• Motivation
    Southeast University MASTERS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (EXECUTIVE) PROGRAME BATCH: 20, SECTION: A, SEMESTER: FALL, YEAR: 2008 Report On MOTIVATION SUBMITTED TO Prof. Dr. Nazmul Karim Chowdhury SUBMITTED BY Ahmed Ershad. ID#2008210002007. Md. Shariful Islam. ID#2008210002019. Junay
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  • Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationship Management SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (SIMS) Dissertation on Customer Relationship Management Submitted By: Ayush Singh Roll no:09 PRN No:68211 Class- 2(D) Semester: Fourth Semester Date required:18/2/2008 Date of Submission: 18/2/2008
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  • Organization Reward and Motivation
    Organization reward and motivation Introduction Motivation Definition Motivating behaviors Individual characteristics and motivation Money as motivation Pay and motivation Pay administration Pricing job Wage and salary surveys Pay range
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  • Motivation
    Motivation: A diagnostic Approach Introduction The employee is perhaps the most important component of the success of a company. Motivation is what makes people productive in their jobs. A manager’s job is to get the employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. It is necessary
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  • Article on Motivation
    Article on Motivation : Maslow`s and Herzberg`s Theories. Assume that a man called Bill Smith is employed as a computer programmer in a government office or in a business. Bill, an individual, enters the organization, an operating social system. He brings to his job certain psychological nee
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  • Customer Relationship Mgmt
    Chapter 1: What is CRM? What's So Hard About Customer Service? One person's excellent service may represent barely adequate service to someone else. What impresses one customer may make absolutely no impression on another. To complicate matters, what a customer believes to be good service i
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  • Introduction to Motivation
    1. INTRODUCTION Wilma Rudolf was dejected after doctor told her that she will not be able to put her legs on ground and she would no more be able to walk and run like normal person. Her dream to be fastest lady on earth seemed to be fading away and then a magic turned everything upside-down. S
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  • Motivation
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Motivation, employee motivation in particular, is one of the topics in the field of organizational behaviour that have attracted a great deal of research and attention. This is understandable considering the significant role of motivated employees in and their contribution to the
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  • Sources of Motivation
    Sources of Motivation To be motivated, according to Arthur Schopenhaur, is to be moved into action. This definition of motivation implies that there must be someone, something, or some internal drive that propels one into action (Deckers, 2005). Therefore, any action committed by an organism is ind
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  • 2 Process Theories of Motivation
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Motivation theories are primarily divided into two major types which are the content theories and the process theories. This report aims to critically evaluate two process theories of motivation which is the Expectancy Theory by Victor Vroom and the Equity Theory by John St
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  • Plan to Increase Team’s Motivation
    Running head: Plan To Increase Team’s Motivation Plan to Increase Team’s Motivation University of Phoenix Plan to Increase Team’s Motivation Team collaboration working environment has become the norm within structuring an organization. Dr. Warren Bennis, a management guru according
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  • Entrepreneurial Motivation
    1.0 Introduction The study of the successful entrepreneurship is important for several reasons: • Schumpeter, 1934, described entrepreneurship as the engine that drives innovation and change, and subsequently economic growth • Austrian economist Kirzner believes entrepreneurship
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  • The Relationship Between Personality Types, Test Anxiety and Self-Esteem with Regards to Academic Achievement
    The Relationship Between Personality Types, Test Anxiety and Self-Esteem with regards to Academic Achievement This study was performed to determine if there is a relationship between personality type, test anxiety, self-esteem and academic achievement, which was measured by the students GPA. The s
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  • Motivation
    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation 1 Running Head: INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION Revisiting Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation1 Thomas S. Bateman McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia Monroe Hall Charlottesville, VA 22904-4173 Phone: 434 924 7060 FAX: 434 924 7074 e-mai
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  • Theories of Motivation
    Theories of Motivation 1) Contribution of Robert Owen : Though Owen is considered to be paternalistic in his view, his contribution is of a considerable significance in the theories of Motivation. During the early years of the nineteenth century, Owen’s textile mill at New Lanark in Scotland w
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  • Relationship Between Self Esteem and Achievement
    ABSTRACT The present study explored the relationship between individual self esteem and achievement. The sample of the study consisted of 85 respondents working in the private sector of Pakistan. A total of 21 companies were visited for this purpose. It was hypothesized that individuals having self
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  • Employee Motivation
    International Journal of Training and Development 12:3 ISSN 1360-3736 The relationship between perceived training opportunities, work motivation and employee outcomes Anders Dysvik and Bård Kuvaas The purpose of this study was to explore alternative relationships between training opportunities
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  • Mportance of Teacher-Student Relationship
    The school is every child’s second home. It is where children, particularly students, spend approximately 7 to 10 hours a day for almost 10 months a year. Aside from their houses, the school is another learning environment for them. It is where they can learn values and skills which they can’t
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  • Motivation Revision
    Defining Motivation Many people incorrectly view motivation as a personal trait—that is, some people have it, and others don't. But motivation is defined as the force that causes an individual to behave in a specific way. Simply put, a highly motivated person works hard at a job; an unmotivated p
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  • Employee Motivation in the Organization: a Case Study of Nigerian Ports Authority
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Of all the factors of production, labour is the most important factor of production, which is supplied by the employees. The success or failure of any enterprise is therefore ultimately predicated on the willingnes
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