"What Is Happening To Our Philippine Environment Today" Essays and Research Papers

What Is Happening To Our Philippine Environment Today

The expository text What’s happening to our girls? written my Maggie Hamilton presents the issue that girls all over the world feel pressures at some stage of their lives. Hamilton presents this idea to the reader in a negative way in comparison to how popular culture and wider society encourages it. As girls are growing up, they feel pressures regarding their desires to be a woman, body image and pressures from parents and teachers. Hamilton expresses these ideas through the use of expository conventions...

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The State And The State Of The Environment In The Philippines

The State and the State of the Environment in the Philippines The clamor for environmental preservation became stronger when the issues of global warming and environmental degradation took centerstage. All around the world, states have been doing their best to pass legislations that would protect the environment for the use of the future generation. Hence, the concept of sustainable development has also developed in response to the global issue—something that the past development planners did not...

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Corruption the Philippines

Completely Non-corrupt Philippines: Is it even possible? To my dear audience, fellow students, classmates, teachers, and other concerned citizens, a pleasant day to each and every one! Today, I would like to convince all the Filipinos that corruption can still be eradicated from our beloved country. The Republic of the Philippines suffers a widespread corruption including the graft, bribery, embezzlement, backdoor deals, nepotism and patronage. In the early 1960s, the Philippines was an economic power...

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Philippine Culture

SEEDS OF THE PHILIPPINE CULTURE The "Pearl of the Orient Seas", more famously known as the Island Philippines, has its share of rich and colorful history and cultural background, which dates back to as early as 100 million years. During this time, it was mainly the Philippine land and habitat that evolved and there were no human inhabitants on the land. Nevertheless, it was during these years that the Philippines started to develop its resources and become what would soon be a region of abundant...

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Negative Impacts on Our Environment

Negative Impacts on Our Environment Israel Ledezma Environmental Science July 10, 2013 Negative Impacts on Our Environment Nowadays, it seems that every action we take during our daily lives, in some way is affecting and harming the environment. Our Earth is a beautiful planet. The design and makeup of the natural world is an amazingly unfathomable. The world was perfect at one point before we as human beings began to damage and little by little are continuing to destroy the our planet. Examples...

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Saving our Environment

significant rise in people's concern for the environment. We all affect the natural environment, but we are often are unaware of how much we affect it. There is no part of the earth that does not remain affected by our actions. Our actions are now threatening the health of our planet, the land we live and work on, the water supply, the ozone layer, the animal species as well as the health of our species. With this it is easy to say "The problem is too great and what can we do now?" Well, we can first remember...

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“the Environment... Now What?!?”

“The Environment... Now What?!?” Or “How WouldYou Like That Steak Cooked?” By Jeff Hamilton Jeff Hamilton Eng 104 T-TH 1045-1210 23 Apr 2013 Essay #3 As a nation that clearly stands out from the rest of the world we are metaphorically stepping on our private parts with golf shoes on when it comes to the handling of the environment. The actions needed to reverse our current dependency on fossil fuel should have happened decades ago. Not only are the Gumby-like government representatives...

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Philippine Folklore Characters: Its Significance to Religion and Environment

The Philippines today is facing a huge problem when it comes to environmental issues. Illegal logging, erosion and landslides are always been in the news lately. That’s why; flash floods always come and go as if it is only a natural situation. In addition to this problem, another one is religion, with its diverse faith because of many beliefs. Strong or not, Filipinos are always been faithful and the researchers believed that there is a factor behind these two issues. Philippine folklore is...

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The Philippines

Philippines: No Other Place But Up The Philippines is considered one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. As of 21st century, the country is a member in several international organizations’ including the APEC, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition the Philippines also have a lot of trading partners and trade agreements. Though, the Philippines have suffered negative balance of trade for many years. In January of 2013, the...

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Save Our Environment

Home World News Latest Articles Escape Hatch Topics Free eCards Endless Buzz How to Save Our Environment Just by making a few small changes, you can make a big contribution and save our environment. Find out how you can do your bit. Ads by Google Renewable Energy Info Find Out About Eco Energy Sources & How To Be Green. Get A Free Report! www.The-Green-Guide.info/ air ductMfg We manufacture PU duct, Silicone duct, and air duct www.utigo.cn Environmental sound pumps Install A-labeled...

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What Is on the Minds of America's Youth Today?

"What is on the minds of America's youth today?" was the prompt for an essay contest. The top of the page hosted two images; one of the youth of 1968 protesting racism, and one of teenagers on Spring Break in 2004. The magazine claimed that 30 years ago, young people were so focused on sit-ins, protests, and what was happening in the world around them and today, teens are content solely with "watching their MTV, and following the love lives of Brad, Jen, Jessica, and Paris." I was intrigued by the...

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Cultural Awareness in an Asymmetric Environment

enemy and their environment. Throughout history, we have studied, witnessed and experienced great examples of the use of cultural knowledge during combat operations. Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) of the British Army documented his experiences while living among the Arabic people. He learned about their society and culture in order to improve his military expertise (McFate, 2004). With constantly changing interests, influences and enemy TTPs in today’s asymmetric environment, Soldiers on...

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In What Way Is Hamlet Relevant in Our World Today?

In what way is Hamlet relevant in our world today? In that question, the word Hamlet is not underlined because the play itself is not nearly as relevant as a whole as Hamlet the person is. The play is full of allusions, jokes, and implications that is difficult for a modern audience to pick up on and understand their significance to the overall work. After all, Shakespeare wrote this as a performance piece that was to help pay the bills as much as it was to be a work of art. This is in no way...

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Philippine Business Environment

to business activities? Assess the business environment during his 3 years in office. Will his call for "Tuwid na Daan" in Governance and Public Administration spell magic for its economy? Compare this environment with that of PGMA's nine year stay in power. Site suggestions/strategy which you think could lead Philippine Business and Economy a haven of Investment climate in the future. ANSWER: As President Benigno S. Aquino III assured that Philippines will remain conducive to business, the country’s...

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Is Our Constitution Relevant Today?

Is Our Constitution Relevant Today? Is our constitution relevant today? It has been said, "This year we are going to make a fundamental transformation of our whole organization". It might be a challenging question but how can we turn ourselves into an even more successful organization? The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence holds the secret to success of the type of government “We the People” have, Natural Rights. It is the greatest document that was ever created to put our people...

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Environment: a Challenge to Church Mission Today

KAGUCHIA CLASS: ENGL 101-SUMMER 2013 EASSAY 3 ENVIRONMENT: A CHALLENGE TO CHURCH MISSION TODAY INTRODUCTION: Environmental concerns have become an integral issue in the face of the world today. The continued regression of forests, industrialization, pollution, population growth, urbanization, and intensive agriculture calls for better stewardship of environment. Plants, animals, and human life have been threatened and endangered as the environment deteriorates. The following pictures shows how...

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The Ozone Layer - What Is Actually Happening?

Joshua denDulk The Ozone Layer What is actually happening? What comes to mind when you think of the ozone layer? The average person generally thinks of something up in the sky that stops us getting too much sunburn, and that is really all the ozone layer does. However, many scientists today believe that the ozone layer is slowly depleting over time, and this is causing a greater risk to our health, leaving us vulnerable to the sun’s...

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Economic Environment in the Philippines

FORECASTS for Philippine economy have remained upbeat with the projected higher consumer and government spending and favorable outlook for real estate and tourism sectors. An economic outlook and forecasts by Metrobank's research department showed that the country's growth domestic product (GDP) will continue to grow at an average of six percent in 2013. Because of the stellar growth in the first three quarters of 2012 and given the still rosy prospects, the Research center has revised a full-year...

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Our Culture Today

Ashton Lockwood Professor Aro English 101 20 April 2013 Our culture today Personal Beliefs, Attitudes, Values, Basic Assumptions, these values are universal to every human being living today, in the past and in our future. These values shaping our behavior relate to cultural context. Today our Societal attitudes toward homosexuality widely range in different cultures, historical periods, and locations, as do attitudes toward sexual desire, activity and relationships in general. In general...

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slišAdnan Puzic Professor: Elma Porobic English 1A 26/12/2014 What is happening with today’s youth?! The main reason I have chosen this theme is recent headline in the newspaper: “Seven young girls got pregnant on their road trip”. When you see a headline like this you start wondering what is happening with today’s youth. What is the reason for behaviour like this?! Wrong parenting, influence of the internet, influence of parents or influence of older friends? Why is today’s youth behaving older...

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Whats the Matter with Kids Today?

“What’s the Matter with Kids today?"   Do you think teenagers today always being on the internet will help develop them into becoming deeper thinkers or better writers later on in life? According to Amy Goldwasser, author of the article, “What’s the Matter with Kids today?” she states that more teenagers today would rather sit and play around with their electronics than do homework for school and that electronics seem to be taking over their lives (667).  When teenagers seem to be more interested...

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The Destruction of Our Environment

the civilizations that define them. By examining the interactions of the environment and the living creations that reside within, one is able to examine and define the type of relationship in place between nature and the creatures of the world. Upon first glance, one will notice that the fundamental roles of the environment and the creatures within respectively are that of a cyclical reciprocity wherein the environment serves as a primary provider in a great cycle of life and death, a cycle that...

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What Should I Do to Protect Environment? Requirements: The writing should include the following aspects: 1. Briefly describe the current severe environment in Shanghai/our country. 2. What should I do, as an individual both in daily life and at work, to save nature? (You are required to give specific examples to illustrate.)   The Influence of Globalization on Me  Requirements: The writing should include the following aspects: 1. What does the word "globalization" mean? 2. Any changes happened/happening...

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How Can I Be an Agent of Change in My Environment

Agent of Change In My Environment? I remember before I use to throw thing anywhere, I throw anywhere I want whenever I want. Maybe its because of laziness, tired of throwing our trashes in the right place because its far or we are just not used to carrying the trash with us to throw it in the right place. Now I realize its an immature thing to do. So aside from not throwing the garbage or trash in some place else I should also help make a change and help clean up our environment. How do I do it? Well...

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What Is Happening To Our Land?

 What Is Happening To Our Land? Frances Bradley Dr. Jeronimo Ribaya 11/18/2013 Taking its toll on our land; however, hope is not lost. Overcultivation has become a very large problem as populations continue to grow. Overgrazing has also become a big problem as the number of people rise. With the larger numbers of people on the planet today that are still on the upswing has brought on a huge problem with deforestation. Have no fear, although these things along with natural...

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Effects of Soil Errosion in the Philippines

EFFECTS OF SOIL EROSION IN THE PHILIPPINES Soil erosion is happening everywhere in this world. Especially near the water area and maybe it is happening below where we stand. One my grandparents told me, that one time when they were young a typhoon with its devastating rain hit manila. Because they were near river, because of the heavy rain without warning the soil beneath their home collapse and their home was wash away in the river. And it said to be the cause of the collapse of the soil...

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Philippine Games

of the Philippines; the Makonggo which mimics the behavior and the facial expression of a monkey, the Kalapati which is based on a dove, using its cooing gentleness as a way of courtship, and the Itik-itik which caricatures the waddling of the ducks. But, the most famous of these mimetic Filipino dances is the Tinikling. Tinikling is the most famous and best known of the Philippine dances. It is a dance which attests the Filipinos’ close association with the biodiversity of the environment. It shows...

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Philippine Military and Police Force Today

Philippine Military and Police Force Today Mendoza, A. Pol sci 11 MHG. October 2013. Corruption, inefficiency and politicization are the common characters of the Philippine military and police in status quo. The emerging issues and concerns regarding the military and police are what make them be labelled as weak, corrupt, and insensitive by Filipinos. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been demoralised and have done inefficient work on establishing peace and order as...

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Examine the claim that our environment is ruined by greed.

 Examine the claim that our environment is ruined by greed. As societies begin to transform and people in many parts of the world grow in affluence, many start to view the pursuit of material goods as a worthy goal. Consumers of today have ever-changing preferences in all aspects and are almost never content with what they possess currently, always searching for another more technologically advanced gadget, or more fashionable handbag. People's desires for more are seemingly insatiable. Wants...

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Analysis of the Macroeconomic Environment in the Philippines

In the Philippines: Today, as of the second quarter of the 2013, the Philippines’ sees unemployment at the rate of 7.5%, an increase from the 1st quarters 7.1%. Even with this slight upward movement, the country is still below its average in the past decade of 8.6%. In the latest results of the April 2013 Labor Force Survey (LFS), the National Statistics Office reported that the number of agricultural workers decreased from an estimated 12.47 million in April 2012 to 11.84 million in April 2013...

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Science & Technology in Philippine Context

Science & Technology in Philippine Context Science has been described as "the means of understanding the natural environment", while technology is "the means of controlling and managing it". Hence Science and Technology together cover the gathering and generation of information about the material world and the application of that information for the welfare of mankind. Changes in science and technology cause changes in individual people that can make them look at their society differently...

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My Reaction About Reproductive Health Law Today ![]

David jhon mad'z AB POLSCI II-A Reproductive Health Law today is popularly known as the RH LAW, a Philippine law that aims to guarantee methods and information for universal access on birth control and maternal care. It allows the usage of different contraception methods to prevent the multiplying population here in the country. That is why; the priests are not in favors of this because for them it is against the law of God. However, in my points of view, I thought at first that this argument...

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Population Growth in the Philippines

Introduction This research paper, Philippine Environment: Trends and Issues, aims to deliver summarized though informative information about our nation’s environment. It aims to inform decision making, research, and discussion on environmental conditions in Philippines, environmental issues of current and ongoing concern, environmental pressures of interest, and changes by drawing together up-to-date environmental data and analysis from both official and trustworthy sources. It also aims to support...

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Obesity in Our World Today

Obesity In Our World Today Obesity in our world today is getting out of control especially in the United States and people don't know what to do to fix it. It's not only in the United States though, but it is also in the entire world. It's surrounding us in everything we do, and especially everything we eat. From the Double Quarter Pounder at McDonald's, to the Whopper at Burger King, obesity is looming around every corner. So what can be done about obesity in our world today you might ask? There...

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Art Enhances Our Environment

Art Enhances Our Environment Ask me what art is and I could give you at least a hundred different answers. That is how wide art can be. It is the same as our environment, vast and unpredictable. I chose this purpose of art because I love how art gives more “touch” to a certain environment. Our environment is already stunning, art makes it `more striking. But what really amazes me in this certain purpose of art is how artists make people interested in their works by going beyond the easel. They associate...

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Our generation

Throughout the past couple of centuries, our world has changed over a period of time. Everything has changed; generations, the way we live, nature and so much more. History is created every day, and at every moment without even realizing it. Our culture is a huge part of our everyday environment that we do not realize how incredibly significant they influence our lives. There are many important elements that have changed American society; for example the television. Television can be used as a tool...

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Philippines in Global Competitiveness

As the Philippines currently indulge its current economic achievement, being included for the first time in the top 50% of world ranking, it makes me ask the question, why only now? What took us too long to be globally competitive? According to Guillermo Luz, the co-chair of the Philippine National Competitiveness Council (NCC), the Philippines registered improvements in 11 out of the 12 categories, from the aspect of government institutions, infrastructures, macroeconomic environment, health...

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Philippine History

l PHILIPPINE HISTORY : ITS HERITAGE A partial fulfillment of the requirements in History 1A (Philippine History) 2:30 – 3:30 Room TEC 211 Submitted to : Professor Leah S. Baclaan Submitted by : Jodynn Olaya Shirly Tabotabo TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Statement of the Problem 2 - 3 Presentation of Datas 4 – 13 References 14 Introduction This project is the product of our intelligence and creativity. This is made because we want...

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What India Needs Today

What India Needs today” In the most famous speech of our 1st Prime Minister Late Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the “Freedom At Midnight”, he quoted : “ Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” - unquote. Good Morning to one and all gathered here! As a proud Indian, it gives me great...

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Philippine Environment Code

PHILIPPINE ENVIRONMENT CODE Presidential Decree No. 1152 OVERVIEW • Enacted on June 6, 1977 in the City of Manila by President Ferdinand E. Marcos • The Philippine Environmental Code is a body of laws settling forth management policies and prescribing quality standards for the environment in its totality. • Provided a comprehensive program of environmental protection and management. The Code established specific environment management policies and prescribes environmental quality standards...

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The Philippines

Flag of Philippines There are three fields on the Philippine flag. The white equilateral triangle is on the hoist side, a band of blue at the top, and a band of red at the bottom. An eight rayed yellow sun at the center of the triangle. A small five pointed star is located at each corner of the triangle. General Emilio Aguinaldo, who the first President of the Philippines and a leader in the revolution against Spanish rule for Philippine, designed the Philippine flag. He did this while in exile...

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Poverty in the Philippines

y Poverty in the Philippines Acknowledgement: We would like to thank the following who made this project successful. Yahoo.com and wikipedia.org for giving information and facts about our research. Dell for our laptop used in our research. Mama Maria’s Pizzeria for our snacks and refreshment. Ian’s Neighbor for WIFI Connection. And some people from the Poor communities who were interviewed to make this research more realistic. Dedication: ...

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Is There a Pa in the Philippines

2 Is there a Philippine Public Administration: A Critique This paper is a critique to the articles of Raul P. de Guzman and Onofre D. Corpus which were both published in 1986, at the height of the People Power and at the time when there was still no concrete system of public administration to talk about. The two authors wrote about the same thing but presented different and independent justification whether or not there is a Philippine public administration. The Philippine Constitution and...

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caters Filipino consumers with cheap oil. Thus, FilOil, the first Philippine oil company was established. In 1973, Esso sold its business to the government which became the Philippine National Oil Co. (or PNOC). Subsequently, Mobil also sold its share of the refinery to PNOC. The oil refining and marketing units in PNOC, along with FilOil, were eventually merged to form Petrophil, which was later renamed as Petron in 1988. Today the company's industrial earnings have never seen such high gains...

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Philippine Public Administration

IS THERE A PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTARTION? OR BETTER STILL, FOR WHOM IS PHILIPPINE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION? Alex Brillantes, Jr. and Maricel Fernandez “Yes, there is a Philippine Public Administration”, Alex Brillantes, Jr. and Maricel Fernandez answered to the question, “Is there a Philippine Public Administration”? Premises are being presented to support their answer, and as I go over them everything is true for a Philippine Public Administration to exist. Anyway, we cannot stay away from the fact...

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What Could Our World Be?

What Could Our World Be? What would life be like today if the federal government had absolute control? No freedoms for anyone whatsoever. The government controls when citizens may sleep, eat, do a job, and even control when citizens are allowed to speak. Would life really be worth living? We as readers are able to gain a small taste of what this would be like after reading the classic novel 1984, written by George Orwell. In the lonely, lifeless setting it is clear that the government has gained...

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How to Save Our Environment

The environment as we know it, isn't as green and luscious as it should be. There are steel monsters that block out the sun, huffing out dangerous smoke, and leaking out poisonous chemicals into rivers and streams, vehicles pumping out harmful fumes, people disposing of waste in a way that isn't safe/right and all other kinds of sources that ruin the planet. With the current environmental issues that plague the environment and planet, people need to do what they can to help save the Earth. We...

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Philippine National Railway

Philippine National Railway” It’s role in nation’s mass transportation 2 INTRODUCTION Transportation has been used since man knew how to walk. As time passed, it grew to not only having one way to travel but a variety of means, from cars to planes, and from highways to railways. A great example of how transportation has grown and adapted through time, can be seen through the Philippine National Railway. “The PNR carries a significant role in the future of our mass...

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What is wrong with the world today

available like never before in the history of man. All our advancements into areas such as medicine, agriculture, industry, still leave us asking what is still wrong with the world. A movie by Mr. Shadyac explored what is wrong with the world but ended up discovering what is right. The questions surrounding the state of humanity that have been posed recently are not just by Mr. Shadyac. Countless philosophers and thinkers of our time have explored our age of anxiety and many have shared their insight...

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Feasting in the Philippines

festa (Latin), “holidays, feasts.” The term is said to have been first used around 1200. What we are seeing today as feast is largely from and/or influenced by our colonizers most especially Spain. Year round annual celebrations that are primarily religious can be trace back from our Spanish roots. But in pre-Hispanic times or maybe even today there was a different story of how natives of the Philippines perceived the concept of a feast or feasting. In the book of Junker (2000) Raiding, Trading...

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Manila Solar City: What Our Country Needs

Manila Solar City: What Our Country Needs Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and one of the country’s most populous cities, is situated between Manila Bay and Laguna Bay that is why it is one of the main harbors of the country and the center of all the country’s commercial, economical, cultural and political activities. In 2006, Manila landed in Forbes magazine as the densest city in the world with a population of 1,581,000 and a density of 41,014 persons per square kilometer (Malone,...

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Whats in Our Water!

What Exactly Are We Drinking? Since the beginning of human existence, pollution has been a problem rapidly increasing with the growth of the world’s population. Throughout history, it has been a major source of diseases and plagues such as the bubonic plague. One serious threat of people’s health is the pollution of our underground watering systems. Many steps have been taken to help solve the pollution problem, a problem that still hasn’t been completely solved. Groundwater is located under...

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PROTECTING LAWS HISTORY Environmental concerns and conflicts have surfaced throughout human history, from the earliest settlements to the latest headlines.  This comes as a surprise to many people because our emphasis in history has all too often been on war and politics, rather than environment, culture and development. The evidence for a longstanding concern for environmental issues has been readily available in manuscripts, publications and historical archives. It can be found under labels like...

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The Philippines

Demographics The national population of the Philippines is approximately ninety million people. The national language of the Philippines is Filipino, which is also called Tagalog. English is also spoken and understood throughout the country. English is the language for commercial and legal transactions. The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. The major religion of the Philippines is Roman Catholicism. The Philippines is divided into three different geographical...

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The Political Environment of the Philippines

The Political Environment of the Philippines Historical Facts: The Philippines overcame many obstacles in history that reshaped the political environment of modern times. The Philippine islands have a strong Spanish influence. Records in history date back to 1521 where Ferdinand Magellan colonized the islands in the name of Charles I of Spain. The Spanish objectives focused Philippine society toward the spread of Christianity, colonization in the name of Spain, and acquiring key positions...

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Is Our Election Process Fair?

bombarded by numerous problems lately and, the events that had transpired in the previous years, especially last 2009, did not help our situation any better. The infamous "Maguindanao Massacre" had created quite a sensation that put our nation at the top of the world once again, gaining the title of "The World's Most Dangerous Place for Journalists". Adding this award to our long list of titles in the same field like "The World's Most Corrupt Government" did not hurt either. It seems as if we are really...

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Prostitution in Philippines

POVERT RATE IN THE PHILIPPINES A RESEARCH PAPER PRESENTED TO: Maestro John IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS IN ENGLISH IV PRESENTED BY: Juan Gabriel R. Calderon TABLE OF CONTENTS I Table of contents…………………………………………….3 II Introduction…………………………………………………….4 III Facts and Topic Concept…………………………………….5 IV Survey Content and Data…………………………………….6 V Survey question and Answers…………………………….…7 VI Analyzation of survey question and Evaluation…………..8 VII ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Philippines

Journal Article on CSR in the Philippines: The leaders of some of the largest corporations in the Philippines at the time of massive demonstration in the early 1970 following the imposition of Marital Law and the adverse effect of oil shock that brought the Global Financial crisis pushed more Filipino families into poverty. Thus in year 2000 onwards, pushed by new challenges such as increasingly critical consumers of products and services who demand more from the companies that produce them....

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Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System

Mark Raymond C. Ferrer Section B The Problems Existing in the Philippine Educational System For many years, the Philippine educational system has been facing many problems. These problems are due to the population explosion and globalization. Another thing is gap existing between the private and the public school systems. In addition, the students in the Philippines cannot be considered competent due to different matters, such as, the errors in the textbooks given to the students in the public...

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What Is Konyo?

Communications II So Konyo What is konyo? Well, the word actually differs in meaning depending on the location. Based on the Spaniards, the term refers to the female reproductive part or the vagina. The Mexicans defined it as the action of hitting someone in the head or as to a punch. Other Latin American regions used the term for cursing or calling someone with bad reputation. And as for the Filipinos, the term defines a variety of things that include way of living, the way of speaking, mannerism...

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