"What Policies Would You Recommend To These Countries Assuming Their Desire To Achieve A Sustainable Society" Essays and Research Papers

What Policies Would You Recommend To These Countries Assuming Their Desire To Achieve A Sustainable Society

IELTS SPEAKING PART ONE TOPICS. YOU Describe yourself. FAMILY o Describe your family? o Do you have a large or small family? o How much time do you spend with your family? o What do you like to do together as a family? o Do you get along well with your family? o Are people in your country generally close to their families? WORK o What do you do? o What are your responsibilities? o How many hours do you work each day? o Do you enjoy your work? o Is there...

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Would You Be You in a Different Society?

question, “Would you still be you in a different society,” many people would quickly answer yes, of course. Up until the point of being asked this question, many of these people have only experienced life in one country or area of the world. They figure that the way of life they have always had is very similar to life elsewhere in the world today. If not already known to these people, life is far from the same in countries throughout the world. To completely up and leave your current home country and...

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Do We Live in a Sustainable Society?

| Do We Live in a Sustainable Society? | MMCC Winter 2012SCI 200George Gilmore | | Jonathan Norman | 2/24/2012 | | There are many ways to define sustainability and to answer the question of whether we live in a sustainable society you should first define the question. The simplest definition of what a sustainable society is still very complex. A society that can persist over generations, one that is farseeing enough, flexible enough, and wise enough not to undermine either its...

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To what extent can the problems of urbanisation be met by a policy of sustainable development?

Title: To what extent can the problems of urbanisation be met by a policy of sustainable development? As Allen (2009) has remarked, urbanisation is and will be the phenomenon of this century with its ever-increasing impacts on many facets of lives over the world. It can be the root cause of many major problems in the modern societies. This essay will explore the degree to which sustainable development policy can address problems caused by urbanisation. Urbanisation, as defined by Afify, is...

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What Is Sustainable Tourism

What is Sustainable Tourism? Writer Tim Forsyth defined himself as a specialist in political approaches to environmental change and international development. He have worked on two key themes; - The politics of environmental science and policy processes, especially in rapidly developing societies     - The development of deliberative, multi-stakeholder forms of governance that can result in more development-friendly, as well as environmentally effective, policy solutions. The article...

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What Does Globally Responsible Leadership Mean to Me

WHAT DOES GLOBALLY RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP MEAN TO ME Gone are the days when the primary focus of all business organizations was profit maximization and to be the no 1.Today the principles of triple bottom line i.e people-planet-profit (having replaced the double bottom line) , sustainability, corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibilty have occupied the center stage of all business processes.Apart from the interests of shareholders,it is imperative to take into account the stakeholders...

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Analysis of What Shuold a Billionaire Give and What Should You? by Peter Singer's

Faulty Thinking in “What Should a Billionaire Give – and What Should You?” Peter Singer's persuasive essay strips us bare of our selfish wants as he equates our tendency to accumulate all the stuff we don’t need with ignoring the plight of drowning children and, as such, being responsible for the death of those children. We are, Singer convincingly argues, products of our fortunate “social capital”; therefore, we have an obligation to those who do not have a social capital. Life is priceless. It...

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development sustainable

held in Rio De Janerio, Brazil was attended by 178 country leaders (including Malaysia) on June 1992. The Earth Summit provides world's action plan towards sustainable development. This action plan was known as Agenda 21 - an agenda to achieve sustainable development in the 21st century. Agenda 21 is designed as a bridge v between environment and development v between the public and private sectors v between governments and civil society v between global and national goals v between current...

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Individual Freedom vs the Safety of Society

"The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization." - Sigmund Freud The society we live in should be safe, at to some extent should be controlled, but a decision such as casting or uniting people into groups has its effects on both the person and the society. Controlling what the individual thinks and does may seem like the proper solution to today's problems to some, but, as we all know, all actions have their consequences. Sigmund Freud...

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Compare and Contrast Hitler's and Mussolini's Domestic Policies

Initially, both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler had the same desire to make their nation a respected and economically solid Great Power. Mussolini wanted to return Italy to its glory days of the ancient Roman Empire. A strong economy and a united state were necessary for both countries in case of the outbreak of another war. WWI left both Germany and Italy with severe economic problems, which soon turned into social problems such as high unemployment and inflation - issues which had to be dealt...

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Appropriate Climate Responsive Technologies for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

Appropriate Climate Responsive Technologies for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development Life is strange; we don’t know what would be the next moment of it? What will it bring to us? What will it take from us? If it will raise us to the top of our happiest moment or it will throw us in the dark of death? We only knew to respond its moves. Its human nature to keep hope for the best. We never ever think about the end of life, instead we always think about the most remarkable, comfortable & easy-going...

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Sustainable Tourism Development

definitions of Sustainable Tourism Development; 2) provides a list of possible policy interventions and guidelines designed to induce the tourist industry to adhere to the principles of Sustainable Development; 3) illustrates, using real world examples, the practical implementation of such policies and guidelines. Tourism is one of the world's largest industries and has a multitude of impacts, both positive and negative, on people's lives and on the environment (1). For society to continue developing...

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What Role Should Religion Play in Government Policies?

Political Science 1020E Professor Nigmendra Narain Term 1 Essay: What role should religion play in government policies? By Nivedita Sen Student Number: 250589199 ...

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Sustainable Development

Q. Sustainable Development? Ans:. Sustainable development refers to a mode of human development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. The term 'sustainable development' was used by the Brundtland Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development: "development that meets the needs of the present without...

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ANZ Sustainable Business Practices

“Sustainable” business practices are being touted, or even required, more and more by western society. What is ANZ’s sustainability policy and how is this congruent (or not) with cutting edge sustainability thinking and theory. Does this thinking and practice change across borders? And if so, how does the ANZ’s Australian head office engage with it? Does what they espouse align with the reality of their practice? Over the past few decades, sustainable business practices have become more prevalent...

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Philosophy as a Tool for Sustainable Develoment in Nigeria

PHILOSOPHY AS A TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA. Complied by ProdigySam. ABSTRACT The place of philosophy in our global community cannot be overemphasized. Many African nations have continued to adopt various models in order to develop in all aspects of human endeavour. Having tried several models and all seem not to be leading Africa towards the right direction, this paper is an attempt at suggesting Philosophy as a tool that may likely be the answer to all the puzzles that African...

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Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries

Ehrlich highlight this. This is what I think is the primary cause of environmental degradation. World population went from 1 billion to 3 billion people taking 156 years to achieve from 1804 to 1960. Which was slow growth compared to growth now. Since 1960 population has gone up by 1 billion people every 12 to 14 years. Showing how much the population growth has increased in recent years. Importantly it most of this population growth is from developing countries. Figure 1 shows population...

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Notes Help for Sustainable Development in Africa

What do you understand by ‘sustainable development’? How far has it progressed in your region? Key words:What …?’; ‘you understand’; ‘sustainable development’; ‘progressed’; ‘your’. • the term ‘sustainable development’ was popularised by the World Commission on Environment and Development in the late 1980s • it is a systematic approach to achieving human development that still sustains the resources of our planet – there are signs that wealthier countries are consuming Earth’s resources...

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What Would You Do?

est paying jobs. Furthermore, Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese, became the official Sri Lankan language. The Tamils had hoped that the island’s independence would bring equality to the country, but the cultural differences were just too great. Rioting broke out in 1958, followed by some compromises with the Tamils. The Sinhalese prime minister was assassinated Neal Lineback 1959 and there were ultra-leftist terrorist activities. Finally, in the early 1980s, and Mandy Lineback Gritzner Sinhalese...

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Changes Toward a Sustainable Society

Changes Toward a Sustainable Society Steven Aulisio Changes Toward a Sustainable Society As mankind strives for advancement we learn from the old ways where we have stumbled in our past. We also adhere to the same mindset as we have in the past as well. As we learn from our past mistakes the changes toward a sustainable society become a reality but we are held back by the same unsustainable way of thinking. Technology which was once destructive to the environment...

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Tobacco & Third World Countries

This case deals with the ethical dilemma that Tobacco manufactures face when selling tobacco products in third world countries. First, there is the ethical dilemma of business versus health. The opening and development of the tobacco business in Third World countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Africa, is considered against the health consequences of tobacco use which according to an Oxford University epidemiologist, has estimated to cost 3 million lives annually rising to 10 million...

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Service to the Country

Service: A Duty? A Benefit? Or Both, Or Perhaps Neither? While the choice of service to your country, on a national, state, or local government level, is an admirable and important endeavor, the choice must be driven by one's own conscience. To think globally, or for the good of the nation and even for the future – cannot be forced. To compel someone to serve their country, as with the military draft(conscription), is a non effective notion that will neither guarantee the strength and quality...

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Discuss the Contention That Sustainable Tourism Is, Perhaps, an Impossible Dream.

contention that sustainable tourism is, perhaps, an impossible dream. The definition of sustainable tourism is much debated. However, a suitable meaning can be inferred from the broadly used definition of sustainable development, an economic process to which sustainable tourism is intrinsically linked. Sustainable tourism would be that which ‘meets our needs today, without compromising the ability of people in the future to meet their needs’ (Swarbrooke, 1999, p. 3). These needs would be those of...

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What would you do

lies in the spiritual realm. I think what I need is to become a more spiritual person What is Spirituality? - Pneumatikos/spiritualitas (1 Cor/ 2:15 – “The spiritual man”): Two ways of life = spirit and carnal - Christian spirituality: life in the spirit of Christ - Spirituality in psychology: Transcendent experiences - Post-Modern Category: spirituality as private alternative to religion - Spirituality in Theology: the study of spiritual formation What makes counseling a spiritual enterprise...

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The One Child Policy

The one child policy is a famous policy that was implemented in the People’s Republic of China. A Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping established it in 1979 to limit China’s population growth. By the name itself, the policy states that only one child is allowed in a household. However, if the first child is a girl, the couple is given another chance to have one more child but you can’t bear a child right after the first one. A well-known slogan in China: ” Late, Long, and Few” The policy advocates delaying...

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What is the place of children in contemporary Chinese society in the context of one-child policy, and what factors influence it ?

 What is the place of children in contemporary Chinese society in the context of one-child policy, and what factors influence it ? China since early times has been a society with family-centered values, and the old saying "Children are the future of the country" (Haizi shi zuguo de weilai) reflects the matter of children being of a big importance. In this essay, I will present some views and opinions of the mainland Chinese citizens I have encountered that are related to the matter...

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To What Extent Did the Nazis Achieve the Aims of Their Social Policies?

From 1933 to 1939 Hitler aimed to achieve a "social revolution" in Germany. He aimed to achieve such social policies within the Youth and Women but particularly through his concept of volksgemeinschaft, meaning 'people's community,' he hoped to transform Germany into a strong country based on traditional peasant values." David Schoenbaum has argued that Hitler's "social revolution" was a fake, and perceived as being real, due to the influence of Hitler's propaganda. Hitler effectively aimed to unify...

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Assignment 1 Part 2 Sustainable Development

our very own vital life support system (Miller, 2010 pp 5). The need for change towards sustainable development means to live off the earth’s natural resources without depleting them (Miller, 2010 pp 6). This essay argues that sustainable development is the answer to the world’s environmental and economic problems. Its purpose is to outline my understanding of sustainable development and to discuss what the authors Ede (2008), Collier (2007) and Monbiot (2006) have contributed to it. For the...

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What Would You Do to Make a Better World?

Research Paper-What would you do to make a better world? Eliminate Discrimination against People with Disabilities Laura Rodriguez Romero To make a better world I would try to change how people with physical and intellectual disabilities are treated and perceived. I work toward a world in which they are celebrated instead of marginalized. My hope is that people with disabilities will be welcomed to share the unique gifts they have to offer. My dream is that people with disabilities become a vital...

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Summary of Sustainable Development in Islamic Perspectives

 SUMMARY ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVES. PREPARED BY : MUHAMMAD ZULHILMI BIN MOHD HULAIMI (62289113573) : AHMAD LUTFI BIN HARON ( 62289113591) : NIK MUHAMAD AMIN BIN NIK ARIF (62289113526) PREPARED FOR: SIR AHMAD MONIR BIN ABDULLAH Sustainable development may be defined, from an Islamic perspective, as a multi-dimensional process that seeks to strike a balance between economic and social development on one side, and the environment on the...

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What are some of characteristics that you would associate with the American people and their society? Why?

What are some of characteristics that you would associate with the American people and their society? Why? The United States of America - country which is home and shelter for almost 300 millions of people, divided into 50 states�. The larges population of many different nations undeniably has many features which are considered as characteristic ones, like obesity, patriotism, mainstream and race diversity. These features are unique for Americans, even though they are present in every other country...

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Sustainable Water Management

Sustainable Water Management A definition Defining Sustainable Water Management Sustainable Water Management in India Factors limiting the adoption of SWM (India and the South Asia Region) What is Sustainable Water Management? The term uses two important concepts with respect to water: sustainability and management. In order to understand Sustainable Water Management, it is important to define these concepts. Sustainability The Bruntland Report popularized the term sustainability...

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The experience you can achieve: Is taking a gap year really working on helping students finding what they want to do?

The Experience you can achieve: Is Taking a Gap Year Really Working on Helping Students Finding What They Want to Do? In your years of high school you are looking and focusing on what you want to be when you “grow up”. That could be a struggle, if you do not know what to do with your life. Students have so many options to choose from; they are always being rushed for picking a career, what should people who are like this, go? Some suggest that new high school graduates should take a year or “gap...

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Sustainable Development

EUT 1072 – Sustainable Development and Management Exam # 1, October 19 2009 Professor: Georges A. Tanguay • Exam total points = 100; 19 mandatory questions and one BONUS. • Answer directly on the questionnaire using available space. • Maximum time : 90 minutes Good luck! PART ONE (50 PTS) ANSWER QUESTION 1 OR QUESTION 2 QUESTION 1 (30 pts) We started the course by arguing that the sustainable development concept was first...

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Distinguish Between Developed and Developing Countries

Di 3a) What distinguishes a developing country from a developed country (10mks) ADVICE: All the indicators are examined here with supporting statistics. There won’t be time to include statistics for all the indicators, so you’ll include those that you most easily remember).         Countries can be classified as developed or developing according to the value of the gross national product (GNP) per capita. A developing country can be distinguished from a developed country by examining...

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Engineer in the Society

THE ROLE OF ENGINEERS IN THE SOCIETY By OHANENYE JOSHUA NDUBUISI MOBILE: +2348037433384 EMAIL: joshuzzles06@yahoo.com NIGERIAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS, 2013 Mandatory Continuing Education Workshop (13th – 15th March 2013) An Engineer is defined as a person whose job involves thinking out a problem and providing solution in advance. It includes but not limited to designing and building engines, machines, roads, bridges, etc or a person who is trained to repair and control engines. An engineer can...

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What Are You Made of? the Role of Faith in Social Identity

What Are You Made Of? The Role of Faith in Social Identity What are you made of? This is truly a difficult question to answer if one would really take the time to ponder it. How would you arrive at the conclusion of describing who you are and the things you believe in? What are the things that made you as an individual? Inevitably, there will be several social, spiritual, and political issues that one may have to battle with to arrive at a sound conclusion. Life is complex and that is a certain...

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Education for Sustainable Development

MEM 655: EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT # 1 1. Provide a good conceptual background of the following: a. Education for Sustainable Development * is based on the principles and values that underlie sustainable development; * deals with the well-being of all four dimensions of sustainability – environment, society, culture and economy; * uses a variety of pedagogical techniques that promote participatory learning and higher-order thinking skills; ...

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sustainable leadership

what is sustainable leadership? 'Sustainable leadership' recognises the complex interdependency between individuals, business, markets and society and the eco-system, with the aspiration that the organisation creates prosperity and social value as well as long term commercial success, while protecting the environment in which we are all participants. Sustainable leadership requires leaders to focus on four critical relationships: Intra-personal – attending to own psychological and physical health...

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Sustainable Development. Trends and Solutions

What is you opinion about changing the mentality of society towards a more sustainable world? What is the role of the individual, government, education...? 1. What pathways/solutions do you see to reach this goal? Mankind has reached such a point of "offensive" against his nature, that some of the problems of environmental protection and conservation have become universal. Ozone depletion, greenhouse effect amplification, submitting desert, the Amazon forest destruction, impoverishment...

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To What Extent Can the Problems of Urbanization Be Met by a Policy of Sustainable Development?

To what extent can the problems of urbanization be met by a policy of sustainable development? With increasing life expectancy, people have moved from rural area to urban area and cities have grown rapidly, which causes many problems. To solve these problems of urbanisation, the concept of sustainability emerged, which is always used by environmentalists and political planners to express their own view of how environment and economy should be administrated (Adams, 2001). One of the most quoted...

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Dont Ask Dont Tell Policy

Political Science 103 May 2012 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell With the eradication of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy, how does one benefit even if they have the choice not to expose their sexuality? The policy prohibited military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual service members or applicants, while barring openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service. To avoid being barred or harassed from the military because of sexuality, exposing...

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If You Were CEO Of Harley

 1. If you were CEO of Harley- Davidson, how would you compare the advantages and the dis advantages of using exports , joint ventures, and foreign subsidiaries as ways of expanding international sales? a. If I were the CEO of Harley- Davidson, I see only upsides from joint ventures and foreign subsidiaries as types of insourcing. I say this due to the fact that the countries like Germany and Japan each had a helpful hand in the production of our motorcycles. That being said co ownership by both...

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To what extent can cities be sustainable

To what extent can cities be sustainable? Sustainability means meeting the needs of people today in a way that doesn’t damage the environment or use up resources so people can continue to meet their own needs in the future, it is also to do with the cost of implementing these within the city and whether or not it is feasible. I am going to consider strategies such as waste management, also discussing the different ideas cities have had to come back at transport, increased congestion and environmental...

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A Woman's Place in Society

------------------------------------------------- Women Place In Society ------------------------------------------------- Man and woman are the two parts of a whole. One is incomplete without the other. The Holy Qur'an says, ''And we have created you in pairs''(male and female). The existence of one without the other would be colourless and boring. The need of the one for the other is so great that it was honored even in heaven when Eve was created for Adam. Moreover the union of both is necessary...

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Role of Business in Society

What is the role of business in society? Last week I took part in a panel discussion that debated “What is the role of business in society”.  I thought you would be interested in what I had to say. My position is simple, the role of business is to create wealth. The word "wealth" comes from two old English words - "weal" and "th" meaning "the condition of well being" or as Robert Kennedy put it "the things that make life worth living". I would argue that the role of business has always been the...

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To What Extent Is Corporate Social Responsibility Beneficial to a Company’s Performance

To what extent is Corporate Social Responsibility beneficial to a company’s performance Corporate Social Responsibility is a philosophy that relates to a business being a part of the society, so acts in a way that not only advances its own firm but also serves the society as well. Good ethics is the cornerstone of sustainable development. In the long run, unethical behavior may harm customers and the society as a whole. Furthermore, it damages a company’s image, efficiency and effectiveness...

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Andrew Jackson and His Financial Policies

1. In his veto message, Jackson did not question the ability of the bank to regulate currency and credit. What public policy objectives does his message attempt to advance? Jackson is saying that much too often the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. And that this bank does not permit competition in its monopoly, it is a monster to society. As well as advancing the fact or belief that some of the powers and privileges possessed by the existing bank...

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What Would You Do? Paper

What Would You Do? Episode __ : Helping the Homeless I. Relate the video to conscience Conscience, as defined by the Merriam – Webster Dictionary, is “the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong”. It’s that tiny voice inside your head that tells you if what you’re about to do, what you’re doing or what you’ve done is essentially right or not. A lot of people nowadays tend to ignore this for fear of being ridiculed or judged by other people,...

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Journal Article Review: What is Education for?

WHAT IS EDUCATION FOR? By Pamela Mang Reviewed by KAY RITHY 29 MARCH 2012 Journal Article Review: What is Education for? The author of this article is concerning about the issues which are happening in the world on the Earth’s health nowadays such as tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, pollutions, etc., and who are facing with these problems, and how to solve these matters, and who participate in dealing with these harmful effects in order to live with sustainability. Beside the issues happening...

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Essay on Sustainable Development of Environment

P RESERV E YOU R A RTI CLE CONTENT QU A LI TY GU I DELI NES DI SCLA I MER TOS CONTA CT U S Essay on Sustainable Development of Environment Sustainable development is the concept of needs and limitations imposed by technology and society on the environment's ability to meet the present and future need. The term sustainable development was brought into common use by the world commission on environment and development in its reports (WCED). According to WCED sustainable development...

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Do What You Love

McCoy: Dear Grads, Don't 'Do What You Love' - WSJ.com Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is f or y our personal, non-commercial use only . To order presentation-ready copies f or distribution to y our colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or v isit www.djreprints.com See a sample reprint in PDF f ormat. Order a reprint of this article now OPINION May 27, 2013, 6:45 p.m. ET Carl McCoy: Dear Grads, Don't 'Do What You Love' College commencement...

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To What Extent Can the Problem of Urbanization Be Met by a Policy of Sustainable Development?

1990, and particularly in the developing world. So we need to know what urbanization is and what is sustainable development in LEDCs (Least Developed Countries)? Urbanization means to make area into town and make country person move to city, and sustainable development consists of finding a proper path towards social, economic and ecological evolution. Urbanization has brought enormous social and economic changes in developing-countries. As far as people are trying to have significant growth and improvement...

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A Vision for The Decade (2014-2024) of Sustainable Energy for All

To: Your Excellency UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Subject: "A Vision for The Decade (2014-2024) of Sustainable Energy for All" Dear Mr. Secretary-General, I would like to confess to you at first that before writing this essay, I never really bothered myself with energy problems. The topic of sustainable energy always seemed as a distant and isolated topic. My original motivation for this contest was very materialistic, as I just wanted to win the cash prize which I wanted to use for my...

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WHAT FIELD OF STUDY WILL YOU PURSUE AND WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN THIS AREA AND CAREER PATH? The world today is faced with enormous energy challenges in all ramifications. The ability to proffer solutions to these problems makes us a veritable tool in the society and it depends solely on the amount of information we have per time. Since childhood, the studies of science and basic engineering have interested me profoundly. I had passion for repairing simple devices, knowing their content and how...

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Practice What You Preach

Practice what you Preach | Business Ethics ECBA 401-20-0911 | By: Gail E. Campbell For: Dr. Robert Stevens | Practice what you Preach Being ethical can be shaky because the meaning is hard to pin down and the views of many are different. The law often incorporates ethical standards to which most citizens go by is what makes ethics and the law not the same. But laws, like feelings, can deviate from what is ethical. Even though being ethical is not the same as doing “whatever...

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Public Policy and Society

 Public Policy a.Define public policy. Public policy is both the written and unwritten laws of a society that suggest the moral, ethical and social behaviors of people (Capalli, 1997, p. 393). Some public policies are common understandings among a group of people that exist in a particular locale, while other public policies affect the whole of society within a certain nation. Public policies guide a society in the direction that the people believe that it should...

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What do you believe promotes positive c

What do you believe promotes positive change?   Positive change comes from the depths of an individual that desires something different to occur within their life.  I began my journey towards positive changes during the end of 2011, when events in my life went on a downward spiral, resulting in me struggling with a long-term diagnosis of severe depression. I found myself not wanting to function and be a contributing member of society, wondering how I would make it to the next minute, hour, day,...

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development in South Asia * Sustainable Development (SD) implies economic growth together with the protection of environmental quality, each reinforcing the other. Sustainable Development, thus, is maintaining a balance between the human need to improve lifestyles and feeling of well-being on one hand, and preserving natural resources and ecosystems, on which we and future generations depend. The main features that all the definitions have are as follows: * A desirable human...

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'the Challenges of Multiculturalism Far Outweigh the Benefits.' to What Extent Do You Agree?

benefits.' To what extent do you agree? (40 marks) Multiculturalism is complex in that it has numerous definitions and has a different meaning, whether positive or negative, depending on individual opinion and governmental ideologies. The main idea is that different ethnic, racial, religious or cultural groups coexist, not necessarily in harmony, alongside one another and a county's system promotes ethnic diversity within its society. Multiculturalism does bring many challenges to a country, sometimes...

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