it is to oversee one or more employees, divisions, or volunteers to...

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Project Management

Project scheduling is important as it gives clear timeline and path to all participants. Project scheduling involves breaking down the tasks required to complete the project into individual activities, which is called Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Every project manager has to create a work breakdown structure in order to sorting out and planning the project proposal. A work breakdown structure is a results-oriented family tree that captures all the work of a project in an organized way. ...

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How Participation Works

HOW PARTICIPATION WORKS The Participative Process A simple model of the participative process is shown in Figure 8-3. It indicates that in many situations participative programs result in mental and emotional involvement that produces generally favorable outcomes for both the employees and the organization. Participating employees are generally more satisfied with their work and their supervisor, and their self efficacy rises as the result of their new found empowerment. Figure 8-3 Participative...

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Project management

Project Management Recommendation Cali Hadafow OPS/571 May 12, 2014 Project Management Recommendation Piper Industries Corporation Project Management Recommendation Dear Project Manager, In response it is to your previous E-mail with the attention of the projects of Juniper, Palomino and Stargazer. The team is found and analyzed the three projects, assessed the risk that each project contains as well as returns on investment (ROI). There are many aspects one should think...

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Project Management: Resource Considerations

OPM07 Chapter 8: Resource Considerations Resources can include people, equipment, machines, tools, facilities, and space. Among the people may be many different types, such as painters, designers, cooks, computer programmers, and assembly workers. The consideration of resources adds another dimension (beyond the element of time) to planning and scheduling. In many projects, the amounts of the various types of resources available to perform the project activities are limited. Several activities may require...

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Segment Reporting and Decentralization

. [pic] Subject: Cost and Management Accounting Prepare a segmented income statement using the contribution format, and explain the difference between traceable fixed costs and common fixed cost. Segment reporting and Profitability Analysis A different kind of income statement is required for evaluating the performance of a profit or investment center, something that emphasizes segments rather than the performance of the company as a whole. A segment is any part or activity of an...

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Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control

Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control The project life cycle uses four phases to describe how a project starts, peaks, and declines as the project is delivered to the customer. The process of putting the plan into action is the execution phase and consists of creating the project team, monitoring the project, and controlling changes. Monitoring is the process of assessing project performance. Project control is the process of controlling the deviations from the plan (Gray & Larson, 2008)...

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Project Cost Management

|MBA 513 – Project Cost Management | |Project Manager: Manager or Leader? | |How the collaboration of management and leadership skills makes a great Project Manager. | | Ednaline Concepcion | |12/12/2009 ...

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Behavioral Aspects of Project Management

Behavioral Aspects of Project Management Introduction The behavioral aspects of project management consist of many different areas that a project manager must master. The organizational culture is one area that can take time to master for many project managers. The culture of an organization can be the success or the failure of a project. Management must be share common beliefs and values and be willing to stand by them at the most critical times. The personality of the project leader is important...

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project proposal

Project Proposal Executive Summary Evaluation or a project redesign provides an opportunity to show the design and create a redesign plan to make it more effective. It is one of the most challenging works of any Organization as it provides a great potential for growth and a great potential for the project enhancement or a process enhancement. There are a lot of measures involved in creating a project proposal for the redesign or a development of any events which are to be organized. This design...

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Cost Accounting

Assignment: Cost Accounting Applied By Professor Bryan Womack Course Title ACC 350012VA016-1122-001 Cost Accounting February 26, 2012 Companies that are successful financially know what their costs are and how those costs are being spent. The company I have chosen wants to change from a general accounting system where costs are put in general categories and they currently do not have any allocation...

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Project Risk Management

Project Final 1. Why should all projects include risk in their project planning? What are some of the drawbacks if risks are not considered? Technology projects worldwide are costing companies billions of dollars more than they budgeted for, and almost half don’t live up to the clients’ expectations (Kendrick, 2009). Newspapers and business trumpet few project successes, but a massive number of failures. As projects grow larger and more complex with every passing year, their outcome, both...

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Project Managment

Project management essay Introduction Project management can be understood only when the term project is clear. A project is basically a something that can be defined, which has a certain time limit, resources allocated and a purpose to be created. It includes a number of steps namely planning, organizing, scheduling and controlling a large number of tasks that are to be done with great care for the organization. The main intention to have a successful organizational structure is that which can...

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dependent upon professional managers, who can bring success to an organization. Becoming a successful manager is not an easy task; a manager should make the right decisions for the company and have the ability to create a good working team between them. This essay will identify the qualities of a successful manager by referring to the difficulties faced and how to overcome them, personal experience and finally a conclusion. According to Rosemary Stewart (1960s), “a manager is someone who gets things...

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Project Team

 1.) What is Project Team? A project team is a team whose members usually belong to different groups, functions and are assigned to activities for the same project. 2.) Difference between Team & Group A team is a gathering of people who work interpedently and are committed to achieve one goal where as a group is a gathering of people who interdependently but have individual responsibility to perform.  Group is organized for short period time objectives while Team is organized for long...

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Construction Project Management

THE UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA DATE OF SUBMISSION 07 MAY 2008 I understand that this assignment contributes to the assessment of my competency on work lectured on this course and co-determines my qualification for the receipt of a degree. I accept the rules of assessment of the University of Pretoria and the consequences of transgressing them. I thus, hereby, confirm that the attached assignment is my own work and any sources consulted are adequately acknowledged in the text and listed in the...

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Project Management

Hampshire University | Week 1 Written Assignment | In Partial fulfillment for MS Operations and Project Management | 1-14-2012 | Name and briefly describe the primary goals of a project? According to Figure 1-1 of our text book, the three primary goals of a project are: 1) Performance: One has to ask themselves during a project if you have met the objectives of the project. Performance can be measured by evaluating the processes such as scope verification, quality planning, quality assurance...

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Unit 327 - Contribute to running a project

Understand how to contribute to agree to a project brief 1.1 Describe the difference between routine work and taking part in a project Routine work is basically things that you do every day in your job, note the name 'routine', it is what you are contracted to do and what you are used to doing. However when you are taking part in a project there tends to be a time limit and milestones are measured. 1.2 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using projects and when projects are appropriate ...

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Project Management

Question Paper: Define a project. What are the characteristics which help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization? What is the role of the Project Manager? 3. Why is the implementation of projects important to strategic planning and the project manager? Strategic plans are implemented primarily through projects—e.g., a new product, a new information system, a new plant for a new product. The project manager is the key person responsible...

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Reflective Writing on Team Work

A Reflective Paper On The Importance On Teamwork Nursing Essay What is a team work? Team work can be defined as when actions of individuals are brought together for the purpose of a common goal. Each person in a team puts his efforts to achieve the objectives of large group. Teams make efforts to achieve the success but not necessarily the success is achieved every time. Within a team every member plays a role to achieve the team’s objectives. These roles add new and important dimensions to interactions...

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Project Management

Chapter 1: 1. Define a project. What are five characteristics that help differentiate projects from other functions carried out in the daily operations of the organization? A project is a complex, no routine, off-time effort limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs • An established objective • A defined life span with a beginning and an end • Involvement of several departments • Doing something unique • Time, cost , and performance requirements ...

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Cost Estimating

Project managers must take cost estimates seriously if they want to complete software projects within budget constraints. After developing a good resource requirements list, project managers and their software development teams must develop several estimates of the costs for these resources. There are several different tools and techniques available for accomplishing good cost estimation. Software development project managers should prepare several types of cost estimates for most projects. ...

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Planning: Project Management Software

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Project Management Disscussion Question 1. Briefly describe some key events in the history of project management. What role does the Project Management Institute and other professional societies play in helping the profession? Key events: ▪ Manhattan Project which the U.S. military led to develop the atomic bomb. Costs almost $2 billion in 1946. ▪ New Los Alamos laboratory 1946,project management was recognized as a distinct...

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cost management

IS4532: Project Management and Outsourcing LAB #3: Project Tracking Tasks for this week: Exercise on project tracking using MS Project 2010 Exercise on EVM using the Games for Kids Project. Refer to the other document. Answer needs to be submitted to Blackboard Assignments Please use the assignment template provided. Deadline of submission – coming Sunday. LAB 3: Project Tracking Project information (same as previous week) Suppose that you are the project manager from the system development...

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Project Manager

is the write about the project manager. Discussion and analyzing the quality and skills that a project manager have will be on the report. There will also be the case study and analyzing if the project manager in the case study is a good or bad manager. In the first part of the main body, the report will discuss about the quality of the project manager from communication skills, enthusiasm and empathy. The competencies and managerial effectiveness will come after that. In this part we will see from...

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Mgt-573 Project Management in the Business Environment

and global project management. A project manager must realize that what might work in their country may not work in a foreign environment. Project managers might find themselves using practices that have worked for them in the past, without even thinking of the new environment, and issues may arise. Project managers need to understand the differences in a different country's environment to avoid and reduce any obstacles that there may be. Some considerations global project managers must consider...

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Applying Reflective Practice Notes U2

Introduction Reflecting on workplace experiences —the challenges and successes—can be a particularly useful thing to do. It helps to think about the realities of your working environments, what you do well and what you can improve upon and why. This reflection helps you identify areas for personal development. For this reason, reflective practice often is considered to be an essential component of successful work experience. It is also very important for people who are learning new professional...

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Project Management and Critical Path

What is project management, and what are its main objectives? What is the relationship between tasks and events, or milestones? What is a work breakdown structure? How do you create one? What are task patterns, and how can you recognize them? Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Gantt and PERT/CPM charts. Define the following terms: best-case estimate, probable-case estimate, and worst- case estimate, and describe how project managers use these concepts. How does a project manager calculate...

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‘’ How Organizational Behaviour Can Help Managers Solve Problems at Individual Level of Analysis’’

Contents Contents 0 What Organizational Behaviour is? 1 Different Elements of Organizational Behaviour 1 1. People 1 2. Technology 1 3. Structure 1 4. Social System 1 Models of Organization Behaviour 1 1. Autocratic Model 1 2. Supportive Model 2 3. Custodial Model 2 4. The Collegial Model 2 5. The System Model 2 Managerial Duties in OB 2 Organizational Behaviour and Productivity 3 Reduction of Absenteeism 3 How Organizational Behaviour helps to reduce Turnover...

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Management and Business Managers

discuss how the management of IT has changed? 2. Discuss the main changes of recent IT trends? 3. The Information Technology trends offered new ways for competition and new ways of working- Explain that? 4. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of business competition? 5. Discuss how the Information Technology offers new ways of working? 6. Differentiate and explain the advantages & disadvantages for them : Free Agents & Virtual Teams ? 7. What means...

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Abc Is a Better Principle Than Traditional Cost System

principle for companies than a traditional cost system. Discuss. Student Name: Zhang Ruoshi Assignment Title: Essay Module Code: LZ118-122 Module Teacher: Rebecca Manufacturing is one of the company's core processes, while accounting is the key impact for enterprise to produce good products. Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is a new method of costing system. This method can help a company to allocate costs more accurately in today's complex business...

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Why Do Managers Plan?

Why do Managers Plan 1 Why do Managers Plan? Management 301 Distance Learning ...

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Project Management

AERO2407 Aviation Project Management NASA Autonomous Rotorcraft Project Project Management leads to industry leader in innovative aviation A. The Five Project Management Process Groups The five project management process groups begins with 'The scoping process group' which can also be referred to as the initiating process. The process includes all processes that relate to one question 'What is the task?' and 'What do you need to do?'. Thus, NASA's vision is to constantly develop flight...

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How can project managers motivate project teams?

satisfy some need for the individual. (Robbins & De Cenzo, 2001) Motivation is the key to getting the job done because without it, projects and jobs are completed with no purpose or direction. There are many methods that Project Managers can use to motivate teams. A key to methodical motivation is flexibility. Studies show that men place a considerable amount of importance in having autonomy in their jobs whereas women place importance in having the opportunity to learn, having convenient work hours...

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How Project Management Can Save a Company

Contents Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------2 To what extent does project management apply to Adventures Unlimited? -------------------------------------------------------------------------2 What kind of training in project management should the Rodriguezes, the administrative staff, and tour guides receive to improve the operation of Adventures Unlimited? -------------------------------------------------------3 Conclusion---...

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Mgmt505 Project Management Fundamentals Artifact 3

and Assessment Lisa M. Cochran MGMT 505 - Project Management Fundamentals February 12, 2012 Dr. Joel Light Southwestern College Professional Studies Sharp Printing, AG Analysis and Assessment Sharp Printing, AG wants to design and sell a color laser printer for $200. The time constraints, resources, the actions needed and the risks are evaluated in this case study. Lauren is the project manager and has a team of three to help her decide how to get this accomplished. Upper management has given...

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Reflective Models Used by Nurses

Reflective Practice Introduction: Reflection its self is looking into personal thoughts and actions. For nurses this would mean looking at how they performed a particular task taking into consideration their interaction with their colleagues and other members of staff, patients and in some cases relatives This then enables the nurse to assess their actions and thought processes. There are various frameworks of reflection that one could choose and the examples used for this work...

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Management and Project

Project Human Resource Management (DAPM07T) Assignment 03 Portfolio of Evidence Table of Contents Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Project Scope 3 2.1 Project Statement 3 3 Project Objectives. 3 4 Matrix Organisation and responsibilities 4 5 Project title and responsibilities 4 5.1 Project Team 5 5.2 Roles Of the project team 5 5.2.1 Project Manager 5 5.2.2 Project sponsor 6 5.2.3 Contractor Construction 6 5.2.4 Project engineers 6 5.2.5 Project Coordinator 6 5.2.6 Contractor...

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Primary Project Management Organizational Structures

Primary project management organizational structures A project organization is a structure that facilitates the coordination and implementation of project activities. Its main reason is to create an environment that fosters interactions among the team members with a minimum amount of disruptions, overlaps and conflict (pm4dev, 2007).Selecting the organization structure is one of the most important points to start any project. On the basis of unique characteristics of the project, each project structure...

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Work Study

What is Work Study? Work Study is the systemeatic examination of the methods of carrying out activities such as to improve the effective use of resources and to set up standards of performance for the activities carried out. Work Study Components of Work Study Another definition of Work Study could be: A generic term for those techniques, particularly method study and work measurement, which are used in the examination of human work in all its contexts, and which lead systematically to to...

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A Brief Looking Into What Is News Reporting

nothing happens there will be no change. But the word is not satic; every moment things are different from the proceeding moment. The bigger the change and more the people affected by this change, the more important it is from the news point of view. Human interests: Almost everything in news concerns human beings, but this particular news value is the emotional context of the news events. People generally ignore news which lacks emotional context. Anything that appeals to everybody, not because of interests...

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Cost & Schedule Week 5

are 4 months into a 6 month project. The project is linear, which means that the progress and spending occurs at a constant rate. Our crack project team of highly skilled associates has worked diligently and put in extra hours to keep the project going. Our accounting department has provided the following data at the end of month 4: Actual cost to date = $79,800 (This is what I actually spent by the end of month 4) Planned expenditures to date = $101,000 (This is what I should have spent by the...

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Initiating a Project

“To be called a project, an undertaking must meet specific set of conditions, then it must follow the prescribed project management methodology define by the organization” (Wysocki, 2009, p.6) gives a contemporary view of what a project is all about. Every project is unique in its own respect and gives unique responses to some simple logical questions asked by Wysocki, (2009, p.22) that must be answered in order to model its specific requirements and fit it into any of the standard methodology to...

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