• Human Factor
    Human Factors and Ergonomics Series Editor Gavriel Salvendy Professor Emeritus School of Industrial Engineering Purdue University Chair Professor & Head Dept. of Industrial Engineering Tsinghua Univ., P.R. China Published Titles Conceptual Foundations of Human Factors Measurement, D. Meist
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  • Food Service Manual
    Food Service Manual for Health Care Institutions Third Edition Ruby P. Puckett Foreword by Carlton Green Health Forum, Inc. An American Hospital Association Company CHICAGO Food Service Manual for Health Care Institutions Third Edition Food Service Manual for Health Care In
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  • Service
    MBA (DISTANCE MODE) DBA 1721 SERVICES MARKETING III SEMESTER COURSE MATERIAL Centre for Distance Education Anna University Chennai Chennai – 600 025 Author Mr. N. Senthil Kumar, Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, Anna University Chennai, Chennai - 25 Reviewer Dr. K. Chi
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  • Return on Investment by Human Capital
    ROI THE HUMAN CAPITAL OF S E C O N D E D I T I O N Measuring the Economic Value of Employee Performance Jac Fitz-enz American Management Association New York • Atlanta • Brussels • Chicago • Mexico City • San Francisco Shanghai • Tokyo • Toronto • Washington, D.C.
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  • Organization management
    Module I CORPORATE FINANCE 1. THE TIME VALUE OF MONEY An enterprise must select the best combination on investment, financing and dividends. The decision to purchase new plants and equipments and to introduce a new product in the market requires the use of capital allocating techniques....
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  • Encyclopedia of Human Geography
    Encyclopedia of HUMAN GEOGRAPHY Edited by Barney Warf Florida State University Copyright © 2006 by SAGE Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying,...
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  • Organization Behaviour: Emerging Knowledge and Practice for the Real World.(Textbook Summary)
    Organizational Behavior and Design Chapter 2 – Individual Behavior, Values & Personality MARS Model of Individual Behavior & Results (Pg 34) - Employee engagement covers all four MARS driven indv behavior and results - M (Motivation), A (Ability), R (Role Perceptions) and S (Situational Factors) h
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  • Internship Report on Organization Study of Nokia Siemens Networks.
    CHAPTER –1 INDUSRIAL PROFILE Introduction The telecommunication industry deals with the activities and services of electronic system for transmitting message through cables, telephones, radio or television. The telecom industry had struggled for establishing and maintaining its existence in
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  • A Report of by the Asian Productivity Organization
    From: Rural-Based Food Processing Industry in Asia ©APO 2004, ISBN: 92-833-7026-0 Report of the APO Multi-Country Study Mission on Rural-Based Food Processing Industry (SME-OS1-00) Japan, 6–13 March 2001 Edited by Dr. Alastair Hicks, Bangkok, Thailand. Published by the Asian Productivity
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  • Service Marketing
    Chapter 1 Introduction to Services Marketing In general, goods can be defined as objects, devices, or things, whereas products refer to both goods and services. A service is any act or performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownershi
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  • Human Development in India
    Human Development 13 CHAPTER he principal objective of development planning is human development and the attainment of higher standard of living for the people. This requires a more equitable distribution of development benefits and opportunities, better living environment and empowerment of
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  • Civil Service 2013 Notice
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  • Human Resource Management
    Annual Report 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 1 Annual Report 2012 ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 3 Partial view of registration counter and attendance of the hon'ble shareholders at 16th AGM Notice of the 17th Annual General Meeting Notice is hereby given that the 17th Annual General Meeting of the hon'ble
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  • Critical Issues in Managing Information System in Organization
    Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Background to the Company 3 1.2 Success Factors 4 1.3 SWOT analysis of DELL 5 1.4 Executive Summary 7 2.0 New roles of CIO 8 2.1 Roles of CIO in IT business world 8 2.2 CIO Responsibilities 9 2.3 Dell’s CIO 11 2.4 BYOD- Dell CIO Adriana Karabouti
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  • Human Interaction
    ALAN DIX, JANET FINLAY, GREGORY D. ABOWD, RUSSELL BEALE HUMAN–COMPUTER INTERACTION THIRD EDITION Human–Computer Interaction We work with leading authors to develop the strongest educational materials in computing, bringing cutting-edge thinking and best learning practice to a global
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  • Economic Development Strategies and Macro- and Micro-Level Human Resource Policies: the Case of India’s “Outsourcing” Industry
    Cornell University ILR School DigitalCommons@ILR Articles and Chapters ILR Collection 10-1-2008 Economic Development Strategies and Macro- and Micro-level Human Resource Policies: The Case of India’s “Outsourcing” Industry Sarosh Kuruvilla Cornell University, sck4@cornell.edu Ar
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