• Donut History
    i. HISTORY Doughnut or more popularly known as donut is not a pervasive culinary culture here in Malaysia, although thousands of donuts at roadside stalls and the school canteens have been selling this as long as we can remember. Then came the Dunkin' Donuts (from United States) who revolutioniz
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  • History of the Philippine Agriculture
    Philippine Agriculture over the Years: Performance, Policies and Pitfalls 1 Cielito F. Habito and Roehlano M. Briones 2 Introduction Although many still think of the Philippines as an agricultural economy, strictly speaking, it is not. Agriculture, fishery and forestry directly account for just
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  • A History of American Literature
    americanliterature A HISTORY OF To Sheona americanliterature RICHARD GRAY A HISTORY OF Copyright © 2004 by Richard Gray 350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148-5020, USA 108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JF, UK 550 Swanston Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia The right of Richard Gray
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  • Poverty in the Philippines
    Introduction The Philippines is one of the three countries granted exemption in 1995 from the removal of quantitative restriction (QR) on rice under Annex 5 of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement. Japan and South Korea are the other two countries. The exemption will expire on December 31,
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  • Food in Philippines
    Food so exotic, so different, so tasty! In the Philippines, food is a serious pastime. Most countries have a culture which is eating three times a day from a clearly defined menu. But in the Philippines, the rules are different. Beside the normal three meals a day, there is also merienda....
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